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Tens of millions of miles away from Liang Zhu City, the expressions of Priest Mu and Priest Hua changed instantly. Without saying a word, they turned straight away.

If Yu Huo arrived alone, they could teach him a good lesson, to let him know that if he wanted to stay alive, he shouldn't go to a 'strange place' alone. However, as they sensed the powers of the other nine saints, they were frightened so badly that even their hearts of Dao shrank. Without feeling embarrassed, they fled straight away.

"How can Pan Yu world be so...?" Priest Hua's eyebrows twitched intensely while eyes glowed with a seven-colored light. He almost lost control of the sky devil inside him and fell into the devil's hands again.

"Pan Yu world should be like this..." Priest Mu's bitter face turned even bitterer, with his eye corners slanting downwards, mouth almost dropping to reach his foot. With that bitter face, he murmured, "According to what our disciples tell us these years, Pan Yu world has conquered millions of worlds. With all the resources they harvested, they could afford to raise a hundred saints."

Priest Hua remained silent. Compared with Pan Yu world, Pan Gu world could be counted as a 'tender young great world', with no habit to conquer other worlds or loot resources to expand itself. Pan Yu world plundered resources from millions of worlds to support itself, after which, it was reasonable for a large number of saints to exist in there."

But, Priest Hua and Priest Mu didn't feel good about this. Priest Hua had a dark face right now. He dared not to fight because he was frightened merely when he sensed the powers of his enemies. As one of the most powerful beings in Pan Gu world, Priest Hua was blushed in shame.

Outside Liang Zhu City, Yu Huo's clone screamed 'in horror' and fell to the ground.

Master spirit-slaughter leaped out like a loyal guard to his master, carried his large golden staff and shielded Yu Huo's clone behind while hollering to the expanding portal, "Your Majesty, don't panic. No one can harm you while I'm here!"

While making the righteous shout, he fixed his glowing eyes on the nine giant arms which had been reaching slowly into Pan Gu world.

The powers he sensed from the nine arms were thoroughly different. Apparently, these were nine top-grade powerful beings, holy-level ones. Master Spirit-slaughter trembled intensely in excitement. If he could devour the nine...No, even if he could only devour a half of their souls, how powerful would he become?

If he could devour a half of their souls...A cruel and cunning evil light flashed across his eyes. Then, the agreement he made with Original Devil and Yu Huo, their so-called alliance, would all become bullsh*t. He would immediately eat his words and turn Pan Gu world into a livestock shed, to raise human beings and feed himself!

Beautiful souls, strong powers... Master Spirit-slaughter tightly gripped the golden staff with both hands, even leaving deep fingerprints on the staff.

"Yu Huo, my friend, you actually tried to hide this world from us. Our hearts are broken."

"Yeah, such a thriving world. How long has it existed for? Not long, right? What a young world! And it's so vast, so broad! Its origin...Oh, it was generated from an embryo which was even stronger than Pan Yu world!"

"Damn it! No one can have this beautiful world all to himself! I am Yu Ji, and I have to have a share! If you disagree, come and challenge me!"

Nine thunderous voices were growling in thrill.

Each of them had merely reached an arm into Pan Gu world, but already, they had clearly sensed the inexhaustible life-force possessed by Pan Gu world, and the endless natural powers. What amazed them even more was the ocean-vast power of creation!

The power of creation was the most precious, magical power in the universe. All perceptible things existed because of the power of creation. It was the origin of all worlds, all lives. The greater power of creation a world had, the brighter future and more possibilities would it create.

The power of creation that belonged to Pan Gu world was greater than that of Pan Yu world by at least ten-thousand-fold!

Pan Yu world's highest Dao was destruction and killing, generated from all kinds of negative energies. Normally, this dark Dao was a great burden even to saints like Yu Ji.

The power of creation could make any saint jealous, because as long as saints absorbed enough power of creation, their cultivations and body conditions would be thoroughly changed, and they would have endless possibilities.

Sensing the immeasurable power of creation from Pan Gu world, the nine Pan Yu saints had truly gone mad. They boosted up their powers at all costs, trying their best to tear the portal and expand it. Taking a long span of time, they finally squeezed into Pan Gu world.

The great Dao of Pan Gu world was so agitated when nine Pan Yu saints descended together. Thunderbolts struck down from the sky like a rain of shooting stars overwhelmingly at the nine saints, seeming to even destroy the world.

The nine saints darkened their faces, combining their powers to defend themselves. They activated their greatest pre-world treasures and merged their powers into one to shield themselves against Pan Gu world.

The thunder trial lasted for twenty-four hours. The powers that could be sensed from the nine saints turned weaker and weaker. At last, then the thunderous clouds faded, they landed around Yu Huo with weird smiles on their faces and surrounded him. They had been weakened largely, that by now, they each had less than ten percent of their power, because of the suppression being given by Pan Gu world.

Without making any effort to restore their power, they circled Yu Huo up and chuckled deeply.

"Yu Huo, we need an explanation from you!"

"Yu Huo, do you know that Pan Yu world is in crisis? Yet, how could you try to have this beautiful great world all to yourself?"

"Yu Huo, you can't conquer this world on your own. We will not allow you to monopolize it."

"Yu Huo...Oh my!"

Yu Fan suddenly burst into a great growl. From the top of his head, nine overlapping fire rings rose, venting a raging fire. Within the fire, a tremendous blur Chaos image emerged.

Around Pan Gu world, countless worlds quietly floated in the Chaos, glowing brightly, filled with life-force and vitality!

One could see more than a million worlds in this area at first glance.

"Yu Huo, if you're not sharing these with us, we will make you fall for good today!"

The nine saints each took a large fierce step towards Yu Huo, their eyes glistening with a cruel light.

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