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Ten thousand horses were galloping ahead...

Wrong, those were millions of black centaurs carrying human-waist-thick long spears and wielding door-sized axes while roaring and charging in wave-shaped formations.

Ji Hao saw them foaming at the mouth, eyes quickly turning blood-red. These giant creatures seemed to be not so smart. They were attacked by the virus the moment they arrived in Pan Gu world, but they immediately blamed the poor non-humankind army for it.

They were gigantic, heavy, wearing strong metal armors as they charged brutally and straightforwardly.

The formidable centaur army broke into the arrays of the non-humankind army, violently lunged their long spears, and swung their huge axes. The weapons and armors clanged thunderously against each other while the body-tearing sounds echoed through clouds.

"Kill them!" The non-humankind commanders were infuriated.

Because of Ji Hao's sword formation, the non-humankind army had lost its high-grade commanders. Therefore, the troops could only fight separately at the moment. These non-humankind warriors did not want to feed Ji Hao's horrific sword formation, which seemed to be able to devour everything, with their bodies.

However, they were already gathered here, and if they cringed in front of Ji Hao, it would be hard for them to explain this to the high-grade Yu Clan leaders later. Rather than challenging Ji Hao, they decided to go bully these 'bumpkins' who were from an unknown conquered world.

Troops of Jia Clan warriors composed great battle formations and burst into raging roars as they launched counterattacks to the centaurs army. They sped up wildly and leaped towards those centaurs, then fiercely swung their heavy weapons down.

Yu Hao, Yu Meng, Yu Huo's clone, Master Spirit-slaughter...the people with different purposes suddenly widened their eyes in surprise.

Ji Clan warriors could be called as perfect warriors. They were tall and muscular, born with strong fighting will and skill. Once they matured, they would naturally attain a Senior-Magus-level physical strength. They were the fighters of Pan Yu world; the powerful armies formed from them had conquered countless worlds.

However, these black centaurs who suddenly came from an unknown world had a much greater physical strength, and were even stronger than Jia Clan warriors. Clearly, these centaurs weren't smart, neither did they have an advanced nervous system. This meant that they could sink in a bestial frenzy on battleground easier than Jia Clan warriors, and they would suffer very little pain.

This was a group of half-humanoid, half beast battling creatures. When they roared thunderously and bumped into the Jia Clan warriors, some Jia Clan warriors staggered. The long spears and giant axes swished down. After one exchange of moves, tens of thousands of Jia Clan warriors were killed in a face-to-face battle, which was their most preferred type of battle.

Their strong fighting will became useless, while their great fighting skills delivered little effects. Millions of black centaurs surged up like a tide. In a battle like this, no fighting will or fighting skills were needed; what was needed was the purest, most original violence. Lunging spears and wielding blades, the stronger ones won while the weaker ones died!

The average height of these black centaurs was around nine-meters, and the relatively strong ones among them were even twelve to eighteen meters tall. They were incredibly strong. Their physical strength was at a higher level than Jia Clan warriors.

They eyes sparkled with a blood-red light while twisted blood-red spell symbols had been glistening on their skins. These spell symbols released a faint blood-red mist; it seemed that these spell symbols were the reason that brought these centaurs into a frenzy. They had no fear, and they felt no pain; they were driven by the most original bestial instincts to rush forward and kill all living beings within their lines of sight.

The bone-cracking noise could be heard without an end, as a giant number of Jia Clan warriors had their bones broken by the violent and brutal attacks from the centaurs. The heavy and giant weapons had been wielded fiercely, sending Jia Clan warriors flying into the sky from time to time.

Seeing this, the eyes of countless Yu Clan nobles turned glowing-red. They had no anger nor sadness in their hearts, but only greed. These black centaurs were natural fighters, so strong. Among all species that had been discovered by Yu Clan people, they could serve as the best slave warriors!

'Which world are these black centaurs from? Who is their ruler? No matter what the cost, I have to get a large batch of black centaurs from that lucky guy. I will move them to my territory, let them grow and develop, and let them expand their families. Then, they can form an enormous army to fight for me.' Every Yu Clan noble on the scene had the exact same thought right now.

These black centaurs seemed to have low intelligence, but the Yu Clan nobles didn't need them to be smart as war machines. They needed them to be able to kill and dare to kill. That would make them the best slave warriors.

Black centaurs killed a great number of Jia Clan warriors. Because of their high killing efficiency, they were already covered in the virus blood from the infected Jia Clan warriors. A large number of centaurs were infected too. Some of them began twitching as they fell to the ground. More of them had scary bleeding blisters emerging from under their skins, and blood spurting out of their bodies.

The more the virus affected them, the more infuriated these centaurs became. They neighed shrilly and launched indiscriminate attacks on the non-humankind warriors in the surrounding.

Suddenly, a great number of white centaurs rushed out of the portal. These white centaurs were in slimmer shapes, seeming to be much thinner than those black centaurs, and with smoother lines of bodies.

Each white centaur was holding a longbow and carrying a large quiver. Once they dashed out of the portal and heard the roars of those black centaurs, their eyes immediately turned red as well. They pulled open the longbows and shot waves of meters long, spear-like arrows to all directions.

The arrows fell from the sky like a storm while causing shrill swishing noises. Countless Jia Clan warriors by hit by these arrows. The heavy metal arrows penetrated their bodies and nailed them to the ground.

What was even more frightful was that these arrows were poisonous. The strange strong poison spread rapidly inside the bodies of the wounded Jia Clan warriors, mixed with Yu Mu's virus, and caused a series of chain reaction. The bodies of these Jia Clan warriors swelled like balloons. Then, tens of thousands of Jia Clan warriors exploded within a blink of an eye and splashed the colorful, poisonous, virus blood all over the sky.

Finally, from the crowd of panicked Yu Clan nobles, the voice of Yu Huo's clone could be heard, "Everyone, follow my order and kill every last one of these idiots!"

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