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In the heaven, Priest Mu's body was penetrated by Ji Hao's sword. After that, he was forced to shamble backward for quite a few steps by Ji Hao with a heavy punch.

Priest Mu was enraged. He dropped his mouth corners, turned around slowly with a bitter look. Ignoring Ao Bai, who had been yelling at him, he locked his fingers together and slowly pushed to Ji Hao.

As he changed his hand motions, a faintly sensible power of quietus and a thriving life-force was brewing. These two types of powers composed a perfect cycle, running over and over again while descending on Ji Hao in a mysterious way.

Ji Hao smiled. Back in Pan Heng world, he had seen the true face of Priest Mu's great Dao of quietus, and had gained a certain understanding about it. Facing this slow move launched by Priest Mu, he raised the Pan Gu sword and launched a sword strike, which was also slow.

The moment he moved, the world seemed to be dominated by his sword.

The natural powers in the entire heaven were boiled, agitated, and stimulated. Palaces, pavilions, archways, pools, and ponds, all buildings in the heaven glowed with dazzling lights. The lights condensed into sharp swords, reaching to the higher sky.

The natural powers in the heaven turned cold and fierce while condensing into sharp shiny blades that lunged slowly along with Ji Hao's Pan Gu sword. Beams of sword light locked on Priest Mu while a boundless intent of killing spread in the air. In this very moment, no room in the heaven was left for the other types of great Dao, as everything had become a sword. The one which wasn't a sword at the moment had become the enemy of the entire heaven.

"Yu Yu's Dao of sword...Still brutal, so unreasonable!" Ao Bai drew back hurriedly with a pale face.

Qing Qiang snorted coldly, also stepping back quickly. She also angrily threw her longsword to the ground.

Neither her sword nor her achievement in sword art could compare with Ji Hao's. Therefore, the proud Qing Qiang had decided that she would never touch any sword again.

Priest Hua turned back in shock. He moved his ten fingers quickly and gently like the petals of a blooming flower while casting a spell in a low voice. Waves of colorful light rolled around him, but he failed to cast any magic.

Because of Ji Hao's sword art, because Ji Hao was a divine emperor, the entire heaven had become a sword realm. Except for the power of sword, no other power was allowed to exist in the heaven now. Priest Hua was a saint indeed, and he had the power to even reverse the Dao of nature. But at this moment, he was actually suppressed by Ji Hao, that he couldn't even cast a magic.

Deafening clanks echoed through the heaven. In midair, beams of sword light were shaking and buzzing, showing their sharpness and powerfulness to all living beings there.

Along with a series of sizzling noise, Priest Mu's body was cut open by invisible swords. Tens of bone-deep, thin wounds appeared on his body. As a cyan-colored light flashed across his body, the wounds healed immediately. But right in the following moment, ten times more wounds were left on him.

Ji Hao launched his strongest move ever since he became Priest Yu Yu's disciple. He melted all his understanding about Yu Yu's Dao of sword and what he learned from the other types of Dao, all into this move.

More importantly, he combined the five moves he learned from the mysterious man with this sword move. Because of the combination of the five moves, the power of the Pan Gu axe, which had merged perfectly with the Pan Gu sword, was activated slightly.

Countless beams of sword light merged into the Pan Gu sword. Faintly, layers of blur images of palaces, pavilions, and divine halls emerged on the dark sword, as if the entire heaven was put into the sword to allow Ji Hao to perform this powerful move by wielding the sword.

Priest Mu's never-changing bitter face finally began twitching intensely, as he was seriously shocked by this sword move of Ji Hao.

To a certain degree, this sword move managed to explain the essence of Yu Yu's Dao of sword. Yu Yu had countless disciples, and some of them were quite talented sword artists. However, as Priest Mu clearly understood that Ji Hao's achievement on Yu Yu's Dao of sword had gone way beyond his brothers and sisters. By now, Ji Hao could even be counted as the only successor of Yu Yu's Dao of sword!

Po and Gui Ling were powerful indeed, and their cultivations were at a way higher level than Ji Hao's. But, in terms of sword art, they were far weaker than him!

"Yu Yu my friend, how lucky you are!" Priest Mu slowly pushed his palms forward while saying blandly, "Ji Hao, today, I will inevitably do something against nature. You, as a divine emperor, shall allow yourself to fall!"

Faintly, a small world emerged between Priest Mu's palms. In the tiny world were two linden trees, one withering and one thriving; one lived while the other died. A strong power of quietus erupted from this tiny world, forming a formidable swirl that seemed to swallow Ji Hao and the sharp sword intent which had filled up the heaven.

Ji Hao's eyes glistened with a frosty light while he opened his erect eye, which dazzled coldly. Abruptly, he laughed.

"Priest Mu, I see you!" Ji Hao said something that confused Ao Bai, Qing Qiang, and Zhu Rong, but made the expressions of Donggong and Ximu change in shock. "I saw through your move...You're not here. So, I'll cut you!"

Priest Hua and Priest Mu' faces twisted simultaneously. Their eyes suddenly released a blinding light that gathered on Ji Hao's body.

Ji Hao's sword was swung down heavily. The Pan Gu sword pierced into the tiny world between Priest Mu's palms and cut it open as strongly as how Saint Pan Gu created Pan Gu world. The two linden trees fell apart, and the power of quietus released from the tiny world was crushed. The Pan Gu sword then penetrated Priest Mu's palm, which glowed with a green light, and sank deeply into his chest.

Bit by bit, the Pan Gu sword went deeper into Priest Mu's body, causing a scratching noise. Priest Mu's body was stronger than Ji Hao imagined, that even with the sharp Pan Gu sword and his current strength, he still needed to put forth all strength to penetrate Priest Mu's shiny, green, crystal-like body.

"With your power, your cultivation, how can you possibly see me?" Priest Mu looked at Ji Hao with a grim face.

Ji Hao looked back at Priest Mu with his teeth clenched, then sneered while pushing the sword forward with all his strength. "Elder, you're powerful, but so was Spirit Wa. I couldn't see the edge of Priest Wa's power, but this time on seeing you, I discovered that you are indeed more powerful than me by only about ten folds."

"With the help of the heaven, I believe that I can kill you, despite the power difference between us."

"You're not Priest Mu. You are just...A shade of a tree!" continued Ji Hao, "I will just kill you."

"I will find you!" Priest Mu stared at Ji Hao and said coldly.

"Go find my Shifu if you have the guts. Are you really shameless enough to bully me? I'm a child!" Ji Hao gave a bright grin.

As Ji Hao prepared to continue this conversation with Priest Mu, all of a sudden, Priest Mu and Priest Hua had blood bursting from their eyes, mouth, noses and ears. Together, they turned to the west and roared out loud.

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