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"Oh!" Spirit Wa looked at Ji Hao's mill of Dao in surprise, even pausing briefly on performing her ever-changing spell of creation.

The piece she threw into the mill just now was a genuine pre-world spirit treasure which was strengthened by the Chaos tide waves for countless years until it finally absorbed enough power of creation to become a pre-world treasure. No one but powerful beings at Spirit Wa's level could leave a single mark on it.

Ji Hao's cultivation and power both looked average in Spirit Wa's eyes. Compared with the few senior disciples under Yu Yu's guidance such as Po and Gui Ling, he still had a long way to go.

Nevertheless, this mill he created has actually managed to crush a pre-world spirit treasure within such a short span of time! It was like a tiny rabbit suddenly baring its giant tusks and bit off a giant piece from the body of an ancient dragon. The sharp contrast even shocked spirit Wa a little bit.

"Yu Yu has taken a good disciple...But, my foresight is also..." She narrowed her eyes and praised Yu Yu for taking a good disciple. She said that with a low voice but very clearly. However, for the rest part of her speech, she merely mumbled in her throat without saying one word out loud.

Her deeply dark eyes sparkled with a gleam, as she looked at the suddenly expanded mill Ji Hao created and smiled naughtily. "Let's see how powerful can your mill be, shall we? The combination of an exotic Dao of destruction and my Dao of creation actually generated such a scary power, yeah? Interesting, interesting!"

Wielding her warms, Spirit Wa sent out tens of pre-world treasures, which were in her collection, not so useful but only for appreciation. These were some bottles, bowls, cups, lights, pens, tables, and stoves, all supportive treasures, not too powerful on battlefields. However, every single piece of these was a pre-world treasure, and was extraordinary in quality.

With curiosity, Spirit Wa threw all these treasures into the mill. Along with the long series of sizzling noise, the tens of pre-world treasures were all crushed by the two plates of the mill within a quarter of an hour. As pre-world treasures, the tens of pieces released a magical power after being grounded, flowing into Ji Hao's body like a rapidly flowing great river.

Along with a buzzing noise, the axle turned stronger and sturdier, as numerous spell symbols glistened in it, filled with a primitive, wild power. The enormous mill spun slowly, causing a rumbling noise as it twisted the space around Ji Hao. This mill of Dao, which was composed of the great Dao of destruction and the great Dao of creation, started to devour the space around Ji Hao.

The space in Pan Gu world was especially sturdy, that even breaking it was extremely difficult to average living beings. But, this mill of Dao, which was created based on a sudden flash of inspiration that Ji Hao had, was such an unprecedented freak that the space of Pan Gu world was shredded and absorbed by it bit by bit. The space around Ji Hao's body rippled like water, and the ripples spread in all directions, even leaving countless cracks on the unbreakable ground of the underground hall.

After the tens of pre-world treasures were 'eaten' by the mill, the mill began expanding quickly, reaching thirty-six-thousand-meters in radius within a blink. An unfamiliar power had been flowing into Ji Hao's body, strand by strand. A muffled rumbling noise could be heard from his body while his strength and body condition were improving at a scarily high rate.

After the mill crushed the tens of pre-world treasures, what had been sent into Ji Hao's body was the purest, most original 'strength'. One could not define it with language, because it existed in the universe as the origin of all tangible and intangible, perceptible and imperceptible types of power.

One might also see it as the 'strength' that Saint Pan Gu attained his great Dao with.

The 'strength' was absorbed by Ji Hao's body, strand by strand. Ji Hao's skin had been waving gently like water as he sensed his own power and the thorough change happening to his body. The strength was all-inclusive; it contained everything, could destroy everything, and was also capable of creating everything.

This was such a high-level power that Ji Hao could only accept it passively, without being able to dig into its nature.

Ji Hao had already touched the profound great Dao of destruction and creation, but facing this 'strength', he could not grasp even a little bit of its secret. There was a terrifyingly thick and giant door between this 'strength' and himself, that currently, he could only accept it without a choice, and did not have the qualification to push the door to see the fabulous world behind the door, not yet.

Instinctively, Ji Hao understood that this 'strength' was highly beneficial to him. As he absorbed this 'strength', his Pan Bu body had been improving so quickly that he was even climbing onto a higher level of his cultivation in terms of Pan Gu body.

The tens of pre-world treasures Spirit Wa had thrown into the mill were 'digested' by the mill in no time, and soon, the magical 'strength' releasing from the mill was thinned. Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and abruptly gave a deep shout. Following his voice and a quake inside him, the half Pan Heng world flew out of his body.

Countless natural stars, half a continent, and numerous mountains, rivers, and plants were all sent into the mill by Ji Hao. It was a half of a world, yet the mill swallowed it directly up. With a loud cracking noise, the half of Pan Heng world was crushed and grounded, converted into the magical 'strength' and sent into Ji Hao's body in endless flows.

When the half-world was hiding inside Ji Hao's body, Ji Hao could launch effective offensives on his enemies with its power, but how could that compare with absorbing the half world and having its power for his own? How could that be better than turning the half-world directly into his very own strength?

Ji Hao slightly upturned his lips and showed a faint smile while he was quietly sensing the thorough destruction of the half Pan Heng world.

He watched the natural stars shatter and the half continent collapse, during which, he gained a deeper and deeper understanding to the great Dao of destruction. Meanwhile, he had also been watching Spirit Wa performing the spell of creation, to allow himself to know the great Dao of creation better.

The mill of Dao had still been expanding, to forty-five-thousand-meters, forty-eight-thousand-meters...

Days later, when Ji Hao absorbed the half Pan Heng world entirely, the mill had already reached hundred and eight-thousand meters in radius, and the space around him had turned into a scary black hole.

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