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The great Dao of destruction burned ragingly inside Ji Hao, like an ocean of fire.

The power of creation illuminated the black ocean of fire, gilding it with a beautiful golden edge. The power of destruction roared in rage, yet it failed to shake the golden edge.

Destruction and creation were two extremely opposite powers, as incompatible as fire and water, light and darkness, withering and thriving, life and death. All the oppositions of the great Dao contained all the secrets of this world, but at the level of Dao, the opposition between destruction and creation was the final, most extreme, profound, and beautiful opposition of Dao!

When Ji Hao learned the spell of creation from Spirit Wa, he was guided into the world of the great Dao of creation and attained some power of creation. The dark power of destruction inside him was reluctant to this, but it was forced to slowly give up a part of the space inside Ji Hao that it had occupied completely.

Reaching out his left hand, Ji Hao let a black flame of destruction sparkle on his palm. The steel block he created just now flew into the fire, then with a sizzling noise, it totally vanished. A strand of power quietly rose from the fire and flew into ji Hao's body, after which, he clearly sensed a slight improvement of his physical power and body condition.

He had already achieved an initial success on the cultivation of his Pan Gu body, based on which, the improvement of his body he sensed clearly just now was no smaller than the improvement from an average Magus King to a Divine Magus.

"Eh?" Ji Hao was still trying for a deeper understanding of the great Dao of creation. He flipped his right hand and created another brick of steel. The moment the second steel block flew into the fire of destruction, a magical power was generated from the conversion process of creation and destruction, merging into his body immediately and improving it even further.

He sank his spirit and soul in his study of the great Dao of creation, while naturally wielding his arms with soft and smooth movements.

Sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow, everything-perish and all living beings reincarnate, he quietly made the combined move of the five and created an axle, floating in front of him. The axle was grey and lusterless, but released a suffocating wild power. The combined move of the five represented the purest and extreme power, the most original, wildest Dao of strength; it also represented the axe strike launched by Saint Pan Gu to create the world, and the highest grade of strength.

This pure power was contained in every type of great Dao. The great Dao of fire burned everything, the great Dao of water flooded the world, the great Dao of sun illuminated every corner and generated living beings, the great Dao of extreme negative nourished spirits and souls and ruled over a great number of natural stars...All types of great Dao in this world contained this purest, most original kind of strength.

The world was created by Saint Pan Gu. Therefore, every type of Dao in this world was marked by Saint Pan Gu's Dao of strength, and eventually led to the great Dao of strength, to that final power.

The axle created by Ji Hao through the combined move of the five could be seeing as the core of strength of Pan Gu world, representing the beginning and ending of all great Dao in this world.

"Destroy!" Growling deep, Ji Hao released the power of destruction which was attained with the help of Yu Yu. The power of destruction transformed into a, thousands of meters wide black plate that attached to the axle and spun slowly. The great Dao of destruction, which was from Pan Yu world, spun slowly on the axle, with countless giant spells sparkling dimly on it. The great Dao of destruction of Pan Gu world was attracted by it, gathering from all directions through wisps of dark light and slowly merging into the black plate.

"Create!" Ji Hao growled again. The great Dao of creation that he attained just now transformed into a bright light, flowing out of his body and turning into a hundreds of meters wide plate that spun airily in the reverse direction of the black plate. The two plates spun slowly on the axle, generating fiery sparks.

"Not enough!" Ji Hao frowned. His power of Dao of creation was far weaker than his power of destruction. Therefore, the black plate was thousands of meters wide while the shining plate was merely hundreds of meters wide. The power differences between these two parts was way too huge, and the combination of these two parts was far from a balanced system.

"An interesting kid!" Performing the spell of creation, Spirit Wa abruptly saw the two plates on an axle in front of Ji Hao, immediately showing a cunning smile with her pair of clear eyes.

"This is Pan Gu's Dao of strength...Control the powers of destruction and creation with pure strength, what a smart idea! These two disks on an axle...Is this a millstone?" While blinking, Spirit Wa giggled, "A mill can't have two different sized plates. That doesn't look right!"

Following her giggling voice, she crooked her fingers and sent a cloud of drifting light spots from the nine caldrons into Ji Hao's body. The light spots were the power of creation extracted from the molten pre-world treasures. Those treasures had been through countless years in the Chaos, washed by violent Chaos tide waves for millions of times. But, they had memorized their power of creation, and those memories remained.

That was the simplest and most original power of creation, merging bit by bit into Ji Hao's body and soul, guiding him towards a deeper understanding of the Dao of creation. In front of him, the shining plate on the mill expanded quickly, while splendid streams of light rose from it along with countless spell symbols of creation.

With Spirit Wa's help, Ji Hao's power of creation soared. As a result, the shining plate on the mill expanded to thirty-thousand and two-hundred meters in radius.

"Ahyaya, not regular again!" Spirit Wa frowned. "Things in this world should look more regular. Otherwise, people will be full of anxiety when looking at them."

Flicking her fingers, the power of destruction extracted from all blood-stained weapons used by human warriors rose from the nine caldrons, drilling into Ji Hao's body to lead him to a higher level of the great Dao of destruction. Ji Hao's power of destruction was increased immediately, and the black plate in front of him began expanding.

Soon, the black plate turned thirty-one-thousand and five-hundred meters in radius.

Spirit Wa has almost been staring at the irregularly shaped mill with clenched teeth now. Once again, she sent some more power of creation into Ji Hao's body from the nine caldrons.

This repeatedly happened for a couple of times, and when the mill in front of Ji Hao finally ended up in a perfectly regular shape, it was already two hundred and seventy thousand meters in radius!

The dark plate of destruction and the sparkling plate of creation spinning at reverse directions, while strands of power flowed into Ji Hao's body from the mill.

Curiously, Spirit Wa looked at this mill which was created based on Ji Hao's sudden inspiration. As she blinked, she took out a spare pre-world treasure and threw into the mill.

Along with a series of sizzling noise, the top-grade pre-world supportive treasure lasted for less than seven minutes before it was ground by the mill.

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