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Except for the ones who were spared or let out by Ji Hao on purpose, the other hundreds of thousands of non-humankind beings in the hall were all slaughtered.

Ji Hao raised his head and looked at the broken roof of the hall. Through the connection between himself and the natural stars, he did a calculation and figured out the time span. With this heaven-killing, earth-slaughtering great formation he created, he spent a quarter of an hour to kill all these non-humankind beings.

"Such a low efficiency...If this were my Shifu's sword formation..." Ji Hao licked his mouth corner and murmured to himself. Perhaps, he would only need a second to finish off all non-humankind being in the hall with Yu Yu's original version of sword formation and his current power.

But, that sword formation was way too horrifying. According to Ji Hao's estimate, he could not freely control that sword formation with his current power, and as a consequence, he wouldn't be able to spare the lives of Yemo Luoye and the other Yu Dynasty people, and let Lanxi, Lanyu and some other high-grade nobles out. He could have killed them along with the others.

Ji Hao wielded his arms and brought all the pre-world spirit supreme treasures which stayed in the hall without being shredded by the Pan Gu sword, into his broad sleeves. Quite a few obstinate and unruly pre-world supreme treasures buzzed loudly, trying to free themselves from Ji Hao's control. But threatened by a 'clank' from the Pan Gu sword, they immediately quieted down like domestic rabbits.

The roof and walls of the hall were torn down by the sword lights. Ji Hao trod on a lotus condensed from swords lights, glowing with an ice-cold light as he flew slowly up into the sky with his hands clasped behind his back. He floated in midair, surrounded by heavily armored non-humankind warriors.

These non-humankind beings gathered in such a high density that Ji Hao couldn't even see the natural stars in the sky clearly. Earlier, he calculated the time based on the changes of star positions that he sensed. But right now, within his line of sight, the sky was entirely covered by fierce non-humankind warriors. Many of them even had their eyes turned blood-red, fixed on Ji Hao like mad dogs.

"Hi everyone, good evening!" Ji Hao smilingly nodded to those non-humankind warriors.

Tremendous strands of sword power swept across the sky. The four-colored sword lights burst out simultaneously and harvested the lives of very non-humankind warriors they touched. Not a single non-humankind warrior managed to survive neither one sword light nor one strand of sword power. As the sword lights flashed through the sky, thousands of non-humankind warriors would be killed right on the spot within every second.

However, Ji Hao was surrounded by billions of non-humankind warriors, while more were gathering continuously. Even though Ji Hao had been killing quite efficiently, the number of the non-humankind warriors had always been rising.

Gradually, a deep buzzing noise could be heard. Following the noise, a splendidly shining city of great calamity marched towards Ji Hao through the giant crowd of army. Thousands of Yu Clan nobles stood on the city with their faces twisted. They pointed their staffs at Ji Hao and let loose a torrent of abuse.

Ji Hao swept across these nobles' chests with his eyes and found the family emblems worn on their left chests, on their luxurious robes. These emblems were exquisitely embossed with all kinds of patterns, marked with the names of their families with the written language of Yu Clan, and embossed on the middle of each emblem was a rapid, winding, misty, or boundless great river.

Only high-grade Pan Yu world families could be represented by great rivers.

These thousands of nobles were high-grade family members, while the ones Ji Hao killed in the hall were their elderships. Therefore, they all lost their minds when they saw Ji Hao.

"You should thank me in fact. I killed them, so you now have chances to climb up, don't you?" Ji Hao gave an evil smile and said, "You shouldn't blame me, because one of you asked me to come here to kill!"

Ji Hao shrugged and continued blandly, "I can tell you this. The one who asked me to do this was in the hall earlier. Just now, five-hundred and forty-nine-thousand, seven-hundred and eighty-eight people were in the hall. Ninety-seven-thousand, four-hundred and fifty-three of them escaped. The one who asked me to kill the others, the one who promised to pay me for killing those people, is among those escaped ones!"

Ji Hao spread his hands and grinned to the thousands of Yu Clan nobles, whose expressions had been changing very dramatically, while continuing, "According to the Secret Code of Law, uncaught crimes never happen, uh-huh? I like the Secret Code of Law! I like the inheritance law in Pan Yu world even more. It's so interesting, isn't it?"

The thousands of nobles who shared a bitter hatred of their enemy now glanced at each other with weird looks. Ji Hao's words immediately drew their attention to a serious problem. 'Who colluded with Ji Hao? Who brought Ji Hao into the hall to kill? What did that person want? Which family was he or she from? Was that person from my family? Will he or she affect my power and right of inheritance?' They secretly wondered.

Ji Hao smiled, and his smile grew brighter and brighter.

That was exactly what he wanted. Using machinations was a tradition in Yu Clan culture. They habitually doubted everything. Also habitually, they were responsible only for their own interests. Therefore, with some simple words, Ji Hao destroyed their trust towards each other and pushed them into the endless panic and suspicion.

This was what Ji Hao wanted. He created this atmosphere on purpose.

Laughing out loud, Ji Hao raised the Pan Gu sword. A 'clank' of the sword echoed through the sky while a tens of thousands of meters long beam of sword light erupted from the sword.

All swords lights and sword power strands of sword intent in the heaven-killing, earth-slaughtering great formation gathered towards the Pan Gu sword, and next, the Pan Gu sword began shaking. Ji Hao felt that at this very moment, Pan Gu sword suddenly 'came alive'!

Sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow, everything-perish, all living being reincarnate...Ji Hao combined the five moves and activated the sword's power with his strength, then poured the saint's power into the sword. The enormous sword light turned tangible while Ji Hao wielded the sword and hacked down to the city of great calamity.

The one-hundred and eight giant statues and three-thousands and six-hundred divine towers burst into dazzling lights simultaneously, creating a ten-miles-thick magic shield around the city. The crystalline magic shield glowed eye-piercingly with splendid lights.

But, the Pan Gu sword descended and shattered the magic shield thoroughly. The sword light descended, crushing half of all Yu Clan nobles who stood on the city wall. The three-hundred-miles-wide city of great calamity was cut into two, and the elite troops in the city suffered heavy casualties.

"Kill!" Ji Hao pointed at the numberless non-humankind warriors in front of him.

Outside Liang Zhu City, in a dense woods, a teleporting formation suddenly opened. Feng Xing, Yi Di, and large groups of carefully selected Eastern Wasteland archers surged out. One second after they marched out of the teleporting formation, they each emptied ten-thousand arrows, then flashed back into the formation at the highest speed.

Millions of arrows flew into Liang Zhu City like a pouring rain. Every arrow exploded into a large, colorful cloud of mist, which carried viruses that spread out and covered an area hundreds of meters in radius.

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