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Shaking his aching and numb arm, Ji Hao frowned.

His left finger bones were cracked a little. The injury wasn't serious, but the dark power lingering in his wounds, conflicting with the power of destruction, was troublesome. It was like a deep-rooted ulcer right on his bones, wrapping and drilling into them without fading like a bunch of crazy wild dogs, fighting against the power of destruction inside Ji Hao's body.

"Bloody thing, you have quite a strength." Shaking his arm, Ji Hao added a beautiful goldenness to the black fire generated from the great Dao of destruction. The nine suns inside him vented blinding lights simultaneously. The power of destruction and the essence sun fire were activated together, combining and covering the squirming dark powers on his bones, melting it bit by bit.

The power of destruction was strong indeed, but the power originated from Original Devil also contained a trace of Dao of destruction. Therefore, destroying it with the power of destruction wasn't an easy thing to do. However, the purely positive essence sun fire was the natural invisible opponent of the dark devil power. Together, the power of destruction and essence sun fire gradually wore out the devil power inside Ji Hao's body.

"But, your body is a bit fragile!" When the last strand of devil power was erased from his body and the cracks on his bones were healed instantly, Ji Hao sneered to Wu Bi and scornfully shook his head. Wu Bi's right arm was now in a strange shape, as it was shattered to at least seventeen pieces by Ji Hao.

"Is my body fragile?" Proudly and also disdainfully, Wu Bu shook his head as well with a weird expression, as if he were looking at a person of narrow view, hearing this person talking about how big the world was.

He flipped his arm and generated a series of cracking noise. The arm recovered within twinkling of an eye, and next, streams of dark mist spiraled up around his body. Behind him, a black figure with thirteen heads and thirty-six arms emerged quietly. Meanwhile, the power Ji Hao had been sensing from Wu Bi grew even stronger.

The space around Wu Bi quaked slightly, as it was corroded by the dark mist. The corroded space turned into black streams being devoured by Wu Bi's body and transformed into new dark power to replenish his body by the dark stove inside him.

"Ji Hao kid," shaking the small black streamer, Wu Bi laughed to Ji Hao viciously and excitedly, "Today, I won't act like a bully by fighting you with my magic. Today, I will give you a chance to see the greatness of my supreme devil body. I will break your bones inch by inch, and I bet that voice will be so pleasant to hear."

While laughing, he flashed again across and twisted the space. Teleporting himself to Ji Hao, he reached out his arm, which was actually flowing like water. In the following moment, that arm became six-feet-long sawtoothed sword, swishing down shrilly towards Ji Hao's arm.

Ji Hao roared sonorously, putting down the Pan Gu sword and throwing a series of punches towards the sword arm of Wu Bi, as swift as shooting stars.

Fighting without magic but physical strength only? If Wu Bi had never turned, Ji Hao wouldn't do this. After all, Wu Bi was a physically fragile Magus instead of a strong warrior who trampled across battlegrounds. But now, Wu Bi was confident enough to pick up a physical combat against Ji Hao, and Ji Hao was willing to play this game with him, and to conveniently learn something about the 'supreme devil body' during the process.


Ji Hao's pair of fists collided with Wu Bi's sword arm for tens of thousands of times in an instant.

Wu Bi's sword arm pierced straight down towards Ji Hao as it brought up shreds of dark afterimages. Ji Hao raised both fists and struck back violently. The sword and the fists clanged thunderously, and the waves of clangs never ended. Fiery sparks burst out from Ji Hao's fists from time to time.

Suddenly, Ji Hao burst into a thunderous growl as he drew an arc in the air with his right fist and made the move of earth-splitting, venting an explosive power, which was thousands of times greater than his own, through the move. Along with the thunderous bang, Wu Bi's sword arm disintegrated immediately, and his sticky black blood splashed everywhere. Wu Bi gave a muffled snort and showed a twisted expression suffering the extreme pain while his body was sent flying backward by a tremendous force, until he thudded heavily on the stone gate.

The blood-red twisted portrait on the giant stone gate dazzled with a blood-red light, covering Wu Bi's body layer by layer. Wu Bi landed on the light, lying on the light with spread limbs. Large streams of sticky black blood squirting out of his body.

"Damn it!" Wu Bi glowed in anger. Unexpectedly, his right arm was broken by Ji Hao entirely, and when he bumped against the stone gate, his bones were broken by seventy percent. As a result, he slowly slid down to the ground from the light screen like a puddle of mud.

"Damned thing!" Wu Bi again gave a growl. With his voice, the sticky black blood he shed to the air swiftly flew back into his body, being reabsorbed by him. His arm started growing back out as well, that within a couple of breaths, he had a new arm.

Ji Hao shook his head. As he prepared to say a word, the other two devil elders standing beside Wu Bi shouted out loud together, each having a, thirty-headed, thirty-six-armed dark figures gradually emerge behind them. They moved at lightning speed, twisted the space, and sent themselves behind Ji Hao within a blink. One of them had an arm transformed into a giant axe, while the other one had an arm turned into a huge hammer. They launched a fierce offensive towards Ji Hao, leaving shreds of afterimages in the sky.

Ji Hao gave a bright shout, turned around, and counterattacked with his fists.

The fists drew a pair of strong arcs, again launching the move of earth-splitting. Ji Hao's arms swelled strangely, growing three times thicker than usual. The space before his fists was crushed thoroughly due to the strong friction between his fists and the space itself. Dark flames were even started from the skin of his fists.

Along with thudding noises, the two devil elders were sent flying away with broken arms, just like Wu Bi. They howled loudly in pain. Nevertheless, their devil bodies were strong indeed, that flying in the air, their broken arms had already grown back, and when they steadied their bodies five to six hundred miles away, all of their wounds had healed.

Wu Bi roared resonantly, and the other two elders responded. Leaving layers of afterimages in the sky, they marched again towards Ji Hao like ferocious wild beasts, showing no fear of death.

Swords, axes, and hammers flashed across the air. With extremely fast moves, they attacked Ji Hao over and over again.

Ji Hao wielded his pair of fists to defend himself against the three devils as much as he could. But gradually, he failed to keep up with his enemies. His defense started to be broken from time to time, and the attacks began to land on his body.

The three devils moved faster and faster, attacking more and more weirdly. With a slight carelessness, Ji Hao let a sharp strand of power released from Wu Bi, which twisted in the air to dodge his black fire, strike right on his chest. With a long wave of thudding noises, Ji Hao's chest bones cracked loudly, while he was sent flying hundreds of miles away by this mighty power of Wu Bi.


Ji Hao flattened a towering mountain and lied on the deep pit he created in an an embarrassing shape.

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