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"Shameless, dirty, nasty!" The faces of Yemo Luoye and the other Yu Clan nobles twisted when they looked at the tens of thousands of small dark spots falling from the higher sky. The heaven was way too high. Therefore, the tens of thousands of steel mountains looked just like sesame in their eyes.

"Pure metal mountains, with a density higher than usual steel by a thousand folds!" A Xiu Clan craftsmen glanced at those mountains with three overlapping crystal slips, then immediately figured out the quality of the steel mountains. Tens of Xiu Clan masters quickly calculated in their minds to figure out how great the impact force would be when these mountains fell on this army. The moment they had the result, their faces paled immediately. Instinctively, they turned to the divine towers standing around the flying fort that they stood on.

"The towers can't hold those off!" A Xiu Clan master screamed hysterically, "We have already consumed too much energy to stabilize the flying forts and mountains in the disordered gales, and without enough energy, the divine towers for defense cannot stop those bloody metal mountains!"

"Land, land now. Give all energies to..." Screamed a Xiu Clan master, his arms wielding desperately.

"No!" The other Xiu Clan master leaped up, face covered in sweat. He interrupted the first Xiu Clan master and said, "Except the few newly arrived cities of great calamity, even all divine towers on the flying forts and mountains we have can't stop those metal mountains which are falling from such a high altitude!"

Gasping loudly for air, this Xiu Clan master hollered, "Move away! Move! Move! Now!"

Yemo Luoye was stunned, and so were Piji Nu and the other non-humankind leaders. These flying forts and mountains were so gigantic, and the battle formation was a hundred thousand miles long. How was this enormous army supposed to dodge the falling steel mountains? Not to mention the crazy gusting winds from all directions. Within the wind, it was already difficult for the flying mountains and forts to steady themselves!

"Everyone, abandon the cities, forts, and mountains!" The eye corners of Yu Huo's clone twitched intensely. He glared at the heaven and sneered evilly, "It seems that the controllers of the great Do of Pan Gu world are not old school.

Before the gate of the heaven, Ji Hao had opened his erect eye and clearly saw the lips of Yu Huo's clone moving. He chuckled and said, "Old school? I'm not like those ancient divine emperors. They were over-confident, but I just want to take you out with the minimum cost."

Turning around, Ji Hao pointed his finger at the heaven and earth divine tower, which stood in the center of the heaven and served as the core of the entire heaven. The tower reached straight into the clouds. Following Ji Hao's moves, it quaked slightly. As a divine emperor, Ji Hao was now able to command everything in this world, control the sun and the stars, change seasons, start rain, winter, thunder, and lightning, make flowers bloom or wither… Simply speaking, all natural changes happening in this world were under the control of the heaven, and could happen upon a will of a divine emperor.

The changes of the flowing directions of the earth meridians in the Pan Gu Motherland, the emergence and disappearance of oceans, the rises of mountain ranges, the movements of rivers, could all be decided by simple word from a divine emperor.

At the moment, below the non-humankind army, all mountains in tens of millions of miles wide area suddenly waved like mud. The mountains sank into the ground one after another, while new mountains rose from the flat area.

Looking down from the sky, one could see this entire area changing quickly. Within a couple of breaths, without even making much of loud noises, thousands of natural marks of Dao that represented the magnetic force were formed in this area.

Under Ji Hao's will, tens of billions of earth meridians merged into this enormous divine formation. Following a muffled buzzing noise coming from underground, the entire non-humankind army was wrapped up in a mysterious five-colored light.

Mist-like, veil-like five-colored aurora descended from the sky and penetrated the space, the flying mountains, and forts, as well as the bodies of those non-humankind warriors who had been trying their best to steady themselves, then connecting with the great natural divine formation down on the ground.

Next, a formidable magnetic force was released from the ground, forming an enormous magnetic field that locked on the entire non-humankind army.

Suddenly, all flying forts and mountains, cities of great calamity and countless non-humankind warriors, which had been shaking in the gales, burst into shrill screams, suddenly sinking from the air hundreds of miles higher than the ground, then being uncontrollably dragged swiftly down to the ground by the magnetic force. Under the Jia Clan warriors' feet, the metal plates released dazzling fiery light while being affected by the horrible magnetic force and falling rapidly down from the sky. The flying formation inside each metal plate suffered a strong counterforce because of the magnetic force and ended up being broken. Blinding fiery light burst from the metal plates while clouds of black smoke rose.

Strong and muscular Jia Clan warriors fell from the sky while howling. They tried to steady their bodies, but their armors and weapons were all metal. The magnetic force coiled tightly on their armors and weapons, bringing them down like shooting stars.

Thunderous booms could be heard without an end, while the fiery light erupted from the flying forts and mountains as well. The flying formations set inside these flying forts and mountains exploded under the strong magnetic force, tearing apart countless Xiu Clan craftsmen who had been trying to fix them. The survivors fled desperately out of the engine rooms while screaming, their bodies covered in blood.

The gigantic flying forts and mountains slowly fell from the sky, letting out dense black smoke. Yu Huo's clone, Master Spirit-slaughter, and the other non-humankind leaders, especially the ones who followed the ten Pan Yu Saints here through the portal, had their expressions changed while uncontrollably growling out loud.

Under Ji Hao's control, the magnetic power had formed a giant colorful swirl, locking all non-humankind warriors in this area. They weren't allowed to control their bodies anymore, and their only choice was to let themselves fall at a terrifying speed.

What scared them even more were the tens of thousands of steel mountains roaring down from the higher sky. These steel mountains were also affected by the magnetic force, and had been falling faster and faster, more and more violently. Along with the deafening swishing noises, the steel mountains descended from the higher sky along with bright fiery light, soon reaching right above their heads.

"Full defense!" The eyes of Yu Huo's clone glowed in excitement as he shouted, "Defend! Hang on!"

Quite some non-humankind leaders had already cast secret magic, preparing to send themselves away from the danger zone. But, as they abruptly heard Yu Huo's clone, a dim dark light flashed across their eyes, then they screamed out madly and rushed straight to the falling steel mountains, as if they were possessed.

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