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The sky devil power was heavy as mountains, pressing on the heart of everyone on the scene.

Master Spirit-Slaughter gave a cold smile as he released a colorful stream of light from his head. The light reached tens of thousands of meters high in the sky, eventually forming an enormous glowing cloud, floating in the sky with all kinds of indescribably beautiful scenes glistening in it. A fetching melody echoed, intoxicating the hearts of everyone who heard it.

Ji Hao's spiritual space was filled with the blood-red whirlwinds which were generated from shredded souls. With shock, he looked at Master Spirit-Slaughter and all the warriors on the battlefield, whose eyes were sparkling with the five-colored light.

The sky devil power preoccupied the battleground. Master Spirit-Slaughter was like a colorful sun, floating high up in the sky while emitting a dazzling, eye-piercing, colorful light. Countless warriors stiffly looked at him. Their eyes glowed with the colorful light while their souls were quickly corroded by his power, falling under his control. Within a short span of time, these warriors became Master Spirit-Slaughter's puppets, uncontrollably bursting into deep growls.

To Master Spirit-Slaughter, this battleground was perfect. Souls drifted everywhere, and the strong emotions bursting from these souls before their owners died could be sensed from every corner of this battleground. Shreds of negative emotions filled this space, almost turning tangible.

Master Spirit-Slaughter turned himself into a giant melting pot. Countless souls drifted into his body, burned by the strong emotions. The sharp emotions shreds gave vent to a terrifying power inside his body.

"B*stard! What do you want?" A Yu Clan noble from an unknown colony world pointed at Master Spirit-Slaughter and growled hoarsely in anger. The warriors under his command were a group of muscular men with beautiful golden wings. They were quite close to Master Spirit-Slaughter. Therefore, seventy percent of those winged warriors were controlled by Master Spirit-Slaughter by now.

This Yu Clan noble was shocked and infuriated at the same time. He pointed at Master Spirit-Slaughter and shouted at him, yet he could not hide the fear in his eyes.

Over ten-million warriors followed him to Pan Gu world. This was the maximum military force that his small colony world could provide. But, before he gained enough from Pan Gu world, he had already lost a big percentage of his warriors. How could he not be infuriated? How could he not be scared by Master Spirit-Slaughter's disastrous power?

"Look at my eyes!" As more and more negative emotions surged into Master Spirit-Slaughter's body, his power soared. His spirit power covered the entire city, controlling every single movement and the slightest emotional change of everyone on the scene.

Master Spirit-Slaughter detected the anger and fear of this Yu Clan noble. Because of the fear, his heart was shaken. Master Spirit-Slaughter seized this opportunity and drilled into his heart, immediately expanding inside him.

In no time, this raging Yu Clan noble was turned into a puppet of Master Spirit-Slaughter, just like his warriors.

Facing Master Spirit-Slaughter, the strongest one among all the sky devils, one could not be afraid, sad, angry, or worried...Only a never-changing, iceberg-like heart of Dao or a top-grade treasure like the Pan Gu bell could protect one from his power.

Once any emotion was evoked, Master Spirit-Slaughter would immediately, quietly invade into one's heart> He would become the worst nightmare to control one's entire heart and affect the soul. Eventually, one would be hunted down.

More and more Yu Clan nobles who were affected by emotions had the five-colored light shining in their eyes. Master Spirit-Slaughter made the same choice as Ji Hao did, as most of the non-humankind beings he controlled were from Pan Gu world, while a small part were the poor ones from colony worlds.

Suddenly, numberless non-humankind warriors controlled by Master Spirit-Slaughter turned around and fixed their eyes on Ji Hao from all directions.

The bloodcurdling scene staged again as all these non-humankind warriors raised their weapons high and pierced into their own chests. Their bodies dried and withered immediately, exploding into clouds of sand and dust, with their spirit blood and souls lingering in the air.

"The wrath of all creatures!" Master Spirit-Slaughter hissed with laughter. He wielded both arms and twisted the space with a tremendous power. Under the effect of his power, the countless souls which were filled with fear and extremely negative emotions melted like rubber in an oven, then merged together with the spirit blood.

A giant blood ball floated in the air, releasing shrill cries and screams. This time, even the ones staying on the edge area of this battleground clearly heard the cries and screams from the blood ball.

The blood ball shrank quickly and condensed into a twisted evil spell symbol in Master Spirit-Slaughter's hands.

From hundreds of miles away, Master Spirit-Slaughter looked smilingly at Ji Hao.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye. Nine suns burned in that eye, releasing a sharp beam of golden light. The golden light shone hundreds of miles away, incinerating every non-humankind warrior it touched in a moment.

"You're not a Yu Clan being." Ji Hao looked at Master Spirit-Slaughter and said with a deep yet strong voice while enduring the uncomfortable feeling from his spiritual space.

"I am the most loyal servant of the noblest Yu Clan!" Master Spirit-Slaughter smiled at Ji Hao. "In order to kill the most dangerous enemy for the noblest Yu Clan, inevitably, we may make some excessive efforts sometime."

With shock and fear, all Yu Clan nobles who heard him glanced at each other. Master Spirit-Slaughter had such a great power, that tens of millions of warriors died so easily in his hands. Who was the master of this terrifying 'servant'? These Yu Clan nobles were so scared of Master Spirit-Slaughter, but at the same time, they were so greedy to have him.

All Yu Clan nobles on the scene believed that they should have such a powerful 'servant'!

With an evil smile, Master Spirit-Slaughter flipped the blood-red spell symbol towards Ji Hao. The spell symbols transformed into a million-miles-long, blood-red, enormous sword, which flew towards Ji Hao. Ji Hao activated his spirit power and shielded his embryo of Dao with the Pan Gu bell. The giant blood-red sword bumped heavily on the bell and generated a sonorous bell ring. The sword was merely condensed from soul power. Therefore, it smashed against the bell.

Once again, Ji Hao's spiritual space was immediately filled up by shreds of blood-red soul, and his brain was overwhelmed by all kinds of negative emotions and desires. Waves of high-pitched voices echoed around his embryo of Dao, tearing his soul like millions of sharp claws.

Ji Hao felt that his head was suddenly very heavy, with all kinds of uncontrollable thoughts booming in his brain. At the moment, he couldn't produce any clear and reliable thought. Consequently, he was confused; he didn't even know what to say or do, as if his entire brain had turned into a potful of gruel.

Master Spirit-Slaughter failed to hurt Ji Hao, but managed to disable him temporarily.

Helplessly, Ji Hao gave a long shout. The golden bridge was activated, bringing him away through the space. Countless powerful Yu Clan beings were on the scene, but no one managed to clearly see how he left.

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