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"Souls, tasty, nourishing souls!"

Holding Pan Yu's brain, Yu Huo laughed viciously while watching the brain devour the souls of countless disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu. The powerful ones at the level of embryo of Dao, the priests who had grown their primordial spirits, and the beginners who just started their cultivations, their memories and wits were gone instantly after Pan Yu's brain devoured their souls.

The embryos of Dao contained the powers of Dao, and the primordial spirits were pure and strong. But, when the memories and wits were gone, they were all shredded by the dark light sparkling inside Pan Yu's brain. At last, everything was turned into the purest and most concentrated original soul power, stored in Pan Yu's brain.

Yu Huo grinned happily, even squeezing his eyes into a pair of curved lines. Within a few seconds, over a hundred thousand disciples of Priest Mu and Priest Hua were killed, and the original soul powers transformed from their embryos of Dao and primordial spirits was nearly as much as ten percent of Yu Huo's own original soul power.

By killing ten times more priests and devouring all their embryos of Dao and primordial spirits, Yu Huo's original soul power would be doubled. In the expectable short span of time in the future, his power would soar!

"Hehe, even though we have signed the contract…" With a mysterious smile, Yu Huo glanced at the other saints. Because of that contract, he was supposed to give away ninety percent of this beautiful original soul power! That bloody contract! However, thinking of what Original Devil had said, Yu Huo couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"Haha, rich, this place of so rich!" When Yu Huo was laughing, Yu Kui, Yu Li and Yu Luan also impatiently marched into the peaceful world.

They didn't join the massacre. Instead, they immediately began digging around.

For some reason, Priest Mu and Priest Hua had no choice but to build their dojo in the westernmost area in Pan Gu world. Western Wasteland was the poorest continent in Pan Gu world, with a small population, little natural products, and small natural treasure reserves.

However, Priest Mu and Priest Hua had been running their dojo in Western Wasteland for many years. As two greedy powerful beings, they had dug through every corner of this continent long ago. In their peaceful world, the mountains were made from crystals, the earth in the linden woods was paved by a layer of pearl and jade, the lotus pond was built from rare essence metals, and paved with the tiles made by all rare divine materials.

The entire peaceful world was glowing, with not even a grain of dirt or sand. Even the mud in the lotus world was 'eight divine soil with natural reward', which contained an immeasurable power of creation. This kind of earth was as magical as the breathing earth, but more functional than breathing earth by a hundred folds.

Pagodas, palaces, pavilions, even the pots and bowls in the peaceful world were top-grade treasures. In the great hall where Priest Hua and Priest Mu gave daily lectures to their disciples, every hassock was woven from pre-world divine straws, and could deliver all kinds of unimaginable powers.

Each one of those never-dimming lights hanging in the palaces and pavilions was famous back in the prehistorical world, and could serve as a powerful treasure. The golden, silver, and bronze small bells hanging under every eave of every pagoda were also supreme treasures with strong backgrounds, that each of them possessed an indescribable magical power.

Priest Mu and Priest Hua were plant lives from the Chaos. Therefore, they were very attractive to all kinds of powerful plants. They traveled across the world, and sensing their powers, the magical plants with power would follow them on their own initiatives. For this reason, rare powerful plant lives could be found all over the peaceful world, such as ten-thousand years old ganodermas, human-shaped ginseng babies leaping all over the ground, mushrooms which had shifted their shapes into men or horses, seaworts which expanded for millions of miles, hill-sized fleece-flower roots, and all kinds of powerful herbs and plants, which could even bring the dead back to life. These plants were growing in every corner of this peaceful world like wild grasses.

Other than these, a supreme treasure was placed in each important hall located upon the core area of an earth meridians. These supreme treasures in countless halls were at least pre-world spirit treasures, connected through the earth meridians to stabilize this peaceful world and maintain the rich natural powers in this place, keeping it beyond the mortal world.

This place was Priest Mu and Priest Hua' dojo after all, where they started their sect. No matter how poor Western Wasteland was, treasures did exist on or in this vast continent. The two old priests who liked to claim any treasure they saw with the excuse of 'destiny' had been devotedly collecting treasures from Western Wasteland for countless years. As a result, their peaceful world had become a fleshy, juicy piece of meat!

Yu Kui, Yu Li, Yu Luan, and the other saints were from Pan Yu world, which was on the verge of collapse. That world was maintaining its last trace of life-force with 'blood-transfusions' from other worlds. But even those conquered worlds were nearly drained, with nothing more to give.

Even as saints, these powerful being from Pan Yu world were awfully poor, that expect for their life-saving money, they truly didn't have too much. Therefore, when they broke into this peaceful world and saw all kinds of treasure all over the ground, and sensed the endless natural powers, they almost went mad.

With one quick move, Yu Li smashed a golden shiny great hall, picked up a three-meters and two-feet tall glaze bottle and poured out a stream of 'three light divine dew'. Raising his head high, he burst into wild laughter.

"A hundred and twelve-thousand years ago, I had a spring before my palace. Back then, I could get forty-million liters of 'three light divine dew' from it. Then, the spring died. Since then, I couldn't even make 'three light pills' to award my children. Here, in this crappy bottle, they actually have whole eighteen 'three light' springs! And these springs are inexhaustible! What a waste, what a reckless waste!"

Before his voice faded, Yu Luan grabbed a grey-bearded old man who was trying to hide underground. He threw the old man into his mouth and gnawed. The old man's body was crushed, but the blood he shed was faint cyan, emitting a refreshing aroma.

"It was spirit herb, at least a hundred and twelve-thousand years old. Great, I even sensed an improvement of my power. have so many of these in here!"

Yu Luan greedily looked at a brightly shining mountain, eyes fixed on thousands of people who were trembling in a deep cave. They weren't human beings, but instead, were transformed from all kinds of powerful magic herbs.

They were highly nourishing to Yu Luan and the other Pan Yu saints. Even with their high cultivation level, these herbs could largely improve their powers and help their cultivations.

This peaceful worlds had treasures all over the ground, which shocked the ten Pan Yu saints deeply. The ten saints rushed into the peaceful world while roaring madly, and impatiently began grabbing everything that crossed their eyes.

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