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Ji Hao activated the teleporting formation in the woods before he came into Liang Zhu City.

Ever since the twelve families in power of Yu Dynasty found out that Blood Crown intended to dip his finger in Pan Gu world, and were forced to ally with the humankind to defend against Blood Crown, Liang Zhu City had been in a turmoil of war. Nobles panicked, and everything turned chaotic.

The patrols around the city were weakened, as the twelve families in power began losing control of the territories of Yu Dynasty. Everything about Yu Dynasty fell into a decline.

During this period of time, Ji Hao secretly built a great number of small-scale teleporting formations in Yu Dynasty's territories. Normally, each formation could teleport at most fifty people every time. Ender emergency situations, a formation could send three to five hundred people every time, tops.

Under the leadership of Feng Xing and Yi Di, these hundreds of carefully selected Divine-level archers delivered a disastrous attack to the non-humankind army in the city with an arrow rain.

Within a second, each of these archers shot ten-thousand arrows. The millions of arrows directly killed hundreds of thousands of non-humankind warriors, leaving giant holes on the bodies of countless non-humankind warriors. Next, the secretly-made spell symbol arrowheads went off, mixed with the blood of the non-humankind warriors. They spread out rapidly and enveloped the entire Liang Zhu City.

Uncountable non-humankind warriors were affected by the viruses, and what was worse, this virus was triggered by the blood of the injured warriors. When making these arrowheads, Yu Mu merged all kinds of cruel toxins, poisons, and dark magic in them, especially the most mysterious and brutal magic among all created by human beings, the 'blood curse'.

By using the blood of the warriors who were killed by these arrows as a trigger, merging the hatred and fear that they had before they died into the 'blood curse' spell, an indescribable energy would be generated to mix together with the virus and give it a greater power. It would make it stronger, and allow it to attack in a more flexible way.

Under the effect of the virus, bleeding blisters emerged from many non-humankind warriors' skin. The colorful bleeding blisters soon expanded to the size of fist, then ruptured suddenly and sent the virus blood spattering everywhere. The virus blood splashed on the faces of bodies of the other warriors, then the virus immediately drilled into their bodies and began spreading.

Within tens of breaths, thirty percent of all non-humankind warriors in the city were affected by the virus. They coughed loudly and scratched the bleeding blisters on their skins, which brought them an unbearable itch and pain. They tremblingly fell to the ground and instinctively attempted to find a warm place to hide.

They ran about on streets and in alleys without destinations, bringing the virus to every corner of the city.

Desperate non-humankind warriors rushed all over the city and soon lost their minds. They coughed loudly and vomited heavily. They were like countless rotten rats, as the virus spread from their bodies and infected the others in the surroundings.

Yu Meng and his allies had already escaped from the city. By now, they had been watching the horrific scene in the city.

Including Yu Dun and Yu Mi, almost all Pan Yu world top-grade nobles in Liang Zhu City were wiped out by Ji Hao. At the moment, the younger members of the tens of top-grade Yu Clan families in Liang Zhu City had been dealing with the situation in their own ways. Liang Zhu city was now like an enormous devil dragon with tens of thousands of heads, and each head making its own decision.

A giant number of non-humankind warriors were infected by the virus, and had been spreading it in all directions. But, after a whole quarter of an hour, not one clear and executable order was given.

Everyone had been watching the virus spread, watching more and more non-humankind warriors cry and struggle in the city like walking corpses. While walking, some of these warriors softly felt to the ground, then their body tissues melted into pus and blood. At last, under the control of an unknown evil power, their bodies suddenly exploded and sent the virus blood to hundreds of meters away.

"What a nightmare!" After cutting the city of great calamity and killing thousands of large family power-holders, Ji Hao quietly stood in the midair, appreciating the scene created by the spreading virus in the city.

He covered the entire city with his spirit power. If any non-humankind leader in any corner of the city gave any order to deal with the virus, he or she would immediately suffer strands of sword power from Ji Hao and die. Till now, not a single effective order was given to control the virus, and Ji Hao had been making great efforts to maintain this situation.

Liang Zhu City was in a mess. Even the troops which encircled Ji Hao were disarrayed, as these warriors wondered if they should continue attacking Ji Hao or do something else. When the virus mist began approaching them from all directions, many of them put down their weapons and began fumbling for all kinds of antitoxic medicines.

"All-purpose antitoxic pills don't exist in this world...Without the antidote, your infection can be slowed down a little bit by all the wrong pills you've swallowed, that too in the best case." Looking at these panicking non-humankind warriors, Ji Hao 'kindly' said to them, "If I were you, I would leave the city to rest in a clean and ventilated place instead of staying with these poisoned people."

Ji Hao misguided them. What Yu Mu created was a highly lethal virus, and was released with the power of the Disease God Streamer. But, he told these warriors that those dead ones were 'poisoned'.

Regular magic poisons included all kinds of toxic minerals, herbs, and insects. If anyone tried to deal with this virus created specially by Yu Mu through the regular methods for detoxifying magic poisons...these warriors would suffer. Before they developed a cure, seventy to eighty percent of all non-humankind warriors on the scene would die.

With his sky-killing earth slaughtering great formation, Ji Hao needed more than one month to kill all these people. But, Yu Mu could manage it within a much shorter span of time with the virus he created. As people said, 'the spreading virus would never die'.

The portal above Liang Zhu City quaked intensively as tens of enormous hands reached into Pan Gu world from the other side, giving off a suffocating pressure. These hands gripped the edge of the portal to expand it.

Following deep roars, numberless dark-skinned centaurs with long spears and giant shields fell out of the portal. Treading on dense, dark clouds, these strange creatures, which were over nine meters in height, slowly descended from the sky while howling widely.

They fell straight into the infected non-humankind army. Thousands of non-humankind warriors had just fallen on the ground. Their bodies exploded, splashing the virus blood all over these centaurs.

"What the hell?" A twelve-meters-tall muscular centaur who looked like a metal statue growled in a deep voice. He wiped the black blood off his face with a hand, then put his fingers under his nose and sniffed carefully. Next, he was seized with terror.

"Enemy attack! Poison attack! Damn it! This is a trap! Some people drew us down here! This is a trap!" He burst into roars.

Wielding his giant axe, this powerful centaur chopped tens of Jia Clan warriors around him into pieces.

"Kill! This is a bloody trap!"

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