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"Every visitor should kneel on the Gate of Magi. If you refuse to kneel, hehe..."

Ji Hao was still tens of miles from the gate, but already, a Chu Wu elder stood up from his chair at the gate and shouted at him.

Hearing his voice, the boskin cloak worn by him moved slightly. A strand of dark mist rose from his body and transformed into a lifelike three-headed boa which coiled on the Original Devil clone behind him. The dark devil figure and the three ferocious-looking heads of the boa made this elder look even scarier than a ghost.

Mr. Crow cawed shrilly as he carried Ji Hao and kept darting forward. About ten miles from the gate, Mr. Crow stopped.

Body burning with a raging fire covered in a faint dark mist, Mr. Crow's feathers retracted into his skin while shaking. Soon, he became a tall and scrawny man, his eyes popped out. "No kneel, what? Little kid, do you dare to fight your Master Crow?" He cawed beside Ji Hao.

With a pair of shining fiery eyes, Mr. Crow used his crow talent by cawing clamorously at the Chu Wu elder. His topic started from the appearance of this elder, then switched to the disobedience of his children, then extended to the poor locations of the graves of Chu Wu ancestors...

Within the span of seven to eight breaths, Mr. Crow's noisy voice made the faces of the few Chu Wu elders darken to an extreme level. They were planning to start a meandering conversation with Ji Hao, but seriously, they couldn't stand Mr. Crow's cawing voice!

"Feathered animal, shut up!" The elder with a three-headed boa gave a bright shout. Following his voice, the thousands of meters long boa screamed shrilly and flashed across the air while disintegrating into countless thumb-thick black snakes, shooting towards Ji Hao and Mr. Crow like a wave of arrows.

"Spirit Gu, snakes!" Ji Hao snorted. The magic created by Chu Wu Clan people were weird and cruel, and their study of poisonous Gu could be ranked in the top among human beings. Snake spirit Gu existed in Southern Wasteland clans too, but no Southern Wasteland Magus could create such a formidable scene with this type of Gu as this Chu Wu elder managed to. The dark snakes swished across the air and covered the sky, as fierce as the arrows released by a peak-level Divine Magus with full strength.

Ji Hao took a few steps forward, his chest puffing out. He let the snakes shadows land on his body, causing an endless series of thudding noise. The highly harmful wave of dark snake shadows exploded right on his skin and vented faint clouds of dark mist mixed with destructive toxins.

Under a thought of his, Ji Hao started a raging black fire from his body which swirled the toxic dark mist in and burned it into strands of smoke, dissipating in the air. Next, he clenched his fingers, tore the space and grasped the true body of the snake spirit Gu used by the Chu Wu elder, from the space crack.

The thousands of meters long three-headed boa shrank to meters long, as Ji Hao gripped its neck, seven-inches away from its head. It struggled while spraying black venom. Ji Hao smiled at the dumbfounded Chu Wu elder, then sent a streak of black flame up from his palm, incinerating the boa. The boa left a shriek before it was gone.

The Chu Wu elder screamed shrilly in pain, with dark blood gushing out of his mouth, eyes, nose, and ears. He shambled backward, almost falling off the stone gate. His snake spirit Gu was connected with his soul. Therefore, his soul was injured severely when the Gu was destroyed. He roared in a deep voice through gritted teeth, staring at Ji Hao with a blood-hatred containing in his eyes.

The other Chu Wu elders glanced at each other, eyes hinting the sadness and anger due to what the first elder had suffered, but they also showing a faintly sensible trace of delight as they watched a 'competitor' get injured. With complicated feelings, they shouted out loud in one voice, wielded their bone staffs, and cast all kinds of evil curses on Ji Hao.

Chu Wu Magi had always been pursuing the strongest lethality on magic. In order to frighten their enemies, they would even particularly choose the evilest and weirdest magics to learn.

The moment these Chu Wu elders made their moves, the sky was covered in dark fire, frosty wind, and hazy skills, the silhouettes of poisonous creatures and grey, transparent or translucent figures, flashing through the air. Meanwhile, an unbearable stink of rottenness spread in the air.

Hundreds of rotten corpses suddenly appeared before Ji Hao's face. These swelling corpses widely opened their mouths, venting a giant amount of green sticky liquid that splashed everywhere. Colorful mist rose from the liquid, with countless tiny bugs squirming in it.

Even Ji Hao had his face slightly paled when facing this gross magic. He had never seen something so evil; not even the darkest clan back in Southern Wasteland jungle had such a scary and evil power.

"Break all!" Ji Hao shouted as he locked his fingers together and cast a Yu Yu divine thunder.

Powerful, sharp, and swift, the thunderbolt sliced across the sky like a million sparkling sharp blades, immediately ending all dark magic. The electric currents sizzled in the sky and struck on the stone gate in the following moment.

The bloody twisted portrait on the gate suddenly glowed, letting out tens of spinning blood-red swirls to shield the gate. A sticky blood power stopped the thunderbolt. The thunderbolt vanished the blood power strand by strand, but never managed to penetrate the constantly growing blood power.

"How many living human beings have you offered to this gate?" Ji Hao saw it clearly that the blood power was converted from the soul and spirit blood of human beings. To grow such a strong and sticky blood power, which was powerful enough to defend against a Yu Yu divine thunder, one had to continuously offer living human beings to the gate to collect the hatred of those poor souls.

"What does that have to do with you?" Said a deep and dry voice. Following the faraway voice, three black figures suddenly showed up in front of Ji Hao.

These three meters tall, strong and muscular figures were wrapped in black flames. Within the flames, the bodies of these three men were translucent. Ji Hao scanned them with his spirit power, but unexpectedly, he sensed a slight but piercing pain!

Something strange had happened to their bodies, that those bodies were now filled with an extremely evil power. When Ji Hao scanned them, he felt like stroking the edge of a blade with his fingers. He had a powerful soul and mighty spirit power, but still, he suffered a minute injury.

"You..." Ji Hao looked at the three in shock.

His spirit was injured slightly, but he managed to figure out what exactly happened to their bodies.

The structure of the bodies of these three humanoid creatures was completely different from the structure of a human body. Instead of meridians or blood veins, streams of dense black mist had been flowing inside their bodies, as rapid as great rivers.

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