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"The highest three suns and nine moons...All Pan Sha world ancestors' souls...This is so beautiful!"

Yu Meng stood outside the hall, stunned. While watching the blood falling like a rain and sensing the strong blood scent in the blowing wind, he unwittingly began praying to the ancestors' souls of Pan Sha world creatures. Pan Sha world was the first world conquered by his family.

If any high-grade noble from Pan Yu world heard Yu Meng, a Yu Clan noble, praying to the ancestors' souls from another world, Yu Meng would be regarded as a 'heresy', and would be burned to death on a burning stake. But, at the moment, under the current circumstances, no one heard his murmuring at all.

The hall was wrapped in a meters thick layer of sword power. Some people in the hall attempted to rush out while some guards took actions to rush in from the outside. But, all of them were shredded once they touched the interweaving, four-colored layer of sword power. Their armors, bodies, and souls were all shredded.

Inside the hall, sword lights and sword power strands had been flashing and interweaving. Every bone-piercing cold strand of sword power brought up a sharp stream of blood while sending body parts up into the sky. Before the body parts fell on the ground, the shapeless and traceless sword intent would tear them into pieces.

Numberless non-humankind nobles had been shivering in the hall. They weren't dancing; their bodies trembled intensely and uncontrollably because tiny but sharp strands of sword power had been rapidly penetrating their bodies, tearing them apart.

Following shrill 'popping' noises, countless holes appeared on their bodies. At last, a giant strand of sword power burst out, thoroughly mincing them and ending their pain.

The ones who weren't cursed to death by the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book or killed by Ji Hao tremblingly gathered together and activated their defensive treasures, generating layers of light shields. The light shields merged together and formed a thick light screen, firmly shielding all of them. They screamed with dry voices and angrily urged their guards, who waited outside, to come in and protect them.

The sword power dominated the entire great hall. Soon, most of the non-humankind beings in the hall would be killed right on the spot, unless Supreme-level powerful beings showed up to tear open the sword realm which was sealed off by Ji Hao. Ji Hao carefully spared the small area where Yemo Luoye and the other Yu Dynasty people stayed in. Except them, all the other non-humankind beings in the hall would die.

Yemo Luoye, Dishi Yanluo and the other Yu Dynasty people stood stiffly, without daring to move a finger. The sharp swords powers and sword light nearly brushed across their bodies. This small group of people watched everyone around them being slaughtered, while they themselves stayed perfectly unharmed.

"Ji Hao...He wants us to break with the other nobles!" As the emperors in power of Yu Dynasty, these people weren't stupid. They immediately figured out Ji Hao's intention, but couldn't do a thing to him at all.

Ji Hao heard Yemo Luoye and the others cursing him in low voices. Amidst the strands of sword power, streams of splashing blood, and countless bodies sent flying by heavy sword power strikes, he gracefully and deeply bowed to them. While straightening up his body, he swung an arm backward and hacked a muscular Jia Clan noble, who crazily punched on him, into two.

The divine seal floated above his head. The power of the great Dao of Pan Gu world was locked on this great hall through the divine heaven and earth great formation. Except for Ji Hao, every living being in this hall was now under the suppression of the great Dao of Pan Gu world. Therefore, Supreme-level non-humankind beings now could release divine-level powers at most, while divine-level non-humankind beings had been dragged down to even beneath the level of Magus Kings.

Ji Hao was such a terrifying being. He owned the Pan Gu bell and Pan Gu sword, both of which were incredibly powerful supreme treasures. He also possessed the unbreakable Pan Gu body. What made him even scarier was that he had attained a giant amount of saint's power from Priest Mu!

Saint's power...Those so-called 'crowns', 'seals', and 'staffs' in the hall might have surpassed Ji Hao by far in cultivation, but in the terms of power quality, they couldn't even touch a shadow of his.

With a slight sword move, Ji Hao created an eye-piercing beam of sword light. Facing the sword light which was motivated by the saint's power, the defensive seals used by the non-humankind nobles provided no power of resistance at all. Layers of magic shields were cut open, as more and more bodies were torn into pieces. Then, endless sword lights and sword power surged up and minced those non-humankind beings.

Maintaining a faint smile, Ji Hao activated the Pan Gu bell to shield his body, then approached the group of highest nobles who gathered together, slowly with the Big Dipper step.

"Guys, the weather is not bad." Ji Hao gave a warm grin and greeted the nearly one-thousand top-grade nobles gathered in this area.

In the center of this crowd, tens of non-humankind nobles stared at Ji Hao with their teeth clenched. "Tell those useless things outside to break in right now! We'll allow them the time span of ten more breaths. If they..." Roared a grey-haired 'staff'.

The 'staff's voice suddenly faded as he looked at Ji Hao with a soul-deep fear.

The Pan Gu sword released a beam of sword light that was hundreds of meters long. The cold sword light pierced the defensive light screen which was created by this group of top-grade nobles joint-handedly. Along with a deafening tearing noise, the light screen was torn apart layer by layer, and their pre-world treasures were cut broken one after another. Quite a few supreme treasures with defensive powers let out painful screams.

In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man sat above Ji Hao's embryo of Dao with his legs crossed. While excitedly waving his hands, he yelled, "Yes, just like this, this sword has merged with the Pan Gu axe which opened up this world...It can even open up a world! Ji Hao kid, break their heads!"

Indeed, the Pan Gu sword in Ji Hao's hands had merged with the Pan Gu axe which belonged to Saint Pan Gu, and had once opened up a world and slaughtered millions and millions of Chaos monsters!

In front of the Pan Gu axe, the spirit treasures and supreme treasures used by these non-humankind nobles were just a pile of scrap metal pieces.

Before, Ji Hao wasn't powerful enough to fully activate the Pan Gu sword's power. But, with the saint's power 'generously' gifted by Priest Mu, Ji Hao was already able to activate the sword to a certain degree.

The sword light was bone-piercingly cold. More and more spirit treasures and supreme treasures were broken. Suddenly, a warmth rose from Ji Hao's body while he activated his tremendous strength with his thriving spirit blood and pushed the Pan Gu sword violently forward.

Under layers of protections, the group of top-grade non-humankind nobles vented hoarse screams. Ji Hao sliced their throats with the Pan Gu sword and sent over a thousand heads up into the sky, making the blood squirt tens of meters high.

Outside the hall, numberless non-humankind guards who witnessed this lost their minds.

They roared hysterically and cursed Ji Hao with the evilest languages they knew. Shrill alarms could be heard from every direction while countless non-humankind armies marched over, surrounding the hall layer by layer.

Within a twinkling of an eye, billions of elite non-humankind warriors encircled the entire hall and covered the sky and the earth.

Ji Hao laughed out loud as he pushed his hands forwards. The sword power instantly spread out from the hall and swept across the area with a radius of three-thousand miles.

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