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The broad hall was filled with people, but well-organized.

The striking grading system made all attendees stay in their own zones. People from lower-grade families had no chance to approach the ones from higher families, while higher-grade family people had no intention to come to the lower-grade zone.

Beautiful maids walked in the hall in straight lines. Their long dresses were like clouds. Based on appearances and heights, they were clearly divided into a few grades.

The trays carried by the higher-grade maids were carved out of colorful gemstones. The tableware contained in the trays were purely golden. Even tiny wine cups were inlaid with large gemstones. These maids served the top-grade nobles attentively in the core area of the golden table zone.

The medium grade maids carried golden trays which contained silver tableware. The pearls and gemstones inlaid in the exquisitely polished silver tableware were smaller in size than the ones inlaid in the golden tableware. The wines and deserts on these silver trays were a grade lower than the ones on the golden trays.

Ji Hao found out that even the tableware served on the silver trays carried by lower-grade maids were clearly divided into three grades. The top-grade tableware was made from copper, medium-grade ones from bronze, while the lowest grade ones were made from brass...The ones placed in front of Yu Meng and his people, who were from the White Flower Skylark Family, were brass!

The brass tableware was inlaid with a few cheap crystal and rubies. Affected by the opulent and luxurious living style of Yu Clan people, they were perfectly polished and decorated with beautiful embossments, even be counted as artwork. However, in comparison, the brass tableware looked extremely poor.

"You're treated… so differently!" Ji Hao picked up a large brass wine cup and took a sip of the wine which was poured for him by a maid.

The wine tasted not bad, with an aroma of fresh grapes. It was clearly freshly brewed, and could never be compared with the aged wines for the silver table zone and the golden table zone.

This should be a large 'get-together' banquet, but the attendees were actually treated so differently. Ji Hao couldn't help but shake his head and sigh — No matter how, Yu Meng was a powerful being who ruled a whole hundred worlds, with a mentionable individual strength. He shouldn't be treated like this, should he?

Yu Meng and his people sat in their seats with their face darkened, without saying a word but gulping the wine. Their eyes were all fixed on the surface of the table. Unlike them, Ji Hao had been curiously looking around, especially at the silver table zone, which was hundreds of meters away. He saw more and more Yu Clan, Jia Clan, and Xiu Clan people gathered around in that zone, but none of them were as strong as Yu Meng's people.

The non-humankind nobles gathered in the silver table zone were in an awkward place. Their lives were guaranteed, with nothing to worry about. Therefore, these people didn't need to leave Pan Yu world for expedition. Even if they might have a chance to go on expeditionary trips to other worlds, they would go as commanders, under the leadership of the members of their suzerain families and with the family armies. They would have clear destinations.

The conquered worlds would be ruled directly by their suzerain families. At the very most, these silver-table-zone people would serve as medium-level to high-level officers in these worlds, without a chance to control them entirely and dig into the great Dao of nature of these worlds. Therefore, Ji Hao immediately discovered this 'fault' that existed in the strict hierarchy system of Pan Yu world, which was like a great rift valley.

Among the people from the families graded four to six, world rulers titled 'Yu' rarely existed. Which meant, these families weren't as powerful as their suzerain families, neither were as strong as those lower-grade families which took the risk to leave their hometowns for expeditions and earned harvests.

Yu Meng would be able to easily slaughter all silver-table-zone people on the scene, all by himself.

Nevertheless, these medium-level families outranked the lower-grade families by far, and had been greedily making demands to the lower-grade families along with their suzerain families.

Countless thoughts flashed across Ji Hao's mind as he looked around with narrowed eyes. Suddenly, he saw some familiar faces walking into the hall.

Led by the member of the twelve families in power in Yu Dynasty in Pan Gu world, a large group of people walked in with sullen faces. The faces of a few emperors in power were twisted badly.

Ji Hao watched them walk in, then being guided to the edge of the bronze table zone by a few men in black suits, and settled down in a corner.

Once, some Yu Clan nobles from Pan Yu world told Ji Hao that the ancestors of the twelve families in power in Yu Dynasty were all from fallen small families. Some of them weren't even nobles. They took the risk, formed an expedition troop, and started a life-risking journey in the Chaos. After a long vagrant life, they luckily found Pan Gu world.

Judging by the locations of their seats, their families were truly low-grade. But after all, they used to be the higher rulers of Yu Dynasty. Before the few saints from Pan Yu world discovered Pan Gu world, they domineered over Pan Gu world and allowed themselves to do whatever they wanted. Now, they became the lowest, most underappreciated ones among their own people.

Ji Hao poked Yu Meng's rib area with a finger, then pointed at Yemo Luoye and the other Yu Dynasty emperors, and asked, "Do you know them? The emperors in power from Yu Dynasty in Pan Gu world!"

Yu Meng turned around, glanced at them, then gibed, "These idiots! They will end up in a much more miserable life than ours! Anyhow, the one-hundred worlds we controlled are truly under our control. Ado River Family can only rob those worlds through our hands."

"These small family idiots… They spent such a long time, but none of them managed to touch the great Dao of Pan Gu world and earn the title of 'Yu'...Regarding the things that happened or will happen in Pan Gu world, they have no right of speech. They will be devoured, then disappear for good. Honestly, they may vanish suddenly at any moment."

"As for that girl...Perhaps, many years later, she can be found in a secret palace belonging to some young men from a large family."

During their conversation, Ji Hao and Yu Meng saw a few Yu Clan young men walk to Yemo Luoye from the silver table zone while laughing.

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