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Outside Liang Zhu City, thirty-six portals merged into one. The millions of miles wide portal spun swiftly and vented dazzling light beams, destroying and disordering the natural system in this area.

As a top-grade powerful being from a world attempted to enter into another world through a portal, not only would a giant amount of energy and resources be consumed, the target world would launch counterattacks to this invasion, which was the most difficult part of the world-crossing. Original Devil helped Yu Huo to dispel the surrounding natural powers, but Yu Huo still instinctively boosted up his power as much as he could to expand the portal.

The natural powers in Pan Gu world clashed violently against the powers of Pan Yu world. Dark thunderbolts and colorful lights collided heavily and shattered the space, creating blinding space cracks.

Occasionally, an enormous space crack would fall straight on the ground, tearing it apart and leaving a million-miles-long ditch. All of a sudden, tens of space cracks swept towards Liang Zhu City, making all non-humankind beings in the city scream in fear and flee desperately in all directions. Countless divine towers in the city glowed simultaneously with eye-piercing light and created a tremendous magic shield that covered the entire city.

With the cracking noise, the shield was crushed and the tens of space cracks swept across the entire city, tearing down countless luxurious buildings. The city had just restored a part of its magnificence since Ji Hao and his people cruelly trampled upon it, but now, it was flattened again.

"So... terrible!" Yu Huo's clone in Pan Gu world smilingly glanced at Liang Zhu City, then helplessly spread his hands, shook his head, and said, "My dear friends, they found me, nine, whole nine of them. Oh my, nine old friends of mine will forcibly enter this world."

Turning back, he looked at Original Devil and asked seriously, "Devil Master, are you sure that Pan Gu world people are strong enough to stop my nine friends? I don't want this rich thriving world fall in those scums' hands."

Original Devil glanced at Yu Huo in a complicated way with a blood-red dim light flashing across his eyes. Then, he said blandly, "Nine? If they're all at your level and are willing to fight desperately heard, they may die together with Pan Gu world creatures. I hope they will arrive with enough warriors, otherwise..."

Laughing creepily, Original Devil transformed into a black stream of light, rising into the air and flying to the Senior Magi Mountain and Junior Magi Mountain while saying, "Yu Huo...remember our plan. Let your greedy friends help us weaken the scary enemies. During this process, you have to endure, even if you might be in pain!"

Master Spirit-slaughter chuckled and said mildly to Yu Huo, "So, dear Master Yu Huo, from now on, I am one of your loyal followers in Pan Gu world. I will give you my full cooperation."

Master Spirit-slaughter shrugged and continued with an evil smile on his face, "Original Devil didn't want to bow to anyone, but to me, dignity and honor are all fake...I want something real! Even if you want me to kneel before them and beg...I can't wait to devour their souls!"

Yu Huo breathed deeply as he gave a faint smile, "Remember, from now on, I'm not a clone of Yu Huo anymore. I'm Yemo Tian, the only heir of Yemo Family which conquered this world. According to the Highest Code of Law in Pan Yu world, I reasonably have the right to dominate this world."

Master Spirit-slaughter grinned, then seriously kneeled and kowtowed to Yu Huo, even putting his forehead and palms on the ground while saying, "Your Majesty, I, Spirit-slaughter, your most loyal servant, and am paying my respect to you..."

As a deep dark light glowed in his eyes, Master Spirit-slaughter abruptly lifted his head and sneered, "If you can't allow me to taste the sweat and powerful souls of your people, I won't mind tasting yours! So, my friend Yu Huo, I hope our cooperation can be perfect!"

Yu Huo threw him a complicated glance, then slowly nodded and said, "For this especially rich group of great world...we have to combine our powers. So, we have to cooperate perfectly.

Master Spirit-laughter laughed as he kneeled before Yu Huo, then turned his head around, looking at the expanding portal.

A giant foot strenuously squeezed into Pan Gu world through the portal, then a lower leg, an entire leg, then half of a body. A suffocating pressure was released from the portal. Yu Huo growled, his voice rumbling like thunder as it immediately echoed across Pan Gu Motherland and quaked the entire starry void.

In the westernmost area, in their peaceful world, Priest Hua and Priest Mu sat under the linden tree with their legs crossed, communicating with each other by using their spirit power. With surprise, they exclaimed, "A saint? A saint from Pan Yu world? How dare they invade Pan Gu world? Aren't they afraid of death?"

They glanced at each other, then both burst into wild laughter. Next, they transformed into two streams of light, flashing to Liang Zhu City like two bolts of lightning.

A saint suppressed by Pan Gu world's Dao...was just like a baby lamp delivered right to their door, that they only needed to easily kill the saint to take his Dao or pre-world treasures. For Priest Hua and Priest Mu, the saint was such a huge fortune descending on them from the sky!

They needed to kill this idiot who recklessly invaded Pan Gu world before Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu.

The others might not know Pan Gu world well enough, but didn't Priest Hua and Priest Mu know? A saint from another world was a piece of cake in here. They should move as fast as they could to get the most out of this silly saint.

A long, long while later, a thunderous roar of soul could be heard from the portal. Following the roar, Yu Huo finally squeezed into Pan Gu world through the portal, wrapped in a glow of soul power.

Glancing at his clone who stood on the golden chariot, he laughed out loud, "Yemo Tian, you did good. Since you and your Yemo Family have decided to follow me, from now on, you are my youngest disciple, under my own guidance. Everything belonging to your family will be under my protection!"

"Supreme Holy Ancestor Yu Huo, I..." The clone kneeled and kowtowed to the real him.

But, before he could finish, nine earth-shaking bangs could be heard in a row, as nine enormous black palms suddenly reached out of the portal, gripped the edge and tore it violently. With a series of creaking noise, nine dark arms slowly squeezed in.

Next, nine different voices roaring madly with joy, even quaking the heaven.

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