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On Magi Prairie was a lake called Magi Pond. The light-red water in the lake seemed to contain countless sorrowful souls, rippling quickly. The strong scent of blood emitting from the lake could even make a human being faint, but the Chu Wu Magi sitting around the lake had been inhaling the strangely thick scent of blood as if it were the most beautiful scent in the world.

A ferocious-looking statue made from beast bones and black-red rock stood by the lake, worshipped by countless Chu Wu Clan leaders. Loudly and hoarsely, these people had been casting a strange spell.

The statue was three-thousand-meters in height, with thirteen heads and thirty-six arms. The thirty heads were so twisted and ugly, showing the expressions generated from the seven emotions and six desires of human beings. The thirty-three arms were strong, each holding a simply-shaped, scary-looking weapon which had been releasing waves of dark energy.

This was a statue made by Chu Wu Clan people for the Original Devil. In the imagination of these crazy Chu Wu Clan people, Original Devil should look like this. The thirteen heads showing different desires and emotions represented his endless power for controlling human hearts and human desires, and the thirty-six strong arms represented his greatest 'strength'!

Chu Wu Clan people firmly believed that Original Devil was Pan Gu, the noblest being in the world. Pan Gu was strong enough to create a world, but Original Devil shouldn't be weaker than him!

The more arms, the stronger! The thirty-six arms stood for the supreme strength! Pure strength! That was the aboriginal view of strength held by Chu Wu Clan people.

Numerous Magi had been kowtowing to the statue, with giant dark figures standing behind them. These dark figures had been grinning delightfully, while strands of black and red mist rose from the nose, eyes, ears and mouths of these warriors, merging into the statue.

A strong life-force could be sensed from the statue. Absorbing the faith power and spirit blood offered by these Chu Wu Clan Magi, in addition to a giant amount of live offerings, this statue nearly generated an extraordinary powerful clone of Original Devil. With the faith power from these Chu Wu Clan Magi and the original devil power from their hearts, once this clone was activated, it would be able to move on earth like a human being.

Under the enormous statue was a black altar covered in blood, which carried a small black sword, a small black streamer, and a human-head sized drum made from human skin. Three scrawny and hideous Chu Wu Clan Magi had been dancing around the altar, quaking the earth with every step they took.

Clouds of dark mist had been rising from the thirty-six arms of the statue, drilling into the bodies of the three Magi like snakes. Under their skin, their muscles squirmed intensely. Occasionally, large dents would appear on their bodies, but later, the dents would be gone, replaced by giant bulges.

"Supreme Devil Master, please gift us immortal lives and invincible powers!" In all directions, the Chu Wu Magi growled while kowtowing to the statue. With secret smagic, they burned their spirit blood and soul, offering themselves to the clone of Original Devi which was still growing.

The bodies of the three Magi squirmed without stopping. They screamed and sounded in pain, also in extremely pleasant sensations.

Inside them, the meridians and blood veins were disappearing, and the colors of their internal organs were changing. Their internal organs turned black and transparent like crystals, while slowly shrinking into the shape of a stove with a caldron upon it.

Their blood was evaporating quickly, soon being replaced by a sticky black liquid condensed from pure devil power. Their three souls and seven spirits collapsed and merged into one. Their souls changed magically, turning black like shadows and lights, merging inch by inch, bit by bit with their physical bodies.

As their souls and bodies merged, their bodies turned half-energy and half-material. Their brains were melting, leaving a dim black light in their skulls. As the black light sparkled, strong and frosty soul power spread to all directions like a gale.

'Turning into devil'!

Unlike being possessed by the devil, they had now been turning into an 'inhuman' form of life. The changes were happening to both their bodies and souls, according to the design of Original Devil. Their souls and bodies had merged, which allowed them to switch between the forms of energy and matter. Their powerful souls and strong bodies had combined, filling them up with the power of devil.

'Devil', the perfect 'devil' designed by Original Devil!

Unlike sky devils which were shapeless and liked to devour souls, this new ' kind of devil' was 'developed' by Original Devil based on what he knew about the great Dao of Pan Gu, with all the negative powers in this world.

These mad Chu Wu Clan people had reached the top of their crankiness and craziness on this day. For immortal lives, for invincible powers, they gave up on being human beings and chose to become true 'devils'!

They became a new form of life. Based on the bodies of human beings, they combined their souls and bodies, turned themselves into powerful and evil creatures! Saint Pan Gu created the humankind with his fertility, and through the same means, Original Devil, who once was the evil part of Pan Gu, created his perfect 'devil-kind'.

The three Master Magi had already completed their transformation when Ji Hao almost arrived at the gate between two mountains.

They airily rose into the sky, floating in midair, surrounded by black flames. They became tall and sturdy, indescribably terrifying. Their eyes sparkled with a dim blood-red light, showing all the desires and emotions in the world. In the surroundings, all the other Chu Wu Clan Magi burst into a tumult of joy. They shouted and roared with passion for the first generation of devils in the world.

"Children, open your hearts...Devil Master will give you the endless life and power."

The three devil Magi laughed and clenched their fingers, letting three dark pieces fly into their hands from the altar.

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