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"Let's go take a look!"

Seeing Priest Hua and Priest Mu leave in such a hurry, Donggong and Ximu hurriedly followed up. Ji Hao grabbed Mr. Crow, who had shifted back to his crow shape, stood on his head, and then transformed into a streak of light westward.

Billions of years... Contained in the tree heart which was thrown into Ji Hao's chest by Priest Mu was the power attained by a saint through billions of years of cultivation. The power contained in the tree heart was not only vast in quantity, it was also stunningly pure. A saint's power was far purer than the powers of ordinary cultivators, not to mention the mysterious and measureless Dao contained in it.

The tree heart merged into Ji Hao's body and immediately began melting like the ice under sunshine. Bit by bit, strong strands of green mist flew into Ji Hao's embryo of Dao, smoothly merging into one with the embryo of Dao. Ji Hao's embryo of Dao became clearer and clearer, that within a few breaths, its eyes, nose and mouth had turned distinct.

Ji Hao's power was upgrading speedily. Within a couple of breaths, all his power had been purified. Being nourished by the green mist, every single cell of his body had turned softer but stronger, glowing while giving off a mysterious feeling.

Ji Hao didn't activate the golden bridge, but instead, he had been flying at a light speed with his own power.

He felt nothing before he moved, but once he made his first move, he felt an unprecedentedly strong power erupting from his body, pushing his body forward at a scarily high speed, that even his spirit power couldn't catch up easily.


Ji Hao's eyes were dazzled. Hurriedly restraining his power, he looked back — He saw a perfectly round hole in the top area of each of the three-thousand and eight-hundred mountains behind him. Before he felt a thing, he had already punctured whole three-thousand and eight-hundred towering mountains because of his suddenly soared speed.

"Priest Mu...Every part of his body is a treasure!" Halting with a surprise for a short while, Ji Hao shook his head and sighed sincerely. A mere tree heart of Priest Mu managed to bring Ji Hao's power to a whole new level. As Ji Hao said, every part of Priest Mu's body was a treasure.

Inside his body, the tree heart had still been releasing the pure and great power to merge into his embryo of Dao. Sensing the improvement of his body, Ji Hao couldn't help but sigh again.

Through his own severe cultivation, Ji Hao might need to spend thousands of billions of years to attain such a huge amount of saint-level power. Terrifying! Those powerful beings who started their cultivations ever since the beginning of Pan Gu time were seriously terrifying.

Till now, Ji Hao hadn't completed his first century of cultivation...A saint's power earned through billions of years…!

Roaring towards the sky, Ji Hao activated the golden bridge. The golden bridge transformed into a beam of light and disappeared without a trace after one single flash. The golden bridge was able to move through the space, between worlds, and help Ji Hao to control his power, to sense the change of surrounding space. With the golden bridge's help, this time, Ji Hao didn't cause any damage to the natural environment, but flew stably and swiftly towards the west.


The golden bridge carried Ji Hao and flashed across Donggong and Ximu, leaving them far behind.

Donggong and Ximu paused with surprise, then glanced at each other. In a short while, they shook their heads and said, "The golden bridge...A saint's power earned through billions of years… Not to mention his fighting capacity, in the future, when he wants to run, no one in Pan Gu world will be able to catch him except the one or two."

Powering the golden bridge with the saint's power, Ji Hao had been teleporting himself forward at an unimaginable speed. Tens of millions of miles, hundreds of millions of miles, billions of miles, tens of billions of miles within a moment… the golden bridge moved faster and faster. At last, in a beautiful, well-illuminated area, Ji Hao caught up with Priest Hua and Priest Mu, and arrived at the entrance of the peaceful world almost at the same time as them.

Clouds of dark smoke had been rising from a ten-thousand-miles-wide hole in the air. Through this giant hole, Ji Hao saw a splendidly glowing quiet dojo, with linden trees and lotuses everywhere.

Ten purely dark figures floated above the dojo, laughing and roaring wildly.

Among them, one carried a large bag in the left hand, picking up the crystal and jade mountains with his right hand and throwing into the bag. One was excitedly and carefully taking down the buildings, which were built from natural treasures, then putting every piece into his sleeves, even including every brick and tile. He suppressed the spirit of the treasure inside each building, then occupied all treasures with extra cautiousness.

Some of them were laughing happily while chasing human-shaped powerful herbs all over the peaceful world. They picked the spirit herbs up from the ground, holding in their hands and observing excitedly. Occasionally, they would throw some spirit herbs directly into their mouths to chew.

When Ji Hao arrived, he saw quite a few acquaintances roaring thunderously, leading tens of thousands of disciples rising into the sky and marching towards those dark figures in a formidable way.

Thunderbolts descended like a rain, while the strong gale blew. The powerful magic created by Priest Hua and Priest Mu were cast one after another, generating fierce power waves while sweeping across the entire area. Three dark figures showed up in their way and neutralized all their magic by simply wielding a hand. Then, the dark figures swung their weapons and crushed all tens of thousands of disciples, leaving traces of souls to be absorbed by Pan Yu brain.

Right in the sky above the beautiful peaceful world, Priest Hua and Priest Mu's disciples were slaughtered wave after wave. Numerous high-level cultivators were torn apart and flattened, their bones and limbs falling from the sky. The earth was even dyed red by their blood.

The clear lotus pond had already turned crimson, while the linden trees were covered in blood. The brightly glowing pagodas were stained with blood as well. Suddenly, this peaceful world created by Priest Hua and Priest Mu started looking like hell.

"You...die!" Priest Mu and Priest Hua burst into raging roars, their eyes burning with rage. While roaring, they transformed into two dazzling beams of light and flew to the core area of the peaceful world.

Ji Hao cautiously remained standing by the entrance of the peaceful world, not daring to go in. He watched countless priests that he once fought, die one after another. Within a couple of breaths, right before Ji Hao's eyes, at least a million disciples of Priest Mu and Priest Hua were erased from this world.

Over a million disciples!

Even Ji Hao had his heart twitched — Priest Hua and Priest Mu would lose their minds, wouldn't they?

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