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Obviously, Yemo Luoye and the people surrounding her turned quite nervous.

Yemo Luoye instinctively sensed the bad intention held by the few silver-table-zone Yu Clan young men. She was just like a rabbit which discovered its natural enemies once it saw their shadows flashing on the ground.

Surrounding her were the people from the twelve families in power in Yu Dynasty. The twelve families in power had become a community with a common figure. Therefore, at the moment, they had no choice but stand together side by side, and combine their powers to defend themselves from the storm. The beautiful Yemo Luoye attracted too many lascivious men, which would be a huge trouble to this small community.

Ji Hao looked at the few silver-table-zone Yu Clan young men with interest, who were clearly a little drunk. Their faces were blushed, and even their nostrils were expanded a little. 'Go, go… Harass Yemo Luoye, go bring troubles to the twelve families in power!' Ji Hao wished so.

Ji Hao was curious about the current strength of the twelve families in power. They had dominated Pan Gu world for so many years, and they never stopped exploring this world. Ji Hao refused to believe that these twelve families would give up on Pan Gu world so willingly. After all, their powers had soared.

He was expecting some twist in the situation.

He always felt that the current situation in Pan Gu world was chaotic, and some people had been making efforts to worsen this chaotic situation. But, these people were smart, that only some slight vague traces were left behind them.

Ji Hao had been expecting turbulences and the final outburst. Before that, he would try his best to bring every single one of them more troubles. He had the confidence to hold the situation despite all the chaos, and to gain enough from this messed up situation. He was even more confident about his own safety.

The few Yu Clan young men walked up to Yemo Luoye. One of them lowered his head and said something to Yemo Luoye with laughter.

Hearing him, Yemo Luoye abruptly opened her erect eye, her face blushed. She clenched her teeth while determinedly shaking her head as she gave a reply with a low voice.

Afterward, the few Yu Clan young men dropped their faces. One of them took one step forward and threw a slap to Yemo Luoye's face. From beside her, 'Yemo Tian' darted out and gripped the young man's hand.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows and opened his erect eye, released strands of bright light that only he could see. The light landed on Yemo Tian's body.

That wasn't Yemo Tian. Ji Hao sensed an extremely dark, twisted, and deep soul power from him, but the real Yemo Tian shouldn't have such a power. It was even much greater than Yu Meng's power.

"Poor kid. Does this mean that someone had planted a seed in him long ago?" Turned his eyes away from Yemo Tian, Ji Hao then looked at Master Spirit-slaughter who sat behind Yemo Tian, seeming to be a guard.

In the others' eyes, Master Spirit-slaughter looked simply like a nearly six-meters-tall, golden-skinned muscular man, but in Ji Hao's eyes, his entire body was wrapped in bright colorful glows. And within the glow, flowers had been blooming, with beautiful girls flying and dancing, added with layers of magical images.

"A sky devil, ridiculously strong." Ji Hao nodded and grinned. The more evil things, the better, the more troublemakers, the better. What a messy situation! The situation was like a potful of mixed congee, and Ji Hao truly wanted to add some croutons or rhubarbs in it to make it worse.

Yu Huo's clone, who was using Yemo Tian's body, cast a few growls at the young men with a deep voice and a dark face. Immediately after that, the faces of the few silver-table-zone young men turned awfully sour. As they glanced at Yemo Tian, the latter showed his left palm. Upon his palm, the hazy figure of Pan Yu's brain quietly emerged. Seeing Pan Yu's brain, the few young men swiftly glimpsed at Yemo Tian as if he were a ghost, and next, they bowed deeply to him, turned around, and walked straight away.

Their families were graded way higher than the twelve Yu Dynasty families in power, but no matter how strong their families were, they could not go against a lucky one who had earned Saint Pan Yu's favor. Therefore, they had no choice but to leave in anger. They had to wait until they found someone powerful enough to rely on, then they would come back to hunt Yemo Luoye, who had caught their attention.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the hall was stirred up. Some tall and handsome Yu clan young men smilingly stood up and cast their eyes to a side entrance of the gate.

Seven to eight brilliantly dressed Yu Clan young girls with floral crowns walked in while chuckling. They laughed and chatted with silvery voices, as if they didn't even see the others. They were light on their feet, seeming to be even dancing. Showering under the bright lamplight, their snow-white lower legs occasionally exposed from under their dress hemlines, leaving white afterimages behind.

About twenty well-dressed Yu Clan young men followed behind them, smilingly attentively and echoing their words.

Ji Hao had a sensitive hearing, which allowed him to hear what these good-looking Yu Clan young men and girls said through the conversions happening between thousands of people and from hundreds of meters away. They were discussing the newest poem created by a famous noble poet from Pan Yu world. Occasionally, some of them would stop walking to repeat a line of the poem with an arilike tone, then win a series of acclaim from the others.

Ji Hao picked up his wine cup and took a large gulp What the hell? Did these Yu Clan young people know that they were here in Pan Gu world to fight, and to kill or be killed? Looking at these featherbrained, careless young nobles, Ji Hao truly wanted to cause them some troubles right now.

He looked around and found that this great hall was barely under defense, and everyone was laughing, chatting, and drinking.

If he now released the tens of millions of blood sea ghosts and half-dragon warriors hiding in his sleeves ... he should be able to deliver a massacre in this place, right?

An intent of killing arose from his heart, but abruptly, he heard something quite interesting. He hurriedly threw a quick glance at Yu Meng and found that Yu Meng's face was even darker than Su's skin.

Among the group of young nobles who walked in just now, three young men were chasing after a girl who had a pinkness on her face.

"Lanxi, will you really marry that bumpkin?"

"Great Red Sun, I cannot understand this! What are Ado River Family people thinking? How can that bloody bumpkin deserve you?"

"Oh, my heart is breaking. Thinking that your beautiful body is going to be touched by a stinky bumpkin...Lanxi, come to my place tonight, will you? Do you remember what I offered you? My family is willing to double the price for you to carry my child!"

"Ignore this stingy guy. Lanxi, my family can triple the price that I offered you last time!"

"My family will raise the price by six folds if you are pregnant with my kid before you marry that bumpkin. Besides, we will raise a strong army for your father to pay a safe expedition trip, and allow him to have his private territory, right under his direct control!"

"How about that, Lanxi? That's not a low price."

"So interesting...! Why are they in such a rush to gift their children to you?" Looking at Yu Meng's extremely sullen face, Ji Hao slowly asked a question.

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