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In the devastated peaceful world in the West, the ground was covered in corpses.

The blood of countless well-cultivated, powerful disciples had condensed into blood-red beads, rolling in strong gales as they tinkled silverly against the mountains of gold, jade, and pearls.

The sky was dark, yet the earth was brightly illuminated. The dark sky and the bright earth formed a sharp contrast. Between the earth and the sky, an enormous seven-colored lotus was blooming in the wind. Tens of transparent, glistening, and colorful leaves trembled around the tremendous lotus.

Every lotus leaf carried a glowing mountain; a pagoda stood on top of each mountain, and in each pagoda, a large number of disciples of Priest Mu and Priest Hua sat with crossed legs, casting a simple spell with deep voices. Scorching and pure strands of faith power had been rising from these disciples' heads, flowing into the colorful lotus like molten gold.

The entire peaceful world had now been floating upon the colorful seedpod of the lotus. Except the glistening crystal mountains and lakes, nothing but two linden trees stood on the flat earth of the vast peaceful world, far apart, facing each other.

One linden tree was withering rapidly while another was releasing a thriving life-force with luxuriant foliage. The branches of the thriving tree swayed without being blown by any wind; occasionally, linden fruits bumped against each other and immediately created a resounding melody of Dao.

The ten Pan Yu saints sat between the two linden trees with their legs crossed, facing outward in a perfect circle. Pure and strong strands of saint power had been surging inside their bodies like rapidly flowing great rivers, composing a perfect cycle with a measureless sense of Dao.

They combined their powers and created a strong light shield which covered their bodies. Each time the melody of Dao generated from linden fruits attacked, the light shield would ripple and the ten saints would shake slightly.

Priest Mu and Priest Hua had built a powerful defensive formation with the power of the peaceful world. Both of them were clones, but having merged with tens of thousands of other clones, they were now as powerful as half-step saints. With the help of all kinds of magic seals and formations buried in the peaceful world, the power they could release in this place was definitely as great as the power of an average saint. They had been fighting side by side for countless years, that they had a shared mind by now, as if they could merge into one. Their results of Dao were complementary to each other. Therefore, they could together raise up their powers by ten folds. The right time, the right place, the right people…

Ten Pan Yu saints against two Pan Gu world priests, Yu Huo and his friends seemed to be at an advantage. But the right time, right place, and right people, none of these three success factors had anything to do with them.

The time wasn't right. The great Dao of Pan Gu world had been strongly suppressing them, for which reason, they could merely release ten to twenty percent of their powers at the moment.

The place wasn't right either. This battleground was the base of Priest Mu and Priest Hua, managed by them for countless years. All kinds of mysterious formations of great Dao were built in this place, containing measureless powers. Inside this peaceful world, Priest Hua and Priest Mu were able to easily defend themselves against a large number of enemies.

As for the right people, Priest Mu and Priest Hua shared one mind and fought closely together, with absolutely no suspicion or doubt about each other. Therefore, in combination, their powers could be raised up by ten times. Unlike them, the ten saints from Pan Yu world had combined their powers and seemed to be defending against the attacks from Priest Hua and Priest Mu joint-handedly, but in fact, they spent more energies guarding against each other than against Priest Hua and Priest Mu.

If they lost to Priest Hua and Priest Mu, they could leave immediately, then come back after they recovered. However, facing their own kind, who were 'fighting side by side', each one of the ten Pan Yu saints clearly understood that if he or she carelessly fell into another Pan Yu saint's trap, he would definitely die, both in terms of the body and the soul.

One might say that saints were immortal, but they weren't. They were Pan Yu saints, and the true will of Pan Yu world was 'destruction'. Perhaps, the saints from some other worlds were truly immortal, but hundreds of saints would fall in Pan Yu world each year.

The withering linden tree never stopped withering. The more it withered, the weaker the ten Pan Gu saints would become, and a slight amount of their spirit blood and power would vanish.

The thriving linden tree was still growing and fruiting. Along with every new branch that grew on this tree, Priest Mu's power would raise up a bit, and so would his cultivation.

Not only did the withering linden tree take away the Pan Yu saints' spirit blood and power, it had also been stealing their understandings of the great Dao. Their understandings of great Dao quietly merged into Priest Mu's Dao of quietus, making his Dao more and more mysterious and measureless.

Yi Hua and his friends were saints from Pan Yu world. In their long spans of life, they had invaded numberless worlds, and had been suppressed by the great Dao of other worlds for countless times.

They quietly sat between the dark sky and the bright earth while breathing. Following every breath, they regenerated the spirit blood and power which were taken away by the withering tree, also regaining their understandings of Dao.

Thin strands of spirit power reached out from their bodies and silently pierced into the space of Pan Gu world, sensing the great Dao of Pan Gu world.

Starting from the most basic Dao of nature, such as the water flowing downhill and the leaves falling to the ground, they studied the great Dao pf Pan Gu world, step by step.

Their powers changed slowly towards the great Dao of Pan Gu world, bit by bit. Each time their powers changed a bit, the suppressions they suffered would ease a little. Once they turned their powers halfway into the powers of Pan Gu world, the suppression laid on their bodies would reduce to an extreme degree, and they would be capable of exerting seventy to eighty percent of their powers.

As long as they could exert seventy to eighty percent of their powers, they believed that they would be able to destroy these two clones of Priest Mu and Priest Hua, and tear down the entire peaceful world.

They were in no rush. They were truly in no rush. As experienced world conquerors, they had many ways to neutralize the natural suppression. They firmly believed that they would eventually triumph, as long as they kept learning and absorbing the great Dao of Pan Gu world.

"My friends, so many of your boys are dead." Priest Mu's voice could be heard abruptly. Judging by his voice, he was talking with a glimmer of smile. "Divine Emperor Ji Hao, who is ruling and guarding Pan Gu world, is a tough one."

"My friend, don't you worry for us. Billions of those useless boys died, but so what?" Yu Huo responded with a bright smile, "Pan Yu world is rich...We can afford to lose them!"

Priest Mu and Yu Huo both gave a chuckle.

A branch of the thriving linden tree suddenly shattered.

A tremor went through Yu Huo's body, then streams of blood gushed out of his nostrils.

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