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On the flying fort, Yu Huo's clone looked at the heaven, as if absorbed in thoughts. "Mingmo...a 'staff'...But, he seemed to be much more powerful than the few lower-ranked 'crowns'. Such a forbearing one! Is he trying to bypass the 'seal'-level and directly become a 'crown' through this opportunity?" He said.

Giving a weird smile, he waved his hand and continued blandly, "But, this is indeed a good chance. In our Pan Yu world's conquering history, we never suffered such a great loss. If he kills a few high-level leaders of the humankind at this point in time, the glory he earned would indeed turn him into a 'crown'."

Yu Huo's voice wasn't loud, but many Yu Clan nobles around him heard it.

A grey-haired Yu Clan old man, whose beard nearly reached the ground, snorted with a dark face. He scornfully glanced at Yu Huo's clone, then said coldly, "Yemo far as we know, even though you're Blood Crown's son, your mother had a lowly bloodline. Therefore, you're ignorant, and we understand that."

This scholar-like Yu Clan old man sneered and slightly raised his head, continuing proudly, "A crushing defeat like this is something we have suffered multiple times. Let's not mention the things that happened too long ago. Thirteen-million years ago, on the Dream Wasteland in Pan Luo world, the allied force composed from the private armies of three 'crowns' were wiped out by local creatures with geographical advantages in one battle."

"Nine-million and seven-hundred-thousand years ago, Pan Wai world, Dark Light Flow Sand, the private armies under the direct commands of seven 'seals' were destroyed by local creatures, also with geographical advantages. Within six-hours, eighty billion warriors, slave warriors, and slaves were devoured by the flowing sand."

"Five-million, four-hundred and thirty-thousand years ago, in..."


An exquisite spear pierced into the old man's back and came out of his chest. The young Yu Clan man who was holding the spear twisted his wrist and shredded the old man's heart, then sent a dark electric current into the old man's body, annihilating his soul.

"The things that weren't recorded in our history books never happened. This is the most sacred rule of our highest code of law." The Yu Clan young man pulled out the spear, took a few steps backward, and stood behind a higher-level man. "Therefore, I've always been emphasizing this, that we should restrain our people, especially those nerds from Flow Moon." Afterward, the higher-level Yu Clan man said slowly.

"Some vague stories never happened. But, these nerds believed those stories, and recorded them in their secret files. If the files spread out, too many people would be scared and worried. Therefore, we have to strictly stop this kind of thing from happening." He said blandly.

Hearing him, a 'staff' smiled and nodded, "So, we have to severely punish those people who talk nonsenses, regardless of their statuses and family backgrounds...Anyone who says a thing that shouldn't be said will be punished."

Yu Huo's clone smiled. He looked at these high-level Yu Clan beings, who still had their hair covered in dust and hadn't yet recovered from the terrifying strike that happened just now, and said, "So today, in this battle happening in Pan Gu world, the brave and powerful Mingmo launched the most sacred challenge to the local creatures in this world...And before this..."

"Nothing happened before this!" All high-level Yu Clan beings on the scene grinned.

A few non-humankind slaves carefully walked up and dragged away the corpse of the Flow Moon old man. A few fierce battle beasts widely opened their jaws and madly tore the corpse into pieces. Thus, this 'reckless' Yu Clan old man, who said a series of wrong things at the wrong moment in front of a group of wrong people, disappeared.

Same as the things he mentioned, this wise Flow Moon man never existed in the universe. Everything about him would soon be wiped out by a mysterious power. All traces left by him would be erased in no time, and before long, not a single Yu Clan noble would ever mention him, think of him, or even remember him.

"However, if Mingmo won the challenge, he would earn a great glory to match his victory." Said Yu Huo's clone with a chuckle, "After all, that will be a splendid victory."

The other high-level Yu Clan beings glanced at each other, then nodded in agreement.

It was Yu Huo's clone who occupied Yemo Tian's body, but in their eyes, it was Yemo Tian talking. To them, Yemo Tian was not worth mentioning, but according to all kinds of ridiculous, strange, and hypocritical social rules of their society, they just couldn't ignore anything that Yemo Tian said.

After all, Yemo Tian now represented those families which discovered and invaded Pan Gu world in the first place. Those families had some hidden powers, which were permitted by some hidden rules.

The sun shone upon the world. Through the sunlight, Ji Hao watched this ridiculous and shameless show which was staged down below, sad and hilarious at the same time. He took a step forward and grinned to Mingmo, "Do you already know that Blood Crown is dead and there is a vacancy for 'crown' now?"

Mingmo narrowed his eyes, looking at Ji Hao with both surprise and doubt as he asked, "Do you know that too?"

Ji Hao smilingly nodded and responded, "But, I believe you shouldn't risk to challenge us...I suggest that you go back down right now to gather your warriors and raise a stronger army."

Scornfully glancing at Mingmo, Ji Hao continued coldly, "By killing your warriors, we can earn a great natural rewards power. Natural rewards power is a good thing. You shouldn't die here. You should go back, gather more of your people, and bring them here to die, for us to earn a greater natural rewards power...That's what you should do!"

By saying what he said, Ji Hao despised the entire Pan Yu world. He treated them like pigs waiting for slaughter, which were brought right to his door. Hearing him, Mingmo growled in rage. Following his voice, his skull staff suddenly burned with a grey fire. He wielded the staff and whacked towards Ji Hao's head.

Ji Hao conveniently punched on the staff. Mingmo's expression changed instantly while he was pushed back by a tremendous power, that he nearly failed to grasp his staff and let the former send it flying away. "You have such a monstrous strength!" He stared at Ji Hao in shock and shouted.

Ji Hao kept the smile on his face as he took two steps towards Mingmo, lowered his voice, then chuckled, "I am curious about one thing… Did you wipe out all defeats from your expanding history?" Clicking his tongue, Ji Hao continued, "I have just slaughtered a giant number of your warriors, but you don't seem to feel a thing, do you? It's like you've been through worse, haven't you? I'm curious about those things. Can you tell me some?"

Mingmo's face turned even darker. He roared towards the sky, then from his skull staff, countless grey figures flew out and marched towards Ji Hao along with shrill screams.

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