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A dark prismatic mirror floated in the air. The group of high-level Yu Clan people didn't leave. Instead, they had their eyes fixed on the mirror.

When Mingmo released a wave of grey figures from his staff and sent those deafeningly crying things towards Ji Hao, quite a few high-level Yu Clan beings couldn't help but praise.

"Mingmo slaughtered all living beings in thirty-six worlds and absorbed the death power from those poor beings before they died. Afterward, he spent billions of years in creating this 'Crying Souls', which is so terrifying.

"For sealing these fierce souls, Mingmo almost spent every penny of his to buy enough 'Nether God grey crystal' and make this skull staff."

"So annoying! Because of him, for thirty-million years, not even a hundred grams of 'Nether God grey crystal' could be found in any market, so we had to put many works down."

A large number of high-level Yu Clan beings praised Mingmo's staff. They were the highest power-holders in their world, but still, making a staff like this would cost a great price. Not to mention the fact that Mingmo had to slaughter all living beings in thirty-six worlds to collect those greedy, fierce, violent, and evil souls, which were sealed in his staff now!

These high-level Yu Clan beings were far, far away from the heaven, but when the crying souls surged out of the staff, they still felt that the evil dark power emerge just around them. Striking their bodies, it stirred up a faint light of defense from their live-saving treasures.

Facing the overwhelming wave of crying souls, Ji Hao released his spirit power. He sensed the endless despair and the boundless fear. He saw worlds being emptied and all living beings slaughtered; from the intelligent species to the tiniest insects, so violently and cruelly. Even plants were shredded and incinerated...

Not only did these grey figures absorb the deepest despair that creatures had before they died, but they also contained the great hatred of a world before it was killed. The hatred generated an indescribably great power. Touching the power, even average pre-world treasures would be stained and corroded, losing their powers.

Only one type of power in the world could rival this highly corrosive scary power.

Ji Hao gave a bright shout. Following his voice, the descending natural reward power merged into his mill of Dao and gave it, which was dark because of the power of destruction and glowing because of the power of creation, a thick golden rim.

Over ten-billion non-humankind beings were killed under his direction. Therefore, Ji Hao had earned a great natural reward power, which was even greater than what he earned for conquering the flood and helping form the Pan Gu Motherland.

The great natural reward power merged with the mill of Dao and made the entire mill shine with a golden light, looking like a golden statue. From the mill, endless streams of purple mist rose into the sky, hovering above his head as they brought a sacred, brilliant purple glow to the entire sky.

The crying souls marched towards Ji Hao with the strong hatred from the thirty-six dead worlds and the never-ending death power and despair. But, before they approached Ji Hao, they were drawn into the mill.

The golden light generated from the natural reward power quickly dispelled their dark power and death power. The destroying part of the mill spun, with countless marks of the Dao of destruction interwoven on it, condensed into sharp traces like shark teeth that shredded these crying souls immediately.

"Ashes to ashes, earth to earth… You were slaughtered in your own worlds. But for your next life, as people, animals, or plants in Pan Gu shall live a good life."

Ji Hao grimly looked at Mingmo. For creating the Crying Souls, he collected countless souls of the creatures he killed, shredded and mixed them, then merged measureless death power and despair into them. The crying souls were evil, fierce mixtures of souls.

The mill of Dao shredded the crying souls and took away their dark power, with the purest gains of souls remaining. The marks of their original worlds, which were supposed to exist inside these souls, had been erased. By now, these grains of souls were pure and flawless, like the cleanest water.

Earlier, the mysterious man sent the plate of Pan Gu great Dao into Ji Hao's embryo of Dao and allowed Ji Hao to crush the non-humankind army with the power of the great Dao. At the moment, Ji Hao's mind wasn't thoroughly separated from the great Dao of Pan Gu world yet. Therefore, he could still clearly sense the spirit of Pan Gu world.

Pan Gu world needed these soul grains.

Pan Gu world needed these souls grains in the reincarnation, to forge more lives, so that the world could keep growing and developing, so that more flowers, birds, insects, fishes could exist in this world. It needed them to boost up the life-force of Pan Gu world unlimitedly!

After all, these soul grains came from all creatures of thirty-six worlds!

How many new lives could Pan Gu world create with these soul grains? The soul grains were so mysterious and precious, and could only be generated slowly by the power of creation of a world.

To Pan Gu world, these pure soul grains that Ji Hao extracted was an unexpected fortune! Therefore, the spirit of Pan Gu world immediately told Ji Hao— Pan Gu world needed these soul grains.

But of course, Ji Hao could choose to merge all these soul grains into his embryo of Dao, to nourish it. But, absorbing the soul grains extracted from the souls of all creatures of thirty-six worlds...Even Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei and Priest Yu Yu would explode, right?

"Ashes to ashes, you shall all live a good next life." Ji Hao gave his best wishes with the simplest language.

The mill of Dao sparkled beautifully, gifting each soul grain a faint glow while it merged with the Dao of reincarnation of Pan Gu world.

The sky above the heaven brightened up suddenly, as purple swirling clouds emerged layer after layer, pouring down strong streams of natural rewards power, flooding into Ji Hao's body and his mill of Dao.

Mingmo's face had been twisted badly, as he watched the Crying Souls being devoured by Ji Hao's mill of Dao with both shock and fear. Tremblingly, he attempted to bring them back, but all of a sudden, a frosty beam of light flashed across the air. Ji Hao activated the golden bridge and teleported himself to before Mingmo's face, then swung the Pan Gu sword straight down to his head. The sword glistened with a bone-piercing cold light.

Countless high-level Yu Clan nobles, who had been watching this fight through a magic mirror, gasped in shock. Then, they turned around and walked straight away without any hesitation.

They fled to Liang Zhu City at their highest speed, to gather stronger armies to conquer Pan Gu world!

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