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In the sun world, Spirit Wa finally finished her whole set of ever-changing ingenious spells of creation.

The nine cauldrons were steaming, venting waves of scorching airstreams while glistering with images of mountains, rivers, legendary creatures, gods and ghosts, flowers, and small creatures; they looked so magnificent yet so mysterious.

A strong, suffocating pressure was released from the nine cauldrons. Even Spirit Wa had to cast a small spell to shield herself against the pressure given off naturally by the nine cauldrons.

Si Wen Ming sat in the circle of the nine cauldrons with his legs crossed. The powers of the cauldrons had merged perfectly into one with his. His spirit star power had been improved by the nine cauldrons, and was now released, condensing into a mighty mountain floating above his head. A dark-yellow mist had been rising from the mountain, hovering and whooshing in and out of the mountain like enormous dragons, quaking the surrounding space.

With nine muffled thuds in a row, nine tremendous space holes were left in the sun world by the nine cauldrons. Nine dense torrents of earth power overwhelmingly flooded in from Pan Gu Motherland, flowing into Si Wen Ming's body.

A tremor went through Si Wen Ming's body. The earth power was absorbed by his body, bringing it quickly to a higher level. At one time, Ji Hao had given Si Wen Ming a diagram of human acupoints and meridians. At this moment, being replenished by the strong earth power, Si Wen Ming's meridians and acupoints were naturally waked up, one after another, even including the tiniest acupoints.

Dark-yellow starlight sparkled inside Si Wen Ming's body. With all meridians and acupoints activated, and after being nourished by the endless earth power, his body gradually turned shiny and crystalline.

Si Wen Ming also activated the secret soul-strengthening magic taught by Ji Hao. Nourished by the earth power, his soul and spirit had also been improving speedily, that within a blink, he was stronger than average human Divine Magi by ten-thousand-folds.

Under these circumstances, any Divine Magus could naturally draw the spirit star into the body, seal it inside, and smoothly climb up to the world of Supreme Magus. But, Si Wen Ming didn't do so. Instead, he continued to strengthen his body and soul to lay a stronger foundation, bit by bit.

He stayed at the level of peak-Divine-Magus, without improving in his level. But, having been nourished by the vast earth power, his power had been soaring, gradually getting closer and closer to the level of Supreme Magus.

No other human cultivator could do the same. Si Wen Ming sealed himself with the nine powers to restrain the thriving and agitated power inside him, to allow himself to stay in his current level while improving his power almost limitlessly.

As a Divine Magus with Supreme-level power and the immeasurably powerful nine cauldrons, Si Wen Ming could now be counted as the most powerful human being in the current world. That was if Ji Hao, who also had powerful treasures, wasn't counted. Unless the former human emperors who had become Supreme Magi long ago decided to return to Pan Gu world from the Chaos to fight Si Wen Ming, no human being...not a single one even among dragons and phoenixes could rival Si Wen Ming.

Even without the great natural rewards power, without climbing up to the world of Supreme Magus, Si Wen Ming now had a tremendous power surging inside him. But the power of his was so natural and gentle, that despite his powerfulness, he made the others feel that he was such a real human being.

He was a pure human being, so stronger than average Divine Magi, but still, he was a pure human being, from his body to his soul, from his spirit to his internal organs, he was a pure man with no impurities.

"I finally did it!" Wearing a stubble of untrimmed beard, Si Wen Ming smilingly opened his eyes. Two beams of dark-yellow light shone from his eyes to a hundred meters away, generating a series of creaking noise. Wherever the light reached, the gravity force was raised by million folds.

With this mere gravity power, Si Wen Ming could kill a million enemies by simply staring at them.

"Finally done." Spirit Wa clapped her hands and dusted off the dust which didn't really exist, then wiped the sweat on her forehead which was never shed. She then took out a snow-white handkerchief and carefully cleaned her fingers, spending some efforts to polish her nails.

Putting down the handkerchief, Spirit Wa flipped her long tail and coiled it around her body in a mysterious perfect circle. Then, she bent her waist, narrowed her eyes, and smiled to Ji Hao as she asked, "Little thing, have you memorized my spell of creation?"

The mill of Dao floated above Ji Hao's head, with the dark plate of destruction and the shiny plate of creation spinning in reverse directions. They moved slowly and in such a mysterious way that they seemed to explain the secret of the great Dao of nature, while releasing strands of heart-shaking power from between the two plates.

"I memorized it all, but understood about twenty-five percent." Ji Hao opened his eyes, with one eye dark as ink and one eye shining dazzlingly. Between his brows, his erect eye glowed blindingly with a golden light, as the nine suns inside him had gathered inside his eye of Dao, emitting eye-piercing lights.

The mill of Dao tilted slightly, then slowly moved behind Ji Hao from above his head. At last, the giant mill quietly floated behind him like an aureole of a god or a Buddha, looking so sacred and powerful.

"Memorized all, easy...But, you understood twenty-five percent?" Spirit Wa's breathtakingly beautiful face froze for a moment as she stared at Ji Hao as if he were a true ghost. She then flipped Ji Hao's head heavily and said, "Alyaya, are you really so smart? Priest Yu Yu is quite lucky...My spell of creation..."

Spirit Wa seemed to say something but never finished her sentence, just shaking her head.

The so-called spell of creation of hers was actually the great Dao of creation of Pan Gu world, the fundamental great Dao which created all the creatures in this world; it was also the original great Dao which allowed the entire universe to be so colorful and diverse. Ji Hao actually managed to understand twenty-five percent of the entire great Dao of creation through the comparison between it and the great Dao of destruction...

Other than Spirit Wa herself, Ji Hao was now definitely the one who understood the great Dao of creation the best!

Spirit Wa's cherry-like lips moved slightly for quite a couple of times while she stared at Ji Hao for long with her head tilted. Finally, she made her moves. She scratched Ji Hao's ears three times, then give seven flicks on his head, and dragged his hair heavily for five times. She planned to pull Ji Hao's face too, but abruptly, she turned around and realized that Si Wen Ming was still here. So, she stopped disappointedly.

"Ahyaya, lucky Priest Yu Yu." Spirit Wa straightened her body, tied up her long hair with a silk scarf, then gave a faint smile, "You owe me one then. Return it now..." While chuckling, she continued, "Return it now while I still remember this."

"You want?" Ji Hao raised his brows as he stood up, then helplessly bowed to Spirit Wa and asked.

Spirit Wa slightly curved her lips downwards and said with a gentle voice, "I want Donggong to be a divine emperor and Ximu to be the Gold Mother of the Jade Lake. I'll give the edict, and you approve it as a divine emperor."

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