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In a nameless world, a highly corrosive, dark mist drifted in the air. Between soaring cliffs and deep abysses, numberless enormous, ferocious-looking monsters had been fighting each other for resources.

Occasionally, golden metal plates would swish across the sky while releasing electric currents. Treading on the metal plates, tall and muscular, heavily armored Jia Clan warriors looked around in an awe-inspiring way, like gods. Seeing these Jia Clan warriors from a distance, the monsters fled desperately, and the ones who didn't manage to run hurriedly knelt on the ground.

In the center area of this world were about ten strangely designed spiral towers, standing tens of thousands of meters tall. Giant electric currents had been coiling on top of each tower, sizzling deafeningly.

Countless local creatures in long black robes gathered under the towers, paying a tribute to a Yu Clan noble in one voice.

On top of the tower in the middle, inside a great hall with all doors widely open, a middle-aged Yu Clan man quietly knelt on the ground, twitching while sweat was streaming down his back. Between his eyebrows, his erect eye was squirming while releasing wisps of black light, which had been flowing into his other two eyes.

A great faith power gathered from all directions. With the faith power from the local creatures in this world, this Yu Clan man had been crazily melting his erect eye. His erect eye shrank into the size of a thumb, dazzling brightly. The cold light beams emitted from his erect light were sharp as blades, piercing deep into the space.

This melting process wasn't just an evolution of his body, it was also a corrosion to the great Dao that this Yu Clan man pursued.

A Yu Clan man's erect eye contained an extremely strong power. Therefore, only the power of the great Dao could melt this erect eye. During the melting process, this man would gradually control the great Dao of a world and become the ruler of this world, like a divine emperor in the ancient heaven of Pan Gu world.

The praying voices of the local creatures grew higher and higher, and the middle-aged Yu Clan man who kneeled in the hall twitched even more intensely. Suddenly, his erect eye exploded into strands of sharp light, thoroughly merging into the rest of the two eyes.

The space quaked suddenly. With the help of the faith power from the local creatures, the spirit of this Yu Clan man finally merged into the space of this world, controlling a part of the great Dao of this world. A cold and strong power spread out of his body. He clenched his fingers, slowly pulling out an oddly shaped long staff.

"As a colonizer...Even though I have attained such a great power, if I want to be admitted..." The middle-aged Yu Clan man slowly stood up and filled his handsome face with a scornful smile while saying, "I really wish that a great war can break out and let all those 'crowns', 'seals', and 'staffs' die...We all have the same power, so why can you stand so high?"

A dark beam of light shone directly out of the space and sent out an exquisite black bell, quietly floating before his face. The middle-aged Yu Clan man grabbed the bell and gently shook it. Hearing the deep, frosty tinkles from the bell, his expressions changed suddenly, then he burst into a wild laughter.

"They lost so many elite warriors? A bunch of useless old people who occupy the high places...It's our turn to show what we can do. Pan Gu world? And such a great world group? It's time to let the great saints know that only we, the colonizers who are showering blood in colonies, are the true hope of our kind."

"Embattle! Prepare for the war! Target, Pan Gu world!" The middle-aged Yu Clan man snorted coldly, but the entire world had sensed his will. Following his order, countless monsters who had been fighting violently against each other roared impatiently towards the sky.

In a beautiful world, groups of slim and glistening crystal dragons had been flying in the sky, while glowing-white unicorns were running in the forest. A large number of Yu Clan young man in exquisite armors had been hunting relaxedly in the forest, with warm smiles on their faces.

A millions of miles wide flying city quietly flew across the sky. The city was entirely built with white crystals, glaring under the sunlight. On top of this city, a Yu Clan man was holding a black bell while smilingly faintly. His erect eye had been melted long ago, leaving a pair of pupils dazzling with a sharp white light and releasing an inexhaustible brightness and heat. "You, who stood high above the masses, know nothing but schemes. You have even forgotten how to fight, forgotten the smell of war...You should just let us replace you."

"Prepare for the war! Our target is Pan Gu world!" The Yu Clan young man chuckled, then crumbled the black bell in his hand and collected the hidden coordinates of Pan Gu world.

Large groups of crystal dragons hovered in the sky, gathering around the city. On the ground, a group of crustacean local creatures, who were the pre dominators of this world, rode on unicorns while approaching speedily.

In a sizzling world which was predominated by deserts and decorated with oases, in a broad great hall on top of a thousand-miles-tall pyramid, a Yu Clan old man in a yellow robe laughed with a deep voice. In his pair of eyes, two tiny suns were faintly visible.

"I am more powerful than 'crowns' back in the hometown by ten folds! Because of their noble family backgrounds, they touched the edge of the great Dao of our world, and are sitting at high positions." The Yu Clan old man crumbled the black bell in his hand and continued slowly, "And, I am ruling thirty colony worlds in this area, controlling the great Dao of all these thirty worlds."

"I am more powerful than them by ten folds...But, I am still a colonizer, a country bumpkin, a lowly robber in their eyes!" The old man curled up his lips and said, "Ah, noble lords, did you let the creatures in a barbaric world wipe out over ten billion of your elite warriors? In a single time? Aren't you too ashamed to continue sitting on your thrones above the clouds?"

"Gather the army and prepare for war! Target, Pan Gu world!" The old man's voice echoed through a whole thirty worlds. The saints rose into the sky on dense clouds. From the rising sands, numberless giants who had humanoid upper bodies but scorpion tails marched out. They wielded all kinds of enormous weapons while gathering towards the tremendous pyramids in their worlds. An army of ten-billion scorpion men was raised from each one of these thirty worlds.

More and more worlds which were occupied by Pan Yu world people were stirred up. With all kinds of purposes and goals, they gathered their vast armies and quickly triggered the portals that led to Pan Gu world, heading to Liang Zhu City.

The tremendous, horrifying military forces belonging to Pan Yu world were fully activated at this very moment.

Pan Gu world and the hundreds of thousands of untouched worlds around it were their targets.

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