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Ji Hao killed Yu Mi with a single sword move, while Yu Mi, who was known as someone with the power to foresee the future, failed to predict his own death. The great Dao of Pan Gu world suppressed his power by ninety-five to ninety-seven percent, and barely left him with a power of resistance. Thus, he died.

The Pan Gu sword continued buzzing. The deep and strong buzzing noise made it sound like a heavy axe more than a longsword. Just now, not only did it kill Yu Mi, it also destroyed a pre-world supreme treasure. Some original wildness deep inside the Pan Gu sword seemed to be aroused, that it kept buzzing and boosting Ji Hao's boiling blood. Along with the buzzing noise, Ji Hao's inner injuries, which were caused by the counterforce from the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book, had been healing speedily.

Numberless non-humankind beings witnessed Ji Hao killing Yu Mi with the sword as easily as slaughtering a chicken. Their brains were blanked out.

Those colony nobles who came from the worlds they conquered and ruled, who had attained a high position by fighting and killing, managed this situation fine. As veteran warriors, they were shocked by the death of Yu Mi, a high-grade noble, but weren't frightened. On battlefields, anyone could fall, no matter how high was his or her social status, wasn't this right?

Unlike them, the nobles from Pan Yu world, who had been standing high above the rest, felt that even their souls were shaken by Yu Mu's death. Yu Mi was able to predict the future, but he had actually been killed so easily. How could this even be real? He was a 'crown'!

Earlier on, with the power of the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book, Ji Hao killed two 'crowns' in a row, but that didn't shock these Pan Yu world nobles as much. After all, magic curses were mysterious, and the visual impact delivered by the traceless curse power was surely not as strong as the violent sword-hack-killing and the splashing blood. Without being able to fight back, Yu Mi was killed by a single sword move. This caused a certain strong psychological effect on many Pan Yu world nobles.

"This is impossible!" Some young Yu Clan noble men screamed heartbreakingly, their faces blushed, especially the ones from Lanao River Family. They subconsciously kneeled on the ground, their heads in their arms. They did not know what to do, as if their whole world had collapsed.

The noisy and chaotic hall suddenly turned strangely quiet. The people stopped running, but dumbly stared at Ji Hao and his sword, with fear and shock. Some smart and battlewise non-humankind nobles discovered the four sword lights created by Ji Hao, and sank into an even deeper fear.

"Leave the hall with your people and your allies!" Suddenly, Yu Meng heard Ji Hao's frosty and emotionless voice lingering around his ears.

He quivered, with his fine hair stood straight up. Attacked by a tremendous sense of crisis, he couldn't even see things clearly anymore, and his internal organs began twitching. He turned around and gave an order to his few trusted subordinates with his eyes, then quickly warned some of the others in the hall by using a special silent voice magic.

While doing all this, Yu Meng had already rushed brutally to the front door of the hall with his people. He pulled out a golden staff which was carved with a wolf head and wielded it, sending the people near the front door flying away, then rushed out with giant steps.

The moment Yu Meng rushed out, the four sword lights Ji Hao created landed in the four corners of the hall.

The sword lights shone dazzlingly and stood in the corners of the hall like four enormous swords. Following shrill sword buzzing noises, the sword lights suddenly changed colors — The one in the east was a sword light of the great Dao of destruction, with a color of mysterious black; the one in the west was a sword light of the great Dao of creation, bright and clear. The one in the south was a sword light of the great Dao of sun, golden and splendid, and the one in the north was a sword light of the great Dao of extreme negative, with a cold and peaceful silver color.

As the four sword lights landed on the ground, centering on the spot trodden under Ji Hao's feet, a magic formation was composed, connecting with the natural stars and the earth meridians. Clouds of mist rose from the ground. Within the mist, hazy mountains could be seen, with rivers flowing slowly. The magic formation expanded suddenly, covering the entire hall and the hundreds of thousands of non-humankind nobles in the hall.

This was called 'heaven-killing, earth-slaughtering sword formation', created by Ji Hao based on Yu Yu's sword formation, with the power of the divine heaven and earth formation and the vast natural powers. Once this great formation was composed, the entire roof of the hall was gone. Countless natural stars were quietly hanging in the sky, staring at the ones in the hall like merciless eyes while emitting a thrilling, bloodcurdling power.

The earth buzzed slightly while sharp gusts of winds blew in through the floor. Wherever the winds blew across, bone-deep wounds were left on the legs of countless non-humankind beings in the hall.

Heavily armored or protected by secret treasures, when the sharp winds blew across, the clothes of all these non-humankind nobles remained perfectly undamaged, but their bodies were already harmed badly.

Blood splashed like a rain while shrill howls could be heard without an end. The highest few 'seals' on the scene finally recovered from the shock and wrath brought by the death of Yu Mi. They pointed at Ji Hao and burst into sonorous growls, "Kill him!"

Ji Hao smiled. He raised the Pan Gu sword and let Yu Yu's Dao of sword raise a tsunami in his heart. His entire embryo of Dao transformed into a blinding sword light as it swept across the entire hall with an endless sword intent, turning the hall into a fierce sword realm.

Waves of sword lights descended from the sky, from the cold natural stars, covering all non-humankind beings in the hall like a storm.

Waves of sword light erupted from the ground, tens of meters long, spinning swiftly on the ground like windmills. Wherever the sword lights reached, body parts were sent up into the air like the eruption of volcanos.

Strands of sword power winded in the sky like brooks, merging into larger streams, then forming great rivers. The rivers of sword power surged and roared, shredding all armors, battle robes, secret treasures, and fleshy bodies into pieces.

Sword, sword, sword...

The eyes of all non-humankind nobles in the hall were dazzled. They saw everything in the hall turn into a sharp sword under the effect of an invisible power.

The tables became swords; the chairs became swords too; the wine cups and wine pots all became swords. Corroded by the sword intent, even their long hair became countless straight, clanking, sharp swords.

The swords were swishing in the hall, clanking against each other while lunging and impatiently devouring blood and flesh.

The non-humankind nobles in the hall let out heartrending shrieks. Before they figured out what exactly had been happening, they felt a million long swords cut into their bodies all at once, then they exploded into clouds of blood mist.

The shadows of the swords flashed while the sword power occupied the whole area. Blood boiled in the hall while the fierce sword power reached directly into the sky. Within a blink of an eye, more than half of the hundreds of thousands of non-humankind nobles who excitedly gathered here for a banquet were slaughtered.

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