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From a distance, Ji Hao watched more and more priests die.

The death of over a million disciples would drive Priest Mu and Priest Hua crazy, wouldn't it?

Western Wasteland people were strong and brave warriors, but the people who were able to understand the great Dao of nature were awfully rare in this area. Priest Mu and Priest Hua spent measureless time and great efforts to recruit, even tricking or luring all these disciples into the sect.

But today, within such a short span of time, over a million of them were slaughtered. Even though most of them were brought into the sect in the recent century, the casualty was still too high to accept.

Following the swooshing noise, a black hurricane was raised in the peaceful world. Streaks of black flames coiled around the hurricane. Because of the fire, the hurricane grew even stronger, and because of the hurricane, the fire burned even more ragingly. A dense black smoke spread quickly. One of the ten Pan Gu saints must have lost control of the intent of killing in his heart and cast a disastrous magic in here.

Tens of thousands of buildings were swallowed by the black fire instantly. Layers of light shields quaked in the fire. Countless priests, who had put up a desperate struggle with defensive formations, screamed out loud shrilly. They watched the powerful formations being broken by the black fire. The dark flames interwove with the black smoke, being blown in all directions by the dark hurricane, shrouding those buildings.

The plants and the buildings remained perfectly unharmed, but the priests in the buildings struggled and hollered in the black fire. Their skins and muscles were incinerated, bones were burned into smoke, then the dark hurricane swirled away their souls, sending them into Pan Yu's brain which was held in Yu Huo's hands.

In no time, a hundred thousand more priests were killed right on the spot. Yu Huo, Yu Fen and Yu Ji roared towards the sky, then began digging through the peaceful world even more violently for treasures.

Dark hands expanded to thousand-miles-long, fingers clenching towards the ground. Followed the movements of these giant hands, a thick layer of divine soil mixed with jade and pearls was pulled up from the ground, along with the linden woods and all rare kinds of plants. Enormous black bags floated in the air. The divine soil and the plants rooted in it were thrown into the bags piece by piece, while Yu Huo and the other Pan Gu saints sighed in satisfaction.

From this peaceful world, they had collected enough resources to even restore seventy to eighty percent of the life-force of the medium three layers of continents back in Pan Yu world. With these resources, the life-force of the mediums three Pan Yu continents could be sustained for over ten million years.

It was such a rich harvest! And, this was merely a small dojo founded by Priest Hua and Priest Mu. Outside, the vast Pan Gu world was waiting for them to conquer, and the countless great worlds around Pan Gu world!

Terrific! This was just terrific!

The rich harvest had their heads turned. Yu Huo and the other Pan Yu saints laughed wildly while slaughtering waves after waves of priests who marched towards them, but ignored Priest Mu and Priest Hua, who had transformed into two beams of light and flashed into the peaceful world.

While Ji Hao was watching by the entrance, Donggong and Ximu arrived through space and stood by his side. Seeing the rolling dark clouds and black flames in the peaceful world, Ximu chuckled, "Old tree, old flower, you've suffered a serious loss this time, haven't you? Oi, will they ask for our help? What do you think? If they do ask, shall we help? Shall we not?"

Donggong calmly glanced at the peaceful world, which was in such a mess, and responded slowly, "Back then, when we asked for their help, did they do a thing? They didn't help us. So today...we won't help them either, unless they offer fifty percent of all they have. They shall eat their own bitter fruit, because this is how the Dao of nature works, how the causes and effects work!"

Ji Hao grinned and mildly gave a reply, "I think I am destined to have Priest Mu's tree hearts. Therefore, without thirty to fifty tree hearts as my payback, I'm afraid that I don't have the time to help him!"

Hearing him, Donggong and Ximu laughed out loud.

One tree heart contained the saint's power for billions of years. Thirty to fifty tree hearts? Did Priest Mu even have so many of them? This time, Priest Mu prepared one tree heart because he wanted to cultivate a disciple with it, so that this disciple of his would be able to compete with Po and Gui Ling. No one knew how long Priest Mu took to make up his mind for this.

But, getting thirty to fifty tree hearts from him? That wasn't so likely to happen.

Donggong activated the Haotian mirror again. The mirror emitted a golden light that shone upon the peaceful world. Lights and shadows flashed across the mirror, then the two beams of light transformed from Priest Hua and Priest Mu were shown in it.

They flew into the core area of the peaceful world, which had a towering mountain shaped like five enormous fingers that were magically locked together. Standing upon the middle finger peak was a thirty-six-story octagonal pagoda.

On top of the pagoda, a bead had been sparkling, emitting waves of gentle and clear light, illuminating the entire area and shielding the one-hundred and twenty-thousand miles wide space in the surroundings. No matter how wildly Yu Huo and the other Pan Yu saints had been trampling upon the peaceful world, this core area remained quiet.

Strangely, this magical pagoda was located on such a towering peak, and right in the center of the peaceful world, but none of the ten Pan Yu saints had noticed it. With an indescribable power, the pagoda confused the ten Pan Yu giants. Therefore, despite its existence, no one but Priest Mu and Priest Hua would notice it.

Priest Mu and Priest Hua landed before the pagoda. Following deep and muffled voices, nearly a thousand priests slowly walked out of the pagoda. From each of them, a measureless power could be sensed. Solemnly, they bowed to Priest Mu and Priest Hua, then quietly stood by their side.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows. These priests were even stronger than Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth.

The world outside had nearly been turned upside down, but these priests stayed in the pagoda without making one move. These were clearly the true core disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu, weren't they? They were the real successors, the future of this sect.

Priest Mu and Priest Hua roared sonorously and pointed their fingers at the five-finger-like mountain. The mountain entirely rose into the sky, exposing a brightly shining hole underneath it. The hole seemed to be bottomlessly deep.

Through the Haotian mirror, Ji Hao, Donggong, and Ximu saw countless earth meridians meeting tens of thousands of miles deep down in the hole, in a vast underground space. The natural powers in this underground space were so rich that they had already condensed into a sticky liquid, even forming crystals.

Thirty-six-thousand clones of Priest Mu and thirty-six-thousand clones of Priest Hua sat quietly in this place with their legs crossed, silently absorbing the natural powers and perceiving the great Dao of nature. They were motionless like corpses, but strong energy waves had been releasing from their entire bodies.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu had actually been keeping so many of their clones in the core area of the peaceful world!

Clearly, these were all linden seed clones and lotus seed clones. Back in the old days, Ji Hao had gained from clones like these.

"All clones merge back." With a gentle voice, Priest Mu cast a spell. Following his voice, all clones flew into the sky and merged into Priest Mu and Priest Hua' bodies.

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