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Baring their teeth, the three devil Magi laughed at Ji Hao.

"Emperor Ji Hao, did you come all the way here to loot things from us?" Wu Bi, the current Leader of Chu Wu Clan, now looked at Ji Hao with composure, completely different from the crazy old him. "It's just that, despite the fact we have uncountable weapons and armors in storage, not a single piece is redundant."

Shaking the small black streamer in his hand, Wu Bi said gently, "Therefore, Emperor Ji Hao...No, little brat Ji Hao, don't you even thinking about taking a single arrowhead from us!"

Ji Hao shook his head and responded, "I don't want an arrowhead from you. I need the used weapons, all the blood-stained pieces, instead of the newly forged ones. You can keep the new ones, but you need to give me every weapon that has been used in battlefields and is stained with blood."

Narrowed his eyes, Wu Bi looked at Ji Hao. A while later, he hissed with laughter and said, "What if I don't? You see, we know what you have done to those useless things. But we...are not like them."

Before Ji Hao made a reply, Wu Bi had already begun counting, "You see, Huaxu Family, Fuxi Family, You Xiong Family, Shennong Family...all those powerful families were actually frightened by you, a kid, and softly handed over their wealth to you...We, Chu Wu, are not like them. Hehe, you will not take even an arrowhead from us."

Wu Bi made an emphasis on their attitude. Following his voice, the hundreds of Chu Wu Magi trod on black clouds and slowly rose into the sky. They lined up in the air, staring at Ji Hao with fiercely sparkling eyes.

From the surrounding forest, more and more Chu Wu Magi flew up, bodies wrapped in dense or faint black mist and eyes glistening with blood-red light as they silently approached Ji Hao.

Looking at those Magi, Ji Hao suddenly gave a holler. He locked his fingers together and cast an overwhelming wave of devil-breaking spell that generated black and golden lotuses, descending on all Chu Wu Clan people and things on the scene like a storm. Wu Bi and the other two devil elders made no move to stop Ji Hao, but let the spell fall on all those Chu Wu Magi.

Creepy laughter could then be heard from all directions as a tremor went through the bodies of every Chu Wu Magus, rippling the figures of Original Devil behind them, but...caused no actual change. Their eyes still shone with a blood-red light, and their bodies were still covered in faint coiling dark mist.

"Have you followed the devil willingly?" Ji Hao's expression changed immediately.

Same as Huaxu Bai, under the effect of Ji Hao's devil-breaking spell, these Magi stayed possessed by the devils while they shouldn't, for no other reason but the fact that they willingly fell onto the path of the devil. They were no longer lured or controlled by Original Devil, but instead, they acted like devils only because they were willing to become devils.

"Follow the devil?" Wu Bi slowly shook his head while saying blandly, "Your words contain so much viciousness. Little brat Ji Hao, we prefer to understand this as we finally found the 'Dao' we had been searching for. Devil Master led us to a supreme broad path that we sought for centuries."

"We're on the right path." Seriously looking at Ji Hao, Wu Bi continued, while slapping is own muscular, perfectly lined, statue-like abdomen, "You scanned our bodies with your spirit power just now. Didn't you find that our bodies have become so perfect and strong?"

All Chu Wu Magi on the scene laughed, looking at Wu Bi and the other two devil elders with jealousy.

Wu Bi and the other devil elders were the first generation of devil-kind in Chu Wu Clan. This clan had already given what it could give, but in return, the statue of Original Devil was capable of turning the mere three of them into pure devils for now. But, it didn't matter, as long as the first three were turned successfully, the statue would eventually turn every Chu Wu Clan magus into a pure devil, only if this clan could offer it enough to allow it to grow. Eventually, all Chu Wu Clan members would be turned into perfect, powerful devils, with endless lives and unbreakable bodies.

Ji Hao looked at Wu Bi and the other two devil elders in the eye seriously.

These three were already half-step Supreme Magi, and were capable of striving for a breakthrough. But for some reason, they never had the courage to make that step. After turning into devils, they climbed to a whole new level, that from them, Ji Hao even sensed a pressure which he had only sensed before from the clone of Emperor Xuanyuan. Ji Hao couldn't tell which level they were now at, but in terms of individual power, they were no weaker than any Supreme Magus.

What made Ji Hao's heart sink even deeper was the strange change that happened to their bodies.

Their internal organs had become dark, heavy, and crystalline forging stoves. Clearly, Ji Hao felt the natural powers being ceaselessly devoured, rapidly being converted to dark powers and merging into their bodies.

The natural powers vanished in their bodies thoroughly, but the dark power created by the stoves inside them was so incompatible with this world. It was twisted, malformed, highly corrosive and infective. The three devil elders were like three giant tumors that even the world had a will to reject them. Ji Hao also sensed that the world's will could do-nothing to them!

They were ugly, misshapen, even more hideous than the non-humankind monsters. But, the great Dao of Pan Gu world had no way to punish them. They were against the great Dao of nature, yet the world could do no harm to them! They were originated from Original Devil, while Original Devil once was a part of Pan Gu's soul...Therefore, the great Dao of Pan Gu world could do nothing to defend itself against them.

"Perhaps, your spirit power cannot tell you how powerful we are!" Wu Bi smiled, then his body disappeared suddenly.

So weirdly, Wu Bi disappeared from where he stood and reappeared right in front of Ji Hao. Ji Hao sensed an indescribable twist of the space while Wu Bi teleported himself to Ji Hao through the torsion of the space and threw a weightless punch towards his chest.

Without activating the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao faced this punch with his left fist, fist to fist.

The two fists thudded loudly against each other and generated a thunderous bang. Ji Hao quivered when a tremendous force pressed straight down his face, forcing him back. Bumbling backward for hundreds of steps, he finally steadied his body about a hundred miles away.

Wu Bi's right arm was broken, curved in a strange way. He shambled backward like a drunkard to nearly three-hundred miles away. The distance he drew back for was three times larger than Ji Hao.

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