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Liang Zhu City fell into a turmoil of war. A strand of sword power nearly brushed across Yu Meng's body. A few beautiful emeralds on his golden armor burst into a bright light and cracked into pieces.

Yu Meng was startled. He hurriedly yelled at his subordinates and brought them to flee further away at the highest speed. Earlier, he clearly watched Ji Hao easily kill so many top-grade nobles. Even though Yu Meng believed that he could defeat any of those spoiled high-grade nobles without making an extra effort, he still didn't have the courage to face Ji Hao on his own.

"He is a frightful being, but we can trust him." Yu Meng gritted his teeth, telling the others about his thoughts through the silent voice magic. "The only thing we need to prevent is this monster swallowing us as his new targets after our goal is achieved."

Low voices could be heard from around Yu Meng's ears.

"Damn it, Yu Meng! Is this the ally you suggested? What a damnable guy, but I like him!"

"Ahah! Have you all seen how he killed Yu Mi? With one single sword move, that old b*stard was hacked into two! Great, that old b*stard is dead. His grandson will soon sink his family, so no one will cast greedy eyes on my baby girl anymore."

"Aren't you ashamed? Damn you! You're a powerful man who ruled five great worlds, yet you can't even protect your own daughter. How could you even be shameless enough to say something like that? But, that kid is truly scary. Even I was shocked."

"I merely failed to protect my daughter, but look at Yu Meng, he nearly failed to protect himself! Hah! Imagine this! If that 'adorable' Miss Lanxi became Yu Meng's wife, oh that must be beautiful!"

A series of guffaw burst by Yu Meng's ears, making his face darken in anger. He clenched his teeth and gave vent to a torrent of abuse, but still failed to stop these unkind people who had secretly allied with him from laughing at him. "Restrain your people. We can't be a part of this sudden conflict." Helplessly, Yu Meng quickly changed the topic.

"Send out more scouts and let them keep an eye on the armies from those large families, to assess their strengths in details, observe the habits and skills of their commanders, and figure out exactly how powerful they are. Then, run comparisons between them and us to see if these high-grade family armies can be as good as ours."

Yu Meng quickly made his suggestion. The voices responded by his ears, agreeing with him.

A large group of 'bumpkins' from colony worlds left the hall with their subordinates while directing their troops to march to the hall. Numberless high-grade nobles from Pan Yu world screamed shrilly, as if their butts were on fire.

They had already known about the death of those top-grade beings. A rescue was no longer possible. Right now, their mission was sealing Ji Hao in the hall. They needed to encircle and trap him, then capture him alive. They wanted to cut Ji Hao into pieces. Otherwise, they would never be able to wash off the great shame brought to their families by him!

The leaders of Ado River Family, Lanao River Family, and the power-holders from the other ten top-grade families were killed by someone as easily as killing a chicken. This was such a great shame; it was like a lump of stinky cow dung falling right on the emblems of their families, emitting a soul-deep awful odor, that only Ji Hao's blood could clean!

Amidst the chaos, a Yu Clan young men arrogantly stopped Yu Meng.

Lanxi darted out from behind this young men, pointed at Yu Meng, and yelled, "Useless coward, go back there with your army and cut off that killer's head, then dedicate it to me as a trophy!"

Yu Meng halted shortly, then looked around and pretended to be surprised. "Dear Miss Lanxi, I beg your pardon! Why would I do that?"

Before Lanxi responded, the Yu Clan young man who stopped Yu Meng for her had already laughed out loud and said, "Oh, Lanxi, is this your fiancée? A stinky bumpkin? I have to say that..."

Before he could finish his speech, Su quickly approached with a troop of Yu Meng's subordinates. Yu Meng expressionlessly stomped his foot against the ground and raised a cloud of dark sand. The sand cloud condensed into a swiftly spinning swirl that covered Yu Meng and his people, along with Lanxi and the young man.

"Kill this pair of b*tches!" Amidst the chaos, no one noticed this small sandstorm magic seal. In the surroundings, countless Yu Clan nobles had been casting all kinds of magic seals to protect themselves or to seal off the space. Magical lights sparkled in everywhere, and in comparison, this dark small sand swirl was not so eye-catching.

Covered by the sand swirl, Yu Meng's face turned as cold and emotionless as the face of a statue. As the highest ruler of one-hundred sand worlds, the dominator of billions of creatures, the 'Divine King' of numberless gods from the worlds he ruled, Yu Meng wasn't a soft-hearted man.

Only when facing the Ado River Family would he show his softness and incapability. But, facing any other living being, he was Yu Meng, the highest, measurelessly powerful Divine King.

'Puff'! Su gripped a staff which was carved with an eagle head, and fiercely penetrated Lanxi's chest while screaming hoarsely, "For the highest 'God of Meng'...Bloody b*tch, your soul is mine now. I will torture it with the strongest venom from the dark desert/ I will make it cry in pain forever!"

Lanxi's body twitched intensely as her soul was drawn into the staff before she could even cast a scream.

The Yu Clan young men who accompanied Lanxi thudded his knees against the ground and kowtowed heavily to Yu Meng, begging for his mercy, "Dear Master Yu Meng, I..."

Tens of staffs carved with wolf heads, eagle heads, dog heads, goat heads, and tiger heads landed violently on him, directly turning his body into a cloud of blood mist.

Su pointed his finger at the blood mist and drew the young man's soul into the eagle-headed staff.

Yu Meng smiled and looked around in satisfaction. "This seems to be a nice day for hunting. By witnessing the death of these high-grade nobles, I even gained a deeper understanding of death. I believe that if we can wipe out all high-grade nobles from Pan Yu world, I will certainly be able to control the power of death!"

Strands of sword power surged out of the hall and swept across the surrounding armies like rapidly flowing great rivers. The thousands of meters long sword power strands interwove and shredded thousands of people with a slight movement.

The non-humankind armies marched to the hall wave after wave. No matter how many Ji Hao killed, more and more non-humankind warriors rushed up to encircle the entire hall.

Yu Meng's eyes sparkled. Whispered a few words to Su and the other subordinates, he and his people disappeared in the darkness.

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