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Ji Hao began harvesting the tens of billions of souls from the battleground, including a giant number of powerful souls which were able to occupy the bodies of other living creatures, or even regrow their bodies to relive.

The souls of powerful beings were precious, especially to Yu Huo. Powerful souls were the source of his power. He became a 'saint' in Pan Yu world only because he was a master of soul power. The more souls he controlled, the more powerful souls he analyzed, the more powerful he would become.

To Master Spirit-slaughter and his kind, souls were food. The powerful souls were much more nourishing and tastier than the weak ones.

The power of Ji Hao's mill of Dao was mysterious and measureless, that it collected souls at an astonishingly high efficiency. The Pan Gu world natural powers were connected with the mill of Dao. The tremendous natural powers generated an invisible giant swirl around Ji Hao's body to drag all the souls to Ji Hao's mill of Dao from the battleground.

Ji Hao harvested the souls much faster than Yu Huo and Master Spirit-slaughter could do. Watching the best hundreds of souls on the battleground being devoured by the weird mill behind Ji Hao, both Yu Huo and Master Spirit-slaughter burst into raging growls.

As they exchanged a glance, Yu Huo's clone raised his arms and fell into a crowd of Yu Clan nobles while shouting hoarsely, shivering, and pretending to be scared. That was exactly what Yemo Tian would do.

Master Spirit-slaughter gave a bright roar, then pointed at Ji Hao and hollered seriously, "Your Majesty, please stay back. Let me kill this bloody...evil thing, who dares to humiliate the souls of our noble Yu Clan masters!"

As the highest master of sky devils in Pan Gu world, Master Spirit-slaughter called Ji Hao an 'evil thing', which sounded truly hilarious. However, his behavior wasn't hilarious at all. On the contrary, he acted quite fiercely and brutally.

Among the group of Yu Dynasty people, tens of thousands were controlled by sky devils. Their souls were devoured, and their bodies were controlled. Following Master Spirit-slaughter's movement, they showed weird smiles while nicely scented gusts of wind rose from around their bodies, and splendid glows emerged in the air. Waves and waves of hazy glow spread softly in all directions.

Soon, in the disarrayed non-humankind army, the warriors in about ten troops from Pan Yu world had their eyes unfocused. Almost at the same time, they turned around and looked at Ji Hao, then burst into roars. While ignoring those centaurs who had been launching attacks, they arrayed perfectly and marched to Ji Hao expressionlessly.

Ji Hao raised his Pan Gu sword, prepared to start a massacre. But suddenly, the warriors from the ten Pan Yu world troops raised their weapons simultaneously and poked into their own chests without any hesitation. Their eyes sparkled with a dim five-colored light, and bodies trembled intensely. Their blood gushed out through the grooves on their weapons.

Within one second, the bodies of the elite warriors from ten one-hundred-thousand-men troops from Pan Yu world had turned into ashes and dissipated along the winds. Their spirit blood and souls merged together into a giant, sticky, brightly red ball of blood, floating in the air.

Master Spirit-slaughter carried a huge golden staff and walked to the giant blood ball with large steps, casting a spell with a low voice. The thousands of meters wide blood ball shrank immediately into a thumb-sized, purple-black blood bead.

The blood bead squirmed and released countless threads of blood which wove into a strange, evil spell symbol in Master Spirit-slaughter's hand. Master Spirit-slaughter looked at Ji Hao and grinned viciously while flipping the spell symbol to Ji Hao.


The spell symbol exploded. An incredibly strong soul power wave and the shrill howls let out by a million Pan Yu world elite warriors before they died condensed into an invisible, traceless longsword that lunged fiercely to Ji Hao's embryo of Dao.

Ji Hao closed his eyes. He couldn't see the long sword of soul with his eyes, but after closing his eyes, he clearly 'saw' a blood-red sword swishing to his embryo of Dao. On the twisted long sword which looked like a poisonous snake, a million tiny faces had been struggling and squirming, releasing thrilling screams.

As a sky devil, Master Spirit-Slaughter had indeed pushed the art of soul power to a new extreme.

The souls of a million elite warriors were melted and merged together by Master Spirit-Slaughter in a single second, and the powers of all these souls were triggered by him instantly, generating this dreadful sword of soul that lunged to Ji Hao.

Countless thoughts had been emerging from Ji Hao's mind. As a high-grade cultivator, Ji Hao could have billions of thoughts flash across his mind within one second. Master Spirit-Slaughter was like a tiny thought popped up in his mind, that as it occurred, Ji Hao didn't notice it, but by the time the thought matured, the sword had already reached his embryo of Dao.

Ji Hao snorted heavily. The Pan Gu bell appeared before the embryo of Dao, and the blood-red long sword of soul clanked loudly against it.

A deafening clank echoed through Ji Hao's spiritual space. Master Spirit-Slaughter had merged the soul power from a million elite non-humankind warriors into the sword, and the soul power of a million was triggered by him all at once, caused an outburst of a disastrous power.

The Pan Gu bell remained unmoved, but the sword of soul, which shattered against the bell, stirred up a blood-red hurricane in Ji Hao's spiritual space.

Blood-red whirlwinds roared up in Ji Hao's spiritual space. Every gust of wind contained the most hysterical screams from countless non-humankind warriors who died miserably.

Every whirlwind carried the memories of the dead non-humankind warriors, and was filled with endless negative, evil, and brutal thoughts. If Ji Hao were an ordinary human being, his soul would have been torn apart by these negative thoughts, or sunken in an endless nightmare forever.

Even with his great cultivation and the protection from the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao still felt dizzy. As the power flows halted inside his body, the great sword formation stopped operating as well. The formation seemed to collapse.

"Impressive!" Ji Hao looked at Master Spirit-slaughter seriously and exclaimed.

"I have more!" Master Spirit-slaughter smiled evilly, then poked his golden staff on the ground. Following a crane song, a seven-colored light suddenly emerged in the sky, while countless golden transparent flowers drifted down.

Beautiful girls were dancing and singing all over the sky. In the eyes of at least ten percent of all Pan Yu and colony worlds warriors who had been fighting against each other on the battleground, a five-colored dim light glowed up.

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