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Ji Hao grinned in a very evil, unkind way. He kept talking evilly and unkindly until Yu Meng had blood veins bulged from his forehead with wrath, "I thought it's a common thing, that for the family interest, Ado River Family planned to rope you in with a worthless illegitimate daughter."

Ji Hao shrugged and rudely threw the wine cup to the table, then continued, "But, they are also going to give you a son, that's way too friendly. Hah, marry a daughter to you, with a son carried in her belly...Are they preparing to swallow your White Flower Skylard Family?"

Yu Meng clenched his fingers. Ji Hao even heard the creaking noises from his bone joints.

As the highest ruler of a whole hundred worlds, the Divine King of countless local creatures from the worlds he ruled, Yu Meng possessed the greatest power and the highest status back in his place. He was used to standing high above the masses, to having hundreds of responses to his one single call, to be powerful and supreme.

Ado River Family forced him to marry to an illegitimate daughter...

That was acceptable to Yu Meng. After all, Lanxi had the noble blood of Ado River family flowing inside her body, even though she was just an illegitimate daughter. According to Yu Clan people' social rules, even as an illegitimate daughter, Lanxi's noble bloodline made her far more aristocratic than Yu Meng, by a thousand folds, maybe ten-thousand folds. Therefore, in their marriage, Yu Meng would be the one who might gain extra advantages.

Indeed, Lanxi's reputation was not quite fair, and she had been with a relatively large number of men before she married Yu Meng, but that didn't matter. Who among the young Yu Clan nobles wasn't like that?

Not to mention Lanxi, Yu Meng himself might have forgotten about the total number of the girls he had slept with. Apart from the lovers whom he used to maintain long-term relationships with, he also had uncountable one-night partners. Therefore, Yu Meng couldn't care less about Lanxi's bad reputation. According to the Code of Law of Yu Clan, the sons of Yu Meng and Lanxi would be qualified to propose to any girl from any top-grade family, because of their half Ado River bloodline.

In this way, three generations later, a male descendant with a noble, top-grade-family bloodline would emerge from Yu Meng's family. Thus, White Flower Skylark Family would naturally become a high-grade family. Even if they could only make it to grade three, that would already be much, much higher than their current grade.

Improving the family bloodline, then raising the family status, during this process, the Flower Skylark Family would surely have to pay a giant price. But compared to the rise of the family status, everything would the worthy. But, this whole thing couldn't include Lanxi marrying to Yu Meng as a pregnant woman while Yu Meng wasn't the father! And, with all kinds of secret magic created by Yu Clan people, Lanxi's baby could be a boy, if that baby was expected to be one.

According to the Code of Law of Yu Clan, if Yu Meng and his direct relatives all died, the kid that Lanxi gave birth to after she married Yu Meng would have the first right of inheritance of Yu Meng's family. At such a time, if some man stepped up to announce that Lanxi's son was his illegitimate son, and proved it through a paternity testing, this man would attain the administration authority of Yu Meng's family!

This ridiculous rule was seriously included in the Cold of Law of Yu Clan, as an admitted, powerful law in Yu Clan society. No one would ever question this law. If this truly happened, the others would only be jealous of that man, 'That boy was so smart! He took the possessions of some poor guy's family so easily, and brought such a shame on that family. Brilliant!'

Blood Crown had the same plan. If he weren't so unlucky to run into Ji Hao, ending up dead in the middle of his plan, even accidentally guiding Yu Huo and the other unstoppable monsters from Pan Yu world to here, he would do exactly the same thing. As a 'crown', Blood Crown hooked up with Yemo Tian's mother and successfully planted Yemo Tian in the Yemo Family. When the time was ripe, he would wipe out all direct relatives of Yemo Family, then reasonably attain an administrative authority of everything Yemo Family had. After that, Yemo Tian would become his claw, reaching into Pan Gu world.

This perfect, almost successful plan ceased suddenly, all because of Blood Crown's death.

Even worse, Yemo Tian became a clone of Yu Hua. His soul was eaten, and body was occupied.

Blood Crown's plan of 'reasonably, legally invading Pan Gu world' had failed, but the few young Yu Clan nobles around Lanxi had still been making new offers to her, without giving up. Every one of them was trying his best to make Lanxi agree to be pregnant with his child.

Delightfully looking at Yu Meng's twisted face, Ji Hao said slowly, "Annoying indeed, hah? Is that girl your fianceé? This is truly a creative plan. They can't wait to put a future inheritor in her belly to swallow your family, eh?"

With a gloomy look, Yu Meng responded, "This is not a rare thing. We have many laws that made our behavior very weird and evil to outsiders. According to the highest law included in the Senior Code of Law, all conspiracies can be ignored, as long as no one discovers them...All successful evil plans will be righteous and just."

"Including murder?" Ji Hao raised his brows.

"Including murder!" Yu Meng looked at Ji Hao as if he were looking at a 'bumpkin and said, "How strange is this question of yours. Is murder a big deal? Each year in Pan Yu world, in every family, from the top-grade ones to the lowest ones, some people will die suddenly. Who would dig into their death? No one, unless the dead ones were too important to be neglected!"

Shrugging like Ji Hao just did, Yu Meng went on with a bland voice, "The Secret Code of Law is protecting all of us. As long as we do things clean and smart, and do not let our plans come to light, all schemes, conspiracies, and dirty tricks are allowed."

Ji Hao continued looking at Yu Meng, as if absorbed in thoughts. Later, he threw a sideways glance at Lanxi and the other nobles, and said, "So, under the protection of the Secret Code of Law, those people are going to give you a son, then get you and all your families killed and swallow your family properties...Are you gonna let that happen?"

Yu Meng took a deep breath and replied, "Lanxi is a b*tch. Since she dared to do this, it seems that her father prepared to cast aside the interest of Ado River Family and work for himself. Indeed, marrying me and drawing me over to their side would make my family a dependency of Ado River Family forever. But, how could these ever be compared with her father owning one or even a couple of worlds as his very own territory?"

"The territories owned by the members of top-grade families aren't the same as our territories."

Yu Meng snorted with a faint smile, then cast his sunken eyes to Ji Hao and said, "If I want to pay my homage to the Secret Code of Law for once, will people be willing to help me?"

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