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Pan Yu world, in a strangely barren dark rock mountain area…

Countless broken palaces scattered between dark mountains. Among the dilapidated walls, one could find enormous pillars, exquisite statues, and broad squares, with beautiful embossments. Every piece was silently telling the glorious stories of this place.

However, everything was gone. All palaces and halls had collapsed. In the ruins, snakes and insects crawled and grasses grew out from the brickwork joints, to face the coldness, barrenness, and loneliness of this place.

In the center of this vast rock mountain area, in a bowl-shaped arena, numberless Yu Clan nobles, who were wearing long black robes with family emblems on their chests, coldly and solemnly stood on the high grandstands.

Over a thousand different sized black stone pillars stood on the hundred-miles-wide flat area in the middle of the arena. A mottled metal family emblem was hanging on every stone pillar, and the pattern embossed on each emblem was a magnificent river.

A large armchair was placed on each stone pillar, facing the center of the arena. At the moment, Yu Clan nobles in luxurious clothes sat on these chairs, wearing crowns and holding staffs, releasing suffocation energy waves from their bodies. Each one of them was shouting and yelling while banging the pillar tops thunderous with their staffs.

A buzzing noise could be heard from every corner of this arena, mixed with the shouts and yells of over a thousand powerful beings and the bangs caused by staffs hitting against the pillar tops.

Strong sound waves quaked the surrounding dark rock mountains slightly. In the air, dense dark clouds had been rolling. Giant lightning bolts dazzled out of the clouds from time to time and struck violently against the ground.

Ji Hao delivered a massacre in Liang Zhu City. He killed tens of 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' in Pan Gu world, and a giant number of important members of high-grade noble families. The news had been delivered back to Pan Yu world, immediately shaking a series of top-grade families.

Who would fill the vacancies of the 'crowns', 'seals', 'staffs', and family leaders? Who should be in charge of the Pan Gu world-conquering mission? The interest disputes in here were as complicated as ten-thousand spider nets. Over a thousand top-grade families, which held the highest power of Pan Yu world, gathered in here, wrangling for the enormous and extremely complicated interest-distribution issue.

The wrangle seemed to never end. These top-grade family people even forgot to send new leaders to Pan Gu world, because all of them had been trying so hard for the tremendous profits from Pan Gu world, which were 'right in front of them'.

Yu Hua and the other nine Pan Yu saints were trapped in the peaceful world. Without these ten saints to make the final decision, this wrangle which had been happening between more than a thousand top-grade families could never come to a clear result within ten years.

Sitting upon the stone pillars, the representatives from all top-grade families had been shouting as loudly as they could. They growled, hollered, cursed in anger, and swore with hatred...Ji Hao mercilessly killed nearly half of the one-hundred and eight 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' in the 'Holy Realm', which was the highest organ of power of Pan Yu world. By now, over a thousand top-grade families were striving for the vacancies Ji Hao created, and this, was a great show.

The Yu Clan nobles standing on the grandstands with solemn expressions had also been colluding, connecting with each other in their own secret ways. They made all kinds of promises to each other, found allies, set traps for their competitors, and played all kinds of schemes.

These nobles seemed to be unmoved =, but in fact, because of their whispered words, the blades and swords had sparkled in the beautiful cities, the magnificent halls, and all other corners of Pan Yu world. Because of what they said, heads were chopped off and corpses were quietly turned into nothingness.

In Liang Zhu City, Ji Hao did nothing but brutally slaughter a batch of top-grade nobles, but what he did had raised a tsunami in Pan Yu world. The nobles who died in the inner power struggle between these top-grade families were more than the ones Ji Hao killed by a hundredfold.

High up in the air, behind the thick dark clouds, a few strong yet barely perceivable spirit powers had been watching the arena in the black rock mountain area.

The owners of these spirit powers weren't weaker than Yu Huo and the other saints who had intruded into Pan Gu world. But apparently, they were awfully afraid of the barren black rock mountain area, that they dared not to reach their spirit powers to those black rocks, but could only watch the arena from far away.

A magical power blocked these spirit powers. The owners of these spirit powers clearly knew that some people were gathering in that arena, but they couldn't hear what they said, nor figure out what they had been scrambling for.

The only thing they knew — A large batch of top-grade nobles from Holy Realm suddenly fell. The spirit soul marks left in the Holy Palace in the Holy Realm by those fallen 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' suddenly collapsed, as their souls had all vanished without leaving a trace.

Based on Pan Yu world's powerfulness, even the death of the lowest-grade 'staff' could be a shocking news. But this time, even quite a few 'crowns' had fallen, and this immediately caught the attention of some powerful beings who had been in deep sleep for countless years.

With a cursory research, they found out that the fallen ones were all from the families descended from Yu Huo, Yu Ji, and the other eight saints. Afterward, they searched through the entire Pan Yu world as fast as they could, even including the most secret forbidden areas and deathly zones, but failed to find any trace left by the ten saints.

For conquering a world, ten powerful saints joined their powers, and so many high-grade nobles died...These powerful, mysterious beings from Pan Yu world were immediately attracted.

As the thousand top-grade families descended from Yu Huo and the other nine saints scrambled for powers and profits, these powerful beings who had just woken up from deep sleep began combining their powers as well. They mobilized all forces belonging to the families under their direct lead, woke up countless secret scouts, and began collecting all useful information.

"A bunch of smart little kids...They sneakily gathered in where 'Yu' fell to hide from us with the forbidden power...I will award these little kids."

In the air, someone was complaining through an imperceptible spirit power,

"We already have some messages delivered from that world. Twelve extremely lowly small families, which don't even have family emblems, seemed to have discovered a marvelous great world...Yu Huo and the others went there."

The owner of this spirit power was excited, "This world is valuable. It made Yu Huo and the others join hands."

"But obviously, they failed...Look at those kids. Yu Huo and the other saints didn't show up to settle their disputes, did they? Does this mean that they are in trouble as well?" Said another spirit power.

"No matter what, a world that made Yu Huo and the others join hands is worth our effort. I suggest we should send some capable scouts to the world first."

"I agree."


"Yes, that's what we'll do."

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