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"Hah, what a slap on the face, hah!" In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man watched Spirit Wa perform the magnificent spell of creation through Ji Hao's eyes. Strands of glistering mist drifted in the underground hall, showing how Saint Pan Gu created the world to Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming. Meanwhile, the mysterious man's eyes shone with a beautiful blue light while he slapped straight on his own forehead.

How many living beings in Pan Gu world ever had a chance to witness this moment when Saint Pan Gu created the world?

Si Wen Ming had already fallen unconscious, with blood gushing out of his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. He had given his natural reward power to the nine cauldrons. Without the protection given by the natural reward power, his soul was not stronger than the souls of average Senior Magi by far. He was a human being after all, that his body could not withstand the overwhelming power of Dao.

Ji Hao was trembling, all three eyes of his opened widely, letting out wisps of light. He was trying everything he could to memorize everything he saw at the moment, and to imprint all this in his embryo of Dao.

Pan Gu world was an embryo in the Chaos, which looked like a chicken egg, utterly chaotic with no living creatures; it was empty and quiet. Saint Pan Gu struck the embryo open and created the world, generating the unfathomable great Dao. Back then, the great Dao was primitive and chaotic; the power of Dao flowed all over the world in sharp pieces, clashing against the agitated natural powers and starting the ripples of Dao that even quaked Ji Hao's embryo of Dao.

If one compared the current Pan Gu world to a smoothly running precise instrument, when the world was newly created by Saint Pan Gu, it was like millions of darting and flying pieces of components of this instrument. The great Dao of Pan Gu was shaped only because the power of creation put these pieces together.

At the moment, Ji Hao was not only watching Spirit Wa performing the spell of creation, he was also facing the most original, purest great Dao in Pan Gu world directly. The great Dao of fire was a hair-thin wisp of flame back at the beginning of this world, flying in the disordered natural power streams; the great Dao of Earth was grains of dust flying in the young Pan Gu world, while the great Dao of green was just some tiny green light spots, drifting in the sky, and could die at any moment.

In the current Pan Gu world, the great Dao were hiding deeply and mysteriously, that only extra powerful beings could touch them. But at this very moment, Ji Hao was actually looking at the most original great Dao. He now knew what the great Dao of this world looked like at the beginning; he memorized every type of original great Dao clearly, memorized how they emerged from the chaotic young Pan Gu world, how they merged together and combined with each other to become a mature great Dao, and how they marked the world, how they evolved...

Spirit Wa never stopped casting the spell. From the nine cauldrons, streams of warmly glowing mist rose, looming over the cauldrons with splendor. Layers of layers of clear light flew above the nine cauldrons like water, with beautiful patterns hovering around them. The majestic power vented from the cauldrons gradually merged into the underground hall and Si Wen Ming's body.

Ji Hao saw the magical and powerful creatures created by Spirit Wa based on all kinds of Chaos monsters. With Spirit Wa's work, these creatures were even stronger, but fitted the Dao of Pan Gu world better.

The disordered natural powers slowly quieted down, while clear marks of Dao emerged from Pan Gu world and imprinted in the bodies of the new creatures of this world.

These marks of Dao were the secrets of the operation of this world, and the extreme of creation.

Ji Hao found numerous familiar marks of Dao from the bodies of Spirit Wa's creatures, including Yu Yu's Dao of sword and formation...even including Priest Hua's results of Dao of evolvement, which was merely a small part of the profound great Dao of Pan Gu world.

Ji Hao even saw a green linden tree and a colorful lotus from the magnificent scenes showed by Spirit Wa through the spell of creation, from the boiling edge of the young Pan Gu world. The tree and the flower didn't shift shapes, and instead, they stayed on the edge of the chaotic young world, trembling while watching Saint Pan Gu fighting against waves of Chaos monster in fear.

Occasionally, when Saint Pan Gu was wounded by the invaders, some of the black and yellow blood he shed dripped on the tree and the lotus. The tree and the lotus glistened, absorbing the blood and growing stronger slowly.

Most of the times, the blood belonged to the Chaos monsters died under Saint Pan Gu's axe splashed all over the world, that for many times, the tree and the lotus were even drowned. They absorbed all the Chaos monster blood, which largely strengthened them, but made the natures of their power somewhat complicated.

Ji Hao grinned. Some magic delivered by Priest Hua's results of Dao of evolvement were so different from the great Dao of Pan Gu world, seeming even to be exotic. That might have happened because he absorbed too much Chaos monster blood back then.

Following Spirit Wa's hand motions, Ji Hao's fingers began moving as well.

The original great Dao of Pan Gu world was imprinted on his embryo of Dao, clear and easy to understand. Ji Hao felt like a child gifted with countless almighty toy bricks, knowing the function of every single brick so he could build anything he wanted with these bricks, without making an extra effort!

Ji Hao wasn't a natural treasure-making master, but he indeed managed to create high-quality after-world treasures with top-grade materials. However, having absorbed what Spirit Wa taught him, Ji Hao somehow felt that with nothing but enough time, he could now turn an ordinary piece of iron into a pre-world holy weapon!

That would be time-consuming, but Ji Hao believed he was already capable enough to do that.

The spell of creation was all about 'creation'. Turning the gold ore into pure gold couldn't be counted as 'creation', but turning earth into gold would be the true ingenious 'creation'.

Ji Hao chuckled while nimby moving his hands. Layers of magic formation blueprints emerged, flashing around him, round, square, triangle, polygons, and stereo figures, sparkling around him like fireworks. Within about ten breaths, the number of blueprints that emerged around him had surpassed the number of all formation blueprints recorded in Yu Yu's Study of Magic Formation.


Ji Hao cast a deep growl while pushing his palms forward. As strands of natural powers interwove with each other in front of him, a high-quality steel block was 'created'!

With the power of creation, he 'created' this block of steel out of nothing.

Formally, Ji Hao stepped into the world of the great Dao of creation.

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