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With one glimpse, he sank.

With one glimpse, his world changed.

Spirit Wa moved slowly, gently, softly, and nimbly, like the dew drops falling from the wings of butterflies, like a strand of mist coiling on the tip of a grass, like a snowflake landing on a fluffy bee.

She looked like a fairy as her fingers brought up dim streams of light and created an indescribable, strong aura, which then merged straight into the nine cauldrons. Immediately, the nine cauldrons were etherealized, and the pre-world treasures inside them vibrated simultaneously. Ji Hao heard these treasures sigh. Under the mighty power generated by Spirit Wa's spell, these treasures submitted because of fear. These treasures willingly gave up all resistance, and prepared themselves for 'death', even with a 'smile' on their faces.

Hundreds of pre-world treasures melted almost simultaneously, releasing their powers and spirits, quietly being absorbed by the nine cauldrons.

Spirit Wa smiled. Heir long silky hair fluttered in the air while thumb-sized spots of light emerged in the air. Those were 'natural spirits' created by Spirit Wa, happily merging themselves into the nine cauldrons. Afterward, the patterns of mountains and rivers appeared on the cauldrons; trees, flowers, animals, suns, moon and stars all appeared on them as embossments.

Ji Hao quietly observed spirit Wa's movements with a faint smile on his face. Spell of creation? It was created in an even more extraordinary way than Ji Hao imagined. Ji Hao saw an unbelievably enormous giant wield an axe to create a world in the Chaos. In the newly created world, the natural powers were thin and disordered, sweeping across the whole world to devour and destroy everything.

Because of the disordered natural powers, the world was scorching hot, the air pressure ridiculously high, and the gravity force extremely heavy, with all other destructive natural powers forming violent gales to tear everything apart.

No lives could exist in such a world. Not even average-level Chaos creatures could survive in such a world.

The giant had been wielding his fist to defend himself from the Chaos monsters marching towards this new world from all directions. He laughed wildly, minced waves of Chaos monsters, and threw their oddly shaped bodies into the disordered natural powers in this world.

The disordered natural powers contained a tremendous power of destruction, which shredded the bodies of all Chaos monsters into the tiniest grains. These grains contained the secrets of the bloodlines of these Chaos monsters. Numerous tiny grains merged together, attempting to form new lives. But, this new world was violent and brutal. The destructive natural powers crushed all the grains which tried to merge with each other. The bloodlines contained in these grains were broken to pieces, cleaned and purified, eventually becoming indescribable bloodline marks that stayed within the agitated natural powers.

Within the disordered natural powers, Spirit Wa showed up.

Her body glowed with a magical light, showering under which, the natural powers were calmed down. The mountains rose in that chaotic world, with vast highlands, soaring cliffs, and oddly shaped peaks reaching to the sky.

Spirit Wa floated in the air, her eyes fixed on the giant who had been madly slaughtering Chaos monsters, while her fingers flipped nimbly.

She extracted the bloodlines from the natural powers. The grains of numerous dead Chaos monsters transformed into uncountable tiny light spots, rising from the earth while sparkling along the movements of her fingertips.

The giant, who had been performing a massacre, and could destroy millions of lives within a second, abruptly turned around. Two breams of blue light shone from his sunken eyes, almost illuminating the entire world.

"Hahaha, sister Spirit Wa, things aren't as difficult as you said! As long as I kill all these idiots, no one will be here to trouble us again. Those creation, spirit spell things you mentioned are way too complicated!"

Shining his giant axe backward, the giant cut thousands of Chaos mountains which pounced at them, then threw their bodies into the rapidly flowing natural power streams. "I 'm a rough fellow, best at nothing but killing! Haha, check my axe!"

With a simple and honest grin, the giant puffed out his chest and lunged towards countless Chaos monsters who marched to him.

Spirit Wa stood in the disordered natural powers, quickly changing her hand motions. As she cast a series of spell on the light spots drifting in the air, waves of sky-shaking roars could be heard.

In the east of this new world, cyan-colored light spots gathered into a dazzling light. From the light, a thirty-six-million-miles-long dragon arose, roaring thunderously while marching to one side of the giant, letting out gusts of cyan-colored, corrosive wind on all Chaos monsters from its jaws.

In the south, red light spots merged together, and a rosefinch flew into the sky. From a white-golden light in the west, a ferocious white tiger darted out, and in the north, a tremendous tortoise crawled out slowly from a dark light.

The four spirit creatures followed closely behind the giant, guarding him as they fought side by side with him and destroyed countless Chaos monsters.

Spirit Wa had still been changing her hand motions. All kinds of legendary creatures rose into the sky, roaring as they joined the war and fought by the giant's sides, launching fierce attacks on the Chaos monsters. Among these legendary creatures, Ji Hao saw a Gold Crow with five legs, a candle dragon with three heads, a Kun Peng bird with a giant mouth on its belly, and an ice flood-dragon with nine claws...

He trembled, with cold sweat streaming down his back.

No wonder Spirit Wa called herself the best treasure-maker in the world. Her spell of creation wasn't only for making lifeless treasures; back in the beginning of Pan Gu time, she created the first generation of Pan Gu world creatures with that spell!

She created new lives with the Chaos monster bloodlines extracted from their dead bodies, which was such an incredible ability...Ji Hao's embryo of Dao had been shaking while it greedily memorized every syllable of Spirit Wa's spell, keeping it deep down Ji Hao's soul.

Ji Hao felt his brain was going to explode. This spell was so powerful and profound that not even his embryo of Dao could easily withstand the pressure brought by it.

No wonder Si Wen Ming failed to learn it. Si Wen Ming's soul remained at the level of average human being. Therefore, he surely couldn't memorize such a powerful and complicated spell.

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