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The thousands of miles wide thunderbolt descended, even shocking Ji Hao with its formidability, which made him lift his head.

Great Uncle laughed boisterously. His hair and beard had all turned black with a faint blood-red hue, while a tens of thousands of meters tall dark silhouette appeared hazily behind him, looking down at Ji Hao with glowing red eyes. It was sitting on a lotus woven from a blood-red flame with its legs crossed.

The thunderbolt flashed down the sky for hundreds of miles, being compressed to about a hundred-miles-wide. Having dropped for a thousand miles, it turned hundreds of meters wide.

About ten miles above the ground, the dark thunderbolt looked already thinner than a hair, flashing swiftly across the sky and landing on Ji Hao's head in an instant.

Ji Hao raised his hand in a flutter and made a full-punch at the thunderbolt. The dark fire burned ragingly on his fist while the power of destruction swept across the surrounding area wave after wave, shredding the space above Ji Hao's head for about three-hundred-meters thoroughly.

In the following moment, the crushed space twisted and changed.

Not even Ji Hao could understand why would the 'destroyed' space still twist. Clearly, the power of Dao delivered by this bolt of thunder had gone beyond Ji Hao's current limitation.

The destroyed space twisted and allowed the thunderbolt to land on Ji Hao's fist. A black fire exploded on the fist, sending tiny sparks darting in every direction. Ji Hao suffered an unbearable pain as waves of thin electric currents drilled into his pores and merged into thunder power streams, flushing inside his body.

Wrapping his wounded fist with his spirit power, Ji Hao was studying and analyzing the nature of the dark thunderbolt as fast as he could. He cultivated himself for multiple types of Dao, and had also mastered several thunder arts, such as Priest Dachi's 'clear and peaceful' thunder art. If one compared the world to a flawless jade, Priest Dachi's thunder art could be like the clearest, most harmless spring in the world, that any impurity which might pollute the world would be cleaned away by this pure and soft, harmless-looking stream.

Priest Qingwei's thunder art was strict and majestic like the laws of nature, that anything against his will or belief would be crushed thoroughly by his thunder art in an unstoppable away. It was overwhelming, magnificent, harming people with its greatness. It was heavy and strong, and could force all living beings to follow the rules of Dao included in his thunder art in a perfect way; that was Priest Qingwei's thunder art.

Priest Yu Yu's thunder art was tough and violent, like an unyielding sword, 'killing' the evils with its pure might. His thunder art was like the sharpest sword in the world, designed to cut off and shred everything that he didn't approve.

Priest Dachi's thunder art was about 'purifying and maintaining', Priest Qingwei's thunder art represented 'disciples', while Yu Yu's thunder art played a role of 'correcting and rejecting'. These three different types of thunder arts were completely different, but all greatly powerful and fitting the great Dao of nature of Pan Gu world.

Nevertheless, the dark thunderbolt that drilled into Ji Hao's body wasn't the same thing.

The dark thunderbolt was twisted and irritable. It invaded Ji Hao's body, crazily devouring and assimilating everything it touched. Ji Hao felt that it was like millions of tentacles covered in tiny mouths, eating everything inside him, twisting everything and assimilating everything, then mutating his body.

If one compared Ji Hao's fist to a purely white wall, the dark thunderbolts that struck onto his body would clearly be like a crazy little devil, doodling, hacking, and chiseling on the snow-white wall. The little devil chopped the wall into pieces and then swallowed it.

Thin black electric currents flew out of Ji Hao's fingers. Ji Hao could even sense the greediness of the restless thunder magic. It hated Ji Hao's strong body so much; therefore, it cast the darkest curse to Ji Hao, cursing whatever gifted Ji Hao this strong body and disabled it from gulping him. It wanted nothing more than devour Ji Hao and twist him as quickly as possible.

That was the nature of the dark thunder art, greedy, dirty, twisted, silent.

With a series of snapping noise, the skin on Ji Hao's left fist ruptured, letting out black blood.

The power of destruction was boosted up to an extreme level, setting Ji Hao's whole body on fire that was black in color. The greedy and twisted dark thunderbolts clashed against the fire of destruction, generating a sizzling noise. The dark thunderbolt was destroyed and turned into nothingness strand by strand, while the thin wounds on Ji Hao's left fist healed speedily.

"A terrifying evil thunder art, it truly is..." Ji Hao couldn't yet find an accurate word to define the nature of the dark thunder art, but he clearly knew that human beings could not survive this dark power with their currently mastered magic and techniques.

To a certain degree, the dark thunder art represented the power of the devil, which basically was an invincible opponent of the current magic system of the humankind. Human beings would not be able to rival the eight devil magic created and spread by Original Devil.

"Do you now know how powerful I am?" Great Uncle smiled to Ji Hao with a pair of dazzling blood-red eyes, "My words haven't changed. You can be my grandson-in-law or great-grandson-in-law...Or, you can even be with one of my daughters, who have already married some other men and had their children. All in all, as long as you follow my lead, you can be with any girl in my family."

While chuckling, Great Uncle nodded to Ji Hao, "We're family...In the future, I will be the human emperor forever and ever while you predominate the divine throne, but as a junior in my family. You and me together, the world will belong to us!"

Extremely selfish, extremely greedy!

The devil came from one's selfishness. What Great Uncle said perfectly explained the core origin of the inner devil.

Ji Hao sneered at him and abruptly swung his hands backward, cast an overwhelming series of devil-breaking spell onto the group of possessed Huaxu Family leaders. While trembling, the eyes of those possessed ones turned back clear.

Instantly, a half of them shouted out loud and gathered towards Huaxu Qingye. The other half had their hearts occupied by the nature of devil, even though their eyes were clear again. Immediately, hundreds, who were sharing their spirit blood with Great Uncle, stopped and burst into shrill yells, "Bullsh*t! The humankind and the world belong to us!"

Before Ji Hao and Great Uncle said a word, these people fled in all directions. In the meantime, the waves of devil power releasing from their bodies spread out while their spirit power soared.

At the moment, the power of devil enveloped the Huaxu Ancestor Temple while the shrill roars echoing across the sky, shaking people' hearts.

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