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Ji Hao fled back to the heaven.

His spiritual space was filled with blood-red whirlwinds, which were generated from countless sharp shreds of souls. These soul shreds contained Master Spirit-slaughter's weird power and lingered in his spiritual space, not being dispelled easily.

Ji Hao slowly ground and purified these soul shreds, extracting soul grains from them. He released a part of the soul grains and sent them into the reincarnation of Pan Gu world, while absorbing the rest along with the understandings of all strange types of great Dao from countless worlds, which belonged to the owners of these souls shreds.

Before his spiritual space was cleaned out, he couldn't even move freely. He locked himself in Divine Sun Palace and ordered his warriors to guard the place strictly, and not to recklessly start any conflict with the non-humankind.

While Ji Hao stayed in the palace, Ao Bai and Qing Qiang began deploying their forces. Numberless elite dragons and phoenixes swarmed out, joining the army of the heaven. As Divine emperors, Ao Bai and Qing Qiang appointed quite a number of dragons and phoenixes to divine positions. Lots of dragons and phoenixes became divine gods, especially dragons. The position of river god of every single river on Pan Gu Motherland was occupied by a dragon.

After being appointed to divine positions, these powerful dragons and phoenixes attained the natural fortune from the heaven. The divine natural fortune not only largely improved their strengths, but also gifted them some considerable special abilities. These proud dragons and phoenixes became insufferably arrogant. They trained their warriors and practiced their battle formations outside Yao Mountain City all day long, raising formidable power waves. They beat the drums and blew the horns, making rumbling noises to shake the heaven and earth.

For many times, if Ao Bai and Qing Qiang didn't forcibly stop them, these arrogant dragons and phoenixes would have gathered their troops and marched into Liang Zhu City already. In their eyes, the phoenix-kind and dragon-kind were invincible together.

As time went by, Pan Yu world nobles still hadn't recovered from what happened in Liang Zhu City that day. They were busy at counting losses, blaming each other, passing the buck, striving for powers and benefits, and fighting each other for the high positions left by those dead true power-holders.

All kinds of internal power struggles made the non-humankind army lazy and disorganized. The warriors from this formidable-scale non-humankind army gathered around Liang Zhu City, killing time with booze and games, as if they had forgotten about what they came to Pan Gu world for.

The humankind had taken some unsettling actions as well. Quite a number of clan leaders and princes, who were Si Wen Ming's friends and supporters, determinedly brought their subordinates and families to Yao Mountain City, stationing in the area controlled by Yao Mountain City.

Some princes from the families and clans which were located far away from Yao Mountain City could not make it to Yao Mountain City within a short period of time. Therefore, they left their families and clans and opened up new territories, building new cities, developing new farmlands and mines, and seeming to live separately with their families and clans.

The leaders of some clans and families made no reaction to this, allowing these princes to do whatever they wanted. But, some clan and family leaders were infuriated. They ordered these princes to return to their families and clans, but as they worried that these princes may join hands and generate a strong force, they dared not to take any action.

In a purely crystalline, luxurious palace in Pu Ban City, Emperor Xun was happily drinking and appreciating a dance performed by a large group of beautiful girls who had butterfly wings along with some of his trusted ministers, his upper body bared.

Around ten Yu Clan nobles sat around him. A grey-haired Yu Clan old man raised his wine cup and grinningly nodded to Emperor Xun while saying, "Emperor Xun, these little girls aren't bad, are they? Hah, in the few worlds controlled by my family, strong creatures with great fighting capacities barely existed, but these beautiful colorful little creatures are so charming...Thirty percent of all high-grade female slaves are provided by my family."

Emperor Xun's eyes had already turned red with drunkenness. Hearing the Yu Clan old man, he chuckled and turned around, pointing at the Yu Clan old man as he laughed, "These little creatures, I like them...The more the better, the more the better. Send me one-hundred-thousand of these next time, so I can award them to my loyal ministers and brave generals."

The Yu Clan old man smiled as he exchanged a glance with his few sons and grandsons, 'Loyal ministers and brave generals'? Did Emperor Xun have even one loyal minister or one brave general under his command? All he had was a bunch of greedy cowards. If they didn't want to sell female slaves to the humankind, why would these Yu Clan people would ever fawn on Emperor Xun like this?

Giving a dry laugh, this Yu Clan old man told Emperor Xun about the news he heard, "I heard that recently, quite some arrogant people disrespected you. They have actually left..."

Before he finished, Emperor Xun threw out the wine cup in his hand. The wine cup nearly brushed across the Yu Clan old man's head.

Emperor Xun leaped up from his seat. Wearing a colorful skirt which was woven from pheasant feathers, he marched to the Yu Clan old man with giant steps, pointed at him and hollered, "Yu Yao, what are you trying to say? Eh? Are you saying that those people with abilities left their families and clans, and never follow my orders because I am incapable? I am telling you this, in a few days, all those traitors will die!"

Yu Yao hurriedly grinned and responded, "Emperor Xun, you misunderstood...I was trying to say that, since they disrespected you, they should be destroyed. But, it would be a waste if you simply killed them, wouldn't it? Why don't you give me a special permission, then let me handle those traitors?"

Narrowing his eyes, Yu Yao continued, "Thirty percent of all my gains will be shared with you. How about this?"

Emperor Xun knitted his brows as he looked at Yu Yao with a sullen face and sneered, "You want to sell my people for profits, but I can only get thirty percent? Do you think that I'm...?"

Before his voice faded, Emperor Xun suddenly heard a deep voice from inside his head, "Accept his offer...Let him do what he wants."

Immediately, strands of cyan-colored light flashed across Emperor Xun's eyes, but deep inside his pupils, dark mists rose and dimmed the cyan lights within a blink of an eye. Breathing deeply, Emperor Xun straightened three fingers and said, "Since I don't have to do anything, I'll take the thirty percent. You should settle an advance payment with me, then you can feel free to do the rest...I'll sign you the papers now."

In front of Yu Yao's expectant gaze, Emperor Shun let his people take out a dragon leather scroll, then wrote a 'punishment warrant' with his crooked handwriting, stamped his emperor seal on it, and threw it to Yu Yao.

Underground, in the basement of the crystal palace, in a tastefully furnished secret room, ten priests in long robes sat on the ground with legs crossed, faces showing faint smiles.

"Our Shifu are right. This emperor Xun is much easier to talk to than Emperor Shun."

"As long as we have him under control, the humankind will be under our control, and the natural fortune of the humankind..."

The group of priests all chuckled.

While chuckling, they glanced at the west with worry.

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