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What a mess! What a great mess!

A quarter of an hour after Yu Meng and the other colony world rulers instigated their warriors to join the war, the entire Liang Zhu City was flattened. Almost all 'civilians' were slaughtered, and by now, no one but heavily armored, red-eyed, non-humankind warriors were left fighting each other.

The warriors from tens of thousands of worlds, with all kinds of weird appearances, had joined the war. The tall ones, short ones, slim ones, fat ones, square ones, flat ones; the ones with heads, the ones without heads, and the ones with multiple heads; the ones with limbs, the ones with tentacles, and the ones with their bodies covered in limbs or tentacles...

Ji Hao popped out his eyes in shock while watching all kinds of 'monsters' march out of the camps and rush into the battlegrounds. They all had their reasons to join the war, such as some non-humankind beings killed their people, burned their camps, or spat at them...

Ji Hao even saw a nine-meters-wide, meatball-like warrior, whose body was thickly covered in tentacles, point at a handsome Yu Clan young man and claim that the Yu Clan young noble had raped his daughter. Next, this giant meatball suddenly opened his large mouth and bit this poor Yu Clan noble into two.

The guards of the Yu Clan young men ragingly rushed up, then hundreds of thousands of different sized meatballs marched up and reasonably joined the war. Ji Hao helplessly looked at the sky and sighed. He didn't understand this. Was that Yu Clan young man blind? Why on earth would he rape the daughter of that meatball?

The situation was completely uncontrollable. Thousands of towering mountains around the city were torn down instantly, while the millions of miles long flat area surrounding the city was now full of bumps and hollows. Different colored blood and other liquids were flowing on the ground; corpses piled up, and strands of strange stink were rising straight to the sky.

No one was paying any attention to Yu Mu's virus anymore, because all people in the city had lost their minds. They didn't care if they or their comrades or their enemies were infected by the virus. They would all die in this crazy war, infected or not. No one cared about their manner of death any longer.

By the end, all the warriors in the city became like headless flies, that they had forgotten about the causes of this chaotic war. Every one of them just joined it hysterically and continued the meaningless, crazy slaughter.

Ji Hao smiled, and so did Yu Meng and quite some colony world rulers who were from lower-grade small families. Their smiles were faint and mysterious in the same way — In this chaotic war, a giant number of large family nobles from Pan Yu world were crushed. Despite their noble bloodlines, their heads were chopped off and their corpses were thrown on the ground like garbage; they were just like the lowest slave warriors.

The death of every member of a high-grade noble family could deliver a harm to his family. By killing a member of a high-grade large family, one could make the family shed a small amount of blood.

Not only did the top-grade families in Pan Yu world control the highest power and the richest resources, they also possessed the noblest bloodlines in the world. Most of the top-grade powerful beings in Pan Yu world were from these families.

Every young member of these family had a chance to become a 'staff', a 'seal', or even a 'crown'. They might even break the limits of 'crowns' and reach that unimaginable level of 'saints'.

The bloodline of every top-grade Pan Yu world family originated from a 'saint'. The future of every member of these families was beyond measure. Today, the death of every young top-grade family member was equal to the death of an infinite possibilities!

Therefore, Ji Hao laughed happily, while Yu Meng and his allies smiled restrainedly and mystically.

Amidst the chaos, Pan Gu world quaked suddenly.

The twelve enormous portals which led to the twelve water worlds, that Pan Gu world had been greedily absorbing water powers from, which existed in the sky all this while that people had already gotten used to them and ignored, suddenly disappeared.

Gong Gong borrowed the powers of the twelve water worlds and raised the flood that made the whole world face a great disaster. The twelve water worlds were absorbed by Pan Gu world. They connected with Pan Gu world through the twelve giant portals, then became Pan Gu world's prey, being drained and devoured by Pan Gu world. Everyone in Pan Gu world was able to see the twelve enormous white swirls in the sky.

But in this very moment, the twelve swirls were gone.

The twelve water worlds were drained, and Pan Gu was like a huge guy who was replenished with food and drink, burping with satisfaction.

Ninety-nine percent of Pan Gu world's spirit focused on the twelve water worlds before, when devouring them. Therefore, during this period of time, the spirit of Pan Gu world was weak and hazy. However, the moment the twelve swirls were gone, Ji Hao suddenly sensed an unclear but mountain-heavy spiritual force descending from the sky.

As a divine emperor who ruled the world on behalf of nature, Ji Hao clearly sensed Pan Gu world's spirit.

Tens of billions of souls drifted above the battleground. These souls, which belonged to the fallen warriors from tens of thousands of worlds, had aroused Pan Gu world's great interest. It was not only because these souls could be shredded into pure souls grains, more importantly, some of these souls were powerful, and these powerful souls were marked by the great Dao of nature of their own worlds. Many of the great Dao marks on these souls never existed in Pan Gu world, as they were created by the special type of Dao belonging only to their own worlds.

'Collect these souls, shred them, and send their powers of Dao into the sky for the great Dao of Pan Gu world to absorb', this was an order given to Ji Hao by Pan Gu world.

The spirit of a world could only instinctively make its requests. As a divine emperor, Ji Hao could fulfill its request, and could also refuse to do so. However, how could Ji Hao ever refuse a request from Pan Gu world?

An enormous mill emerged from behind Ji Hao's head, the dark side representing destruction and the bright side representing creation. The mill spun slowly behind Ji Hao. The drifting souls above the entire battleground paused suddenly, then all flew to the mill.

The souls of some powerful warriors burst into raging growls. Their physical bodies had died, but their souls were still strong. They were still capable of occupying others' bodies to live again, or even directly regrow their bodies.

With fury, these especially powerful souls immediately cast the evilest curses on Ji Hao, who attempted to devour them with the mill of Dao.

Apart from these souls, Yu Huo's clone and Master Spirit-slaughter, who had both been harvesting souls from the battleground, turned their eyes towards Ji Hao with hatred and anger as well.

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