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The wind was heavy as mountains, falling straight on the enemies' heads.

The non-humankind army, which had been marching up aggressively, was instantly slowed down. The moving speeds of flying forts, flying mountains, and the cities of great calamity, which were even huger in size, dropped obviously.

The large objects suffered a stronger resistance force. Dazzling spell symbols sparkled on the surfaces of all flying forts and mountains as the flying formations inside these forts and mountains were all fully activated. Lightning bolts burst out of the forts and mountains and merged together, slowly wriggling around like electric snakes.

The cities of great calamities had unfolded all their metal petals like blooming flowers, but those metal petals brought the cities greater pressures. The extremely thin metal petals glowed with a dim light, then the dark gale struck heavily on these large, fragile-looking metal petals visibly, and caused thunderous bangs.

Standing on the wall of a flying fort, Yu Huo's clone shook his head scornfully. He raised his head and glanced at the tiny colorful light spot high up in the sky. That was the light emitted from the front gate of the heaven.

"Are they really trying to stop us from conquering Pan Gu world with these small tricks?" Yu Huo's clone chuckled, "Keep moving...Don't save crystals. Fully activate all flying formations...Whatever we may consume, we will eventually earn it back!"

Following his order, the flying formations in every city of calamity, flying fort, and mountain began operating at full-speed. Rumbling noises could be heard from these enormous war machines while a hazy glow emerged from the air, because the great forcefield twisted the air in a strange way.

The gale pressed down. These giant scale war machines swayed slightly, split the gale, and kept moving upwards.

"Your Majesty, they can't take the gale." Master Spirit-slaughter stood by the edge of the wall and leaned his head forward, glancing down, then frowningly shook his head to Yu Huo's clone.

With the powerful flying formations, those war machines managed to split the wind and kept moving with difficulty. But, following closely behind the flying mountains and forts, the non-humankind warriors were nearly blown away.

The Yu Clan nobles who were flying in the air with their own powers, and were protected by all kinds of treasures, managed to steady their bodies in the gale, as their treasures released differently colored light and split the gale for them. But, the Jia Clan warriors who were treading on metal plates weren't doing so well. Their metal plates had been releasing dazzling electric currents. Following the loud sizzling noise, these underpowered metal plates rocked violently, seeming about to fall.

Suddenly, the descending gale was disordered. It was no longer heavy as mountains, but instead, it split up into differently sized air streams, weak or strong. Bursting disorderedly in all directions, it roared into the non-humankind army like dark flying snakes.

The flying forts and mountains had been moving upwards at their highest speed, but as the disordered waves of wind blew, a series of muffled thuds could be heard. Following the noise, about ten flying mountains began spinning in the air, then accidentally bumped into the nearby flying forts.

The ten-miles-wide flying mountains bumped and crashed into the hundred-miles-squared flying forts. Numerous people on the scene heard the squeaking noise from the flying forts, which were twisted. Some poor non-humankind warriors were squeezed into meat pies, as blood and rock pieces fell from the sky.

The perfectly ordered army was immediately disarrayed. The fierce winds gusted to the army from every direction, that once the strong gale blowing from the front was weakened, a stronger gust of wind attacked from the behind, making the non-humankind warriors run desperately. As they finally steadied their bodies, a massive wave of wind blew from all directions and sent them flying in the sky.

Howls and growls echoed through the sky while all heavily armored warriors flew in the sky, thudding into each other. The clanks of armors and weapons and the strange puffing noises caused when some warriors' weapons accidentally pierced into their comrades' bodies could be heard without an end, mixed with the hysterical swears made by them all.

Yu Huo's clone was dumbfounded slightly. As the ten saints attacked Priest Hua and Priest Mu' peaceful world, he gathered the army, and prepared to conquer the heaven of Pan Gu world. But, in order to conquer the heaven, his army at least needed to march to the gate of the heaven, right?

Based on the world-conquering experiences of Pan Yu world people, no heaven was as shameless as the heaven of Pan Gu world. The powerful beings from the other worlds, who could affect the circulation of the great Dao of nature, would imposingly and dignifiedly raise armies and form formations when they saw the expeditionary forces from Pan Yu world, then battle!

Nevertheless, no one from the heaven in Pan Gu world had shown his or her face so far. Instead, they sent down waves of strong wind and disarrayed the enemies' army. How could they? The non-humankind army could never arrive at the heaven if they kept being blown away by winds like these!

Before these non-humankind beings figured out a way to deal with the crazy winds, the drizzle which covered the entire Pan Gu world fell even more strongly.

In other areas, the drizzle was cool, refreshing, and nourishing. But falling on the non-humankind army, it was freezing and sticky. Once a drop of rain landed on a non-humankind warrior's body, he would never be able to get rid of it.

Glowing with a faint white light, the rainwater covered the bodies of non-humankind warriors and froze into a layer of ice. Then, the thin layer of ice grew thicker and thicker. Within a quarter of an hour, the ice had reached about an inch in thickness.

An indescribable cold power had been drilling into these warriors' bodies. It was an evil and fierce power. Except the Divine-Magus-level strong Jia Clan warriors, all the other non-humankind beings were paled by the cold power. They trembled, and couldn't even talk.

The Yu Clan nobles suffered the most. They were all magic masters, but their bodies were fragile. Within a quarter of an hour, nearly a half of all Yu Clan nobles on the scene fell unconscious because of the cold power. With deathly pasty faces, bodies wrapped in a thick layer of ice, they fell from the sky one after another.

They were high up in the air, that if they fell straight down to the ground, their bodies would shatter into pieces. To save them, countless Jia Clan warriors trod on shaking metal plates as they tried their best to catch these falling Yu Clan masters while trembling and sneezing. However, the winds had still been blowing violently, sending many Yu Clan nobles flying all over the sky. With a slight carelessness, those frozen Jia Clan warriors had to watch tens of thousands of Yu Clan nobles being blown down to the ground and shatter into thousands of bits.

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