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Yu Huo's clone looked at the disarrayed army with rage.

The formidable, unstoppable, and tremendous army was actually thrown into a mess by a wave of gales and a drizzle like a frozen piece of tofu. Seeing this, Yu Huo's clone even twisted his face.

Master Spirit-slaughter stood aside with a faint smile on his face, as if he was glad to see all of this happen. Snorting slightly, he said, "Like I said, physical bodies are burdens, but spirits exist eternally. My friend, perhaps you can consider letting your people give up their physical bodies. I'll perform the ceremony to turn you into my kind. What do you think?

Yu Huo's clone gave a dry laugh. What a joke? Giving up physical bodies? Becoming sky devils? Would that be a true transformation ceremony or a banquet? Yu Huo was sure that there was a ninety-nine percent chance of Master Spirit-slaughter devouring the souls of all non-humankind beings who gave up their physical bodies. In the remaining one percent chance, those non-humankind beings who were stupid enough to give up their physical bodies would become monsters.

Therefore, he didn't respond, but glanced aside.

Yemo Luoye, who was still under Yu Huo's secret control, smilingly took a few steps forward and stood on top of a statue on the wall. Raising her head, she looked at the sky while speaking in a mild and peaceful voice, "The controllers of the great Dao of Pan Gu world, don't you have dignity at all? Are these lowly, dirty little tricks all that you can do?"

Yemo Luoye wielded an exquisite golden staff in her hands, then chuckled with a soft voice, "Fight us like your ancestors did. Spread your formation and battle us like your ancient divine gods. We can make enough room for you to gather your forces and build your formations."

Ji Hao stood by the edge of the heaven as he looked down at the disarrayed non-humankind army, snorted coldly and then shouted out loud, "I don't know what were those ancient divine gods thinking. But, since the number of your warriors is larger than ours by at least a hundred folds, I won't fight you. I'm way smarter than that."

Turning around, Ji Hao's eyes suddenly shone.

From behind the gate of the heaven, behind the gathering divine troops, Ji Hao saw thousands of familiar faces. Those were Kua E, his brothers, and thousands of divine gods descendants, treading on colorful clouds. While flying towards Ji Hao, they had been thrusting all kinds of grilled meat and pouring all kinds of booze into their mouths, as if they hadn't eaten in years.

Ji Hao slapped himself on the head and then laughed.

Back when Gong Gong invaded the heaven, Kua E and the other divine gods' descendants were drugged and imprisoned by Gong Gong. Later on, Gong Gong fell, and Ji Hao became a new divine emperor, but small things never stopped happening since then. As a consequence, Ji Hao forgot about this group of ancient divine gods descendants. It was only until this time, when Spirit Wa prepared to give divine edicts and Ji Hao went back to Southern Wasteland for Zhu Rong, Donggong, Ximu, Aobai and Qing Qiang stayed in the heaven to clean the buildings which would belong to them once they ascended to the thrones, and found Kua E and his brothers in the basement of a divine palace. At the time, these poor divine god descendants had become skinny because of the starvation.

Not long ago, they were released, and by now, they were busy stuffing their stomachs with foods and booze. Their eyes even turned green, looking even scarier than the evil ghosts from hell.

"Kua E, long time no see...You...I'm sorry for what happened!" Ji Hao grinned as he greeted them.

The hundreds of meters tall Kua E squeezed an entire roast bull into his mouth and swallowed, then quickly waved his oily hand while nodding to Ji Hao and mumbling, "Emperor Ji Hao, we'll come to revere you when we're full...Phew! Finally, we have divine emperors in the heaven again. We brothers can eat now fill now! Eh, how much is our monthly allowance?"

Hearing him, the thousands of divine god descendants all fixed their sparkling eyes on Ji Hao.

The monthly allowance was a big issue which would decide their future life. These rule followers had truly been living a difficult life these years. But finally, the heaven had new owners, and they immediately decided to follow the leadership of Ji Hao, who was a rich, capable, and powerful divine emperor.

"You can have as much meat and booze as you want, and each month...depending on your body sizes, you may have about a million top-grade crystals and one-hundred-thousand jades as allowance." Ji Hao did a rough calculation, then generously set a scale of 'salary' for these big guys.


Kua E dropped the meat and booze in his hands, strode across the battle formation composed from divine warriors and commanders in front of him, and rushed up to Ji Hao with giant steps. Staring straight at Ji Hao, he growled to ask, "Emperor Ji Hao, is that real? Can each of us get a million top-grade crystal and a hundred-thousand jades a month?"

Ji Hao straightened one hand and laughed, "Of course it's real. Will I swallow my own words in front of so many people? But, you should work now! Do you see those non-humankind monsters down there? Kick their asses!"

Kua E wiped his oily hand heavily on his leather skirt, then carefully made a high five with Ji Hao, settling the 'salary' offered by Ji Hao. Next, he leaned his head forward from the edge of the heaven and glanced down, then burst into laughter.

"Hah, idiots. Attacking the heaven from down there in such a dense battle formation, are they trying to make us laugh?" Wielding his arm, Kua E turned back while his eyes glistened with a fierce light, fixed on the few tall buildings around the gate of the heaven.

"Ten-million-folds!" Ji Hao hurriedly shouted out loud. He closed his eyes, let the mill of Dao slowly rise from behind him. The Dao of creation flew across and spread a mysterious power of creation from around his body. Afterward, he suddenly waved a hand forward.

With the saint's power contained in the tree heart, whatever Ji Hao did now, the effect would be greater than before by ten-million-folds. Back in the sun world, he was able to create fist-sized steel blocks, and now, he could create tens of thousands of meters tall pure steel mountains.

The natural powers were swirled into the mill while Ji Hao continuously waving his hands. Following Ji Hao's moves, millions of miles wide towering steel mountains emerged from the air one after another. Watching this, the eyes of Kua E and his brothers dazzled in surprise, seeming even to burn.

"Hah, Emperor, you're actually strong enough to throw things down yourself." Kua E excitedly carried up a steel mountain.

"Haha!" Ji Hao didn't say a word but gave a laugh. Standing aside, Donggong and Ximu had been smilingly silently. Indeed, Ji Hao was strong enough to do that. But, as a divine emperor, he felt a bit too ashamed to throw mountains down from the heaven.

Thousands of divine god descendants roared thunderously as they expanded their bodies to thousands of meters tall, put forth their tremendous strength, and carried the steel mountains on their shoulders. While laughing, they walked to the edge of the heaven, aimed at the non-humankind army down below, and threw the mountains down with all their strengths.

The swishing noises could be heard without an end as tens of thousands of steel mountains fell from the sky.

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