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Westernmost in Pan Gu Motherland, in the peaceful world which was created by Priest Mu and Priest Hua with immeasurable efforts, a linden tree had been swaying in a breeze while a lotus pond was rippling gently. The entire space was covered in grass, decorated with golden flowers. Numerous priests in long robes sat chatting peacefully on the ground, or leisurely wandered around. In this small independent space, they had been cultivating themselves so freely, with no worries.

An earth-shaking bang suddenly happened. The sky of the peaceful world shattered, showing a giant hole.

Waves of dark mist rolled into the peaceful world. The eight pagodas built by Priest Hua and Priest Mu in the peaceful world to stabilize this space released a blinding light to defend against the dark mist. Layers of lotus embossments on the pagodas spun swiftly, causing a series of thunderous noises as they released beams of clear light, which wove into a giant magic shield and covered the entire peaceful world.

The eighteen thousands of meters tall pagodas began growing in the wind. In no time, they reached tens of thousands of miles in height, and the numerous glowing beads inlaid on the tops released sharp beams of light, piercing into the dark mist like countless swords and blades.

Raging growls could be heard without an end. From each pagoda, a tremendous faith power spread out. Within a blink, a hundred and eight three-headed and six-armed, golden-armored warriors darted out of the eighteen pagodas, treading on fiery lotuses while holding sharp swords which were wrapped in flames, rising into the sky without an array.

"Kill!" These golden-armored warriors were generated from Priest Hua and Priest Mu' vast powers and the faith power they collected from countless believers of their sect. Human beings were the owners of the natural fortune of Pan Gu world. Therefore, this faith power contained a strong natural fortune, that made it unbreakable and invincible.

Nevertheless, the enemies who invaded this time were way too strong, far beyond the imagination that priest Hua and Priest Mu had back when they built this defensive formation.

Three enormous black hands slapped down from the sky and sent all golden-armored warriors to the ground. Next, the three hands landed heavily on the ground and raised three dark mushroom clouds mixed with fire, leaving three giant handprints on the ground. Tens of thousands of poor priests who happened to be in that area were killed.

"Kill!" The golden-armored warriors who were sunk into the ground by the three enormous hands burst into raging roars. Many of their golden armors, which were condensed from faith power, had shattered. But, from the eighteen pagodas, new faith power had been flowing into their bodies, fixing their armors and their bodies, which were already dimmed and nearly torn apart.

Treading on red lotuses, they again flew into the sky while roaring.

A black beam of blade light descended from the sky. Among the ten Pan Yu saints, Yu Tu was best at close combat. At the moment, he was launching a quick move with an oddly shaped long blade, which was a supreme treasure.

The light shield created by the eighteen pagodas were cut open immediately, and each of the one-hundred and eight golden-armored warriors was cut into two from the waist. Being wrapped in the black mist, the blade released an incredibly strong devouring power, swallowed the broken magic shield and all golden armored warriors.

"Nice treasures!" Yu Fen and Yi Ji fixed their shining eyes on the eighteen pagodas simultaneously. The eighteen pagodas were high-level treasures with space power, built by priest Hua and Priest Mu for stabilizing this peaceful world.

This kind of a treasure with the power to create independent spaces was very precious. Whether for raising private armies, protecting families, descendants, disciples, or storing warriors, supplies, and armaments during the expedition trips to other worlds, a treasure like this could provide a high strategic value.

Yu Fen and Yu Ji laughed out loud, while stretching their fingers, reaching their hands to the eighteen pagodas.

The others didn't notice the eighteen pagodas before that, but once they moved, everyone's eyes shone. All ten Pan Gu saints pounced on the eighteen pagodas together. Giant black hands swept across the air. The eighteen pagodas glowed brightly, trying to defend themselves against those enormous black hands. But, their light was dimmed layer by layer, failing to even slow these giant hands down.

"Who are you? How dare you invade the sacred dojo of saints? Do you know the word 'death'?" Following deep growls, Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth arrived with a large group of priests, treading on a gust of wind.

"I truly don't know the word 'death' in Pan Gu world!" Yu Tu laughed wildly as he leaped out of the Pan Yu spirit mirror. He tried his best to restrain his power, shrank his body to an acceptable size, then broke into the peaceful world while wearing a full heavy armor.

"Remember, all treasures in this place have to be divided into ten, so each of us can have a share! No one can take more than the others, or the contract will punish you!" While squeezing into the peaceful world, Yu Tu shouted to his friends, who had been striving for the ten pagodas.

Hearing him, the others instantly slowed down. They glanced at each other then shook their heads and gave up on seizing the eighteen pagodas for now. As Yu Tu said, every treasure they found in this place needed to be divided into ten, even if the treasure was already held in the hands of one of them. Why would they try to take the treasures in such a hurry then?

If they killed every Pan Gu world creature in this place, all treasures in here would belong to them!

"Kill them!" Yu Tu broke into the peaceful world. Holding his blade sideways, he momentarily swept across Dragon, Lion, Tiger and Mammoth, leaving a long shred of afterimage behind. Within the past moment, Yu Tu made whole ten billion blade moves at an unimaginable speed!

The blade slide through the space, cut up time itself, and stirred the natural system.

Dragon, Lion, Tiger and Mammoth froze. With fear and despair, they looked at Yu Tu. 'Saint', the one who attacked them just now was a true 'saint'. From Yu Tu, they sensed a terrifying pressure that they used to sense from their Shifu.

In the next moment, Dragon, Lion, Tiger and Mammoth and over hundred-thousand elite disciples who followed them here were gone.

They were wiped out from this world, their bodies, souls, their every trace, even including their true spirit. Except for the powerful ones who were at Yu Tu's level, Pan Gu world creatures even began forgetting Dragon, Lion, Tiger and Mammoth, forgetting the fact that four powerful cultivators used to exist in this world.

"These cultivators are so weak!"

Yu Ling hissed with laughter. Held in her hand, the Pan Yu spirit mirror released millions of beams of dark light that wove into black light swords, slaughtering the other priests on the scene.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu spent countless years and made all kinds of efforts to recruit these disciples, but in this very moment, they were disappearing from this world. Their bodies were crushed immediately, and their souls were sent into the sky, uncontrollably flying to Yu Huo, who was laughing thunderously.

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