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These colorful beads were poisonous, made by Yu Mu with the power of the 'Department of Disease' of the heaven. The Department of Disease of the heaven controlled all kinds of diseases in the world. Therefore, even the strongest poison in the world was just like a toy in the Department of Disease. Yu Mu was a master of magic poisons. With the powers of the Department of Disease and the Disease Streamer, he made these beads. One could easily imagine how powerful they were.

Strands of poisonous mist spread out and attacked incredibly fast. Tens of thousands of weak non-humankind beings fell straight down, their faces turned purely dark. The darkness soon spread to the other parts of their bodies through their necks, and wherever it reached, their blood and flesh rotted quickly. Large blood spots emerged from their dark skins, while black blood gushed out of their mouths and noses.

The hall was thrown into a great chaos. Some people fled outside while crying and screaming, but they were already affected by the poison. Outside the hall, a great number of loyal guards attempted to rush in to protect their masters, but at the front door, they bumped into the ones who surged out. Some wanted to go in while some wanted to go out. As a result, the front door was firmly blocked, and the poison spread faster and faster, further and further.

"Antidote? Now!" Yu Meng alarmedly glanced at Ji Hao and growled with a deep and dry voice.

Yu Meng was a powerful world ruler. Most of the worlds he ruled over were predominated by deserts. Therefore, the powers of Dao he attained were tightly related to suns, sands, death, and strong poisons. Therefore, Yu Meng was immune to many toxins and poisons, that he could even feed on average poisons.

Nevertheless, the poisonous beads made by Yu Mu were way too dangerous. Despite his power, Yu Meng felt that his throat was itchy, as if being filled with blisters. Yu Meng was awfully startled by this strange feeling. Was he poisoned? Could he still be poisoned as such a powerful being?

Ji Hao took out a small bottle and put it into Yu Meng's hand. Covered by the chaotic situation, he silently showed his real face. The exotic black long robe from Pan Sha world that he was wearing immediately turned into a faint golden ceremonial robe while he walked through the crowd with airy steps like a gust of wind, towards the 'crown' who was shouting hoarsely to maintain the order, with a feather crown above his head.

While walking, Ji Hao had already pulled out the Pan Gu sword. While walking past some panicked non-humankind nobles, he mercilessly wielded the sword and sent it deep into their bodies. The sword tip brought out vividly red streams of blood and raised even shriller screams.

Quite some non-humankind beings saw Ji Hao killing in the hall, but they were frightened so badly by the suddenly attacking poison that they failed to realize that an enemy had already launched an offensive. Instead, they thought that Ji Hao was a Yu Clan being who seized this opportunity to solve some personal grudges.

They watched Ji Hao walk through the crowd, step by step. Behind him, blood had been flowing in streams as countless non-humankind nobles lied on the ground, twitching and struggling, hands covering the wounds on their vital body areas. The moment the Pan Gu sword sank into their bodies, the sword light destroyed their life-force. On the verge of death, these non-humankind beings widely opened their mouths, but failed to make any sound.

Moon Crown Yu Mi, the current leader of Lanao River Family, one of the twelve 'crowns' in Pan Yu world, who, according to the legends, was able to predict the future, suddenly raised his head. Floating above his head, the purple feather crown emitted a blinding dark light, then poured down splendid light streams. The moment Moon Crown saw Ji Hao, the purple feather crown expanded by tens of times and transformed into a tower, covering his entire body.

"He...isn't one of us!" Yu Mi pointed at Ji Hao and shouted out loud, "Guards! Stop him! Kill him! No! Capture him alive! Alive! I want him alive!"

Ji Hao was less than three-hundred-meters away from Yu Mi. Surrounding him were desperately fleeing Yu Clan nobles. The Pan Gu sword shone with sharp beams of light and penetrated the bodies of more and more non-humankind nobles. These non-humankind nobles never even tried to pull out their weapon and fight back, but ran away from Ji Hao at their highest speeds.

Yu Mi's raging voice echoed through the entire hall, enlightening a large number of fleeing Jia Clan nobles. They abruptly turned back and stared at Ji Hao. As the bravery contained in their blood erupted, hundreds of six-meters-tall Jia Clan warriors burst into furious roars.

"Barbarian!" A golden armored Jia Clan general raised his first. Following a streak of flame, a three-headed meteor hammer appeared in his hand. While wielding the meteor hammer, he approached Ji Hao with large steps.

The other Jia Clan warriors all pulled out their weapons and approached Ji Hao in anger. Some fleeing Yu Clan nobles stopped unconsciously and turned around to look at Ji Hao.

After taking seven to eight steps towards Ji Hao, the faces of a half of the hundreds of Jia Clan warriors turned purely black. As they quivered intensely, blood spurted out from the mouths and noses of some of them.

"Idiots!" Yu Mi roared in anger, "Take the antidotes, then go get him! Have you forgotten how to fight already?! A bunch of useless things!"

Hearing him, these Ji Clan warriors hurriedly began rummaging their pockets, tremblingly trying to find some pills.

As these Jia Clan warriors paused, Ji Hao laughed out loud and flashed across the air. The golden bridge sparkled between his brows and brought him directly to Yu Mi through the distance of hundreds of meters, leaving a clear stream of light behind. Above Yu Mu's head, the strangely shaped tower, which was transformed from his purple feather crown, emitted strands of colorful light. The moment Ji Hao teleported himself, waves of ripples were stirred up from the space between Ji Hao and Yu Mi.

Within this moment, the tower showed its unimaginable power. The distance between Yu Mi and Ji Hao were merely hundreds of meters, but the tower expanded to a whole billion miles!

No average being was able to cover such a huge distance to attack Yu Mi, but with the golden bridge, Ji Hao easily broke this space magic seal cast by the tower and easily rushed up to Yu Mi.

Ji Hao let out his divine seal, raised clouds of purple mist, and illuminated the entire area with a golden light. In this very moment, the tremendous power of the great Dao of Pan Gu world descended and suppressed Yu Mi's power to an extreme degree. The tower above his head let out a deep buzzing noise while dazzling and quaking.

"Since you're already here, don't ever leave. Pan Gu world is vast enough to be your grave!" Ji Hao gave a large grin. While talking, he wielded the Pan Gu sword and launched the combined move of the five with all his power.

Swords lights emerged from the air and merged into the Pan Gu sword instantly. As the sword lights flashed, the hearts of countless non-humankind beings in the hall turned ice-cold, because they saw the strangely shaped tower above Yu Mi's head, which was a measurelessly powerful pre-world supreme treasure, cut into two. The Pan Gu sword then went down from Yu Mi's head and sliced him into two parts as well.

Ji Hao laughed loudly, causing a sharp pain to generate from his internal organs, which were injured by the counterforce from the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book.

"Great! Great!" He laughed wildly while four, hundreds of meters long sword lights swept across the entire hall.

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