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Ignoring Priest Mu and Priest Hua's abnormal blood-shedding, Ji Hao continued pushing the Pan Gu sword stably into Priest Mu's body. The sword realm, which was generated from the entire heaven, was added to the Pan Gu sword to brutally destroy Priest Mu's body and tear apart the Dao inside him.

Just then, Ji Hao 'saw' Priest Mu. Through the body of this Priest Mu in front of him, through the measureless distance, he saw the real Priest Mu in an indescribable place, in a state of quietus!

That was the real Priest Mu, hiding in a secret place, sinking in an unspeakable state, sealing himself with his measureless power and mysterious great Dao. He was like a cicada pupa which was buried deep underground, waiting for the autumn wind to blow, waiting to get out of the shell and then shake the world with its shrill voice, rise straight into the sky to stay high above the mortal world and look down on the masses.

That was such a mysterious, inexplicable state. The real Priest Mu was sinking in an empty, quiet, and spiritual state, and this Priest Mu in front of Ji Hao had cut off all connections with the real Priest Mu.

The one standing in front of Ji Hao wasn't the real Priest Mu, and why couldn't Ji Hao kill him? Too many incidences had happened between the two. Ji Hao had every reason to kill this Priest Mu, with no regrets. In the future, if the real Priest Mu showed up to accuse Ji Hao of killing this fake Priest Mu, Ji Hao wouldn't be afraid, because of the powerful sect behind him.

Suddenly, Priest Mu raised both hands and gripped the Pan Gu sword, widely opening his eyes as he stared at Ji Hao and shouted out loud, "Ji Hao, I never thought that you have actually reached such a high level of power. Since you have seen the real me...I forgive you for what happened in the past. I can even allow you to offend me in the future for three more times. I, the real Priest Mu, will spare your life for three more times. "

Standing beside Priest Mu, Priest Hua had also been vomiting blood. "Ji Hao," he said loudly, "I will do the same. In the future, no matter what you may do, I will forgive you for three times...As long as you let us go today."

Ji Hao was surprised, and so were Donggong and Ximu. They hurriedly opened their eyes and turned to the west. At first glance, they clearly failed to see anything unusual with their eye powers. Donggong took out an entirely golden and shining mirror, which was wrapped in strands of purple mist, then spread a stream of spirit power onto the heavy, quaint mirror.

"Hao Tian mirror, open!" Hearing Donggong's resonant voice, the mirror released a golden light, then began showing what was happening in the peaceful world in the west.

As the images in the mirror flashed slightly, a giant black hand slapped over and generated a thunderous buzzing noise. The mirror was vibrated slightly. A tremor went through Donggong's body, which made him stagger back for two steps, and only then he finally steadied his body.

"Saints?" Exclaimed Donggong and Ximu, "...Evil saints?"

With confusion, Ao Bai glanced at Priest Mu. Abruptly, he grinned and said to Ji Hao, "Ji Hao, ignore this old guy. He attempted to interfere in divine affairs..."

Ao Bai blinked and continued with no good intent, "You just kill him. For any possible consequences, the dragon-kind will shoulder it for you."

Ao Bai had wishful thinking. Through this battle that happened between Ji Hao and Priest Mu, he suddenly realized that Ji Hao had reached such a high power level that it even astonished himself. Ao Bai now understood that even by joining hands with Qing Qiang, he couldn't possibly defeat Ji Hao.

Since Ji Hao was now an invincible being, Ao Bai decided to encourage him to sow as many seeds of hatred between Priest Mu and himself as possible. In this way, Ji Hao could be forced to ally with the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, which would be a good thing. Five divine emperors now existed in the heaven. If Ji Hao allied with him and Qing Qiang, Zhu Rong would naturally join their club. Thus, the four of them would be able to do anything they want in the heaven, won't they?

As long as they had the heaven under their control, nothing would matter to Ao Bai anymore. Not even 'evil saints' and the things happening to Priest Hua and Priest Mu' dojo right now would have a thing to do with him.

As Pan Gu saints, Priest Hua and Priest Mu figured out Ao Bai's evil plan the moment he said those words. Without even glancing back, Priest Mu said to Ao Bai in a scarily deep and bland tone, "Ao Bai, I will wipe out ninety-percent of your dragon-kind because of what you just said."

Ao Bai slightly quivered. He leaped up, pointed at Priest Mu, and prepared to shout something out. But somehow, he suddenly sensed an extreme horror from something disastrously dangerous. He trembled and tried, but failed to say out the words he prepared.

Qing Qiang's beautiful face paled as well. She swiftly glanced at Ao Bai, then silently took two steps backward. The dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind were allies, but were also enemies, if the dragon-kind were truly destroyed by ninety percent...To be honest, Qing Qiang now had a complicated feeling. But somehow, for an unknown reason, she secretly felt delighted.

"Three times?" Ji Hao knitted his brows and said with a deep voice, "Not enough!"

Before Priest Mu and Priest Hua responded, Ji Hao continued with a strong tone, "I was going to kill you right here today, because you have truly been pushing things too far these years...Not to mention the fact that it's your place which now has a problem, right? To let you go, I need more than your unconvincing promises."

Without hesitating, Priest Mu took out a cyan-colored, fist-sized piece of crystal, which had a green light flowing in it. With a strangely calm tone, he said, "This is the tree heart of mine. It has been through the infinite natural trial, and contains an inexhaustible life-force. I was going to give it to a disciple of mine to allow him or her to compete with Priest Xuandu, Priest Guangcheng, and Priest Po, but I haven't decided which disciple can have it yet."

Raising his head, Priest Mu continued, "Ji Hao, you have an impressive understanding towards the Dao of nature, but your cultivation is limited by time. You are strong enough, yet your power is your shortage. This tree heart contains the power of a saint, earned through six-billion, four-hundred and eighty years of cultivation. When you absorb this, you will become the most powerful one among my friend Yu Yu's disciples!"

Ji Hao's eye corners twitched.

'The power of a saint, earned through six-billion, four-hundred and eighty years of cultivation'? Which meant, what contained in this tree heart was Priest Mu's pure power, pure saint-level power! Without a doubt, saints' powers were much greater than the powers of lower level cultivators in quality! To grow the amount of power contained in the tree heart, an average cultivator would have to cultivator severely for thousands of billions of years!

Thousands of billions of years…

Clicking his tongue, Ji Hao looked at Priest Mu and said, "You will not trouble me for this in the future. I am allowed to offend you, the real you, for three times in the future, and you will forgive me. If you agree, I'll let you go now!"

Priest Mu didn't say a word, but sent the tree heart into Ji Hao's chest.

Ji Hao pulled the Pan Gu sword back. Immediately, Priest Mu and Priest Hua burst into shrill shouts and transformed into two streams of light, flying westward.

"Let's go take a find out who they are!" Donggong and Ximu remained silent for a while, then said together.

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