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Outside Liang Zhu City, on the mountain-huge chariot, Original Devil, Master Spirit-slaughter and Yu Huo each sat on a purely golden carved armchair, facing each other.

Frightful evil powers coiled around their bodies in streams, invisible but clashing against each other intensely in the air. They generated black sparks, colorful swirls, and transparent flowers from time to time.

A quarter of an hour ago, one of Yu Huo's maids was accidentally drawn in a black fire swirl that suddenly appeared when serving tea. As a golden-rimmed mandala flower spin slightly in the swirl, the maid was instantly torn into pieces, then exploded into a cloud of black sparks, dissipating in the wind. Since then, no one dared to approach the chariot anymore. Within hundred-miles, all non-humankind beings had evacuated. From a long distance away, they looked at the three powerful beings on the chariot without daring to even make a loud gasp.

The Original Devil and Yu Huo were both clones, clearly weaker than the real them. But, Original Devil had the operation of the great Dao of Pan Gu world under his control to a certain extent, which gave him an immeasurable additional force, while Yu Huo controlled the Pan Yu brain and the soul power from countless soul puppets.

With these additional powers and abilities, they weren't stronger than Master Spirit-slaughter, but no weaker than him either.

Surrounding Master Spirit-slaughter, the invisible devil power stormed for a while but failed to deliver an obvious effect, after which, Master Spirit-slaughter immediately coordinated with Original Devil and launched an offensive on Yu Huo. But soon, it joined the side of Yu Huo and helped him to launch a counterattack on Original Devil.

Having spent a long time feeling each other out, at last, the three of them helplessly found out that none of them could do anything to each other. The evil power streams kept surging around them without an end, but the tense atmosphere between them was gradually eased.

Master Spirit-slaughter had a sulky look. As the most powerful sky devil in this world, he actually failed to suppress Yu Huo and Original Devil, who weren't at their best states yet. He was frustrated, and also felt threatened. His eyes dazzled with a colorful light as countless evil magic which could speedily improve his power popped into his mind.

Also with a dark face, Yu Huo looked at Original Devil and Master Spirit-slaughter. Before, he had already seen Pan Gu world as his property, as his personal collection. But suddenly, these two showed up to share the profits of this world. Despite the fact that no actual and direct conflict of interest existed between Master Spirit-slaughter and himself, he was still with a strong displeasure.

Original Devil looked at the other two with a faint smile on his face. He was the evil of Pan Gu, the culmination of all the evil in Pan Gu world. He had a much stronger background than the other two. Therefore, he was proud and confident. He believed that both Yu Huo and Master Spirit-slaughter were merely two young living beings who weren't even worth mentioning.

If he weren't divided into billions of pieces and sealed deep down the hearts of human beings, and had restored even one in a billion of his power, he would have killed the other two long ago. In his eyes, both Pan Yu world creatures and sky devils were the best preys, so why would he let any of them go?

Confronting each other for long, Original Devil laughed with a hissing voice and said, "You seemed to have doubts."

Spreading his hands, he narrowed his eyes and sneered, "Yu Huo, my friend, you're new to this world, so you may not know some secrets of this realm. But my friend, don't you feel that back then, your people invaded this world a bit too easily?"

Yu Huo narrowed his eyes and responded blandly, "Perhaps, Pan Gu world has always been so weak"

Original Devil laughed hissingly, his voice hinting a completely unconcealed scorn, "My friend, if you're truly so stupid...Master Spirit, shall we join hands to take care of him and tear his soul apart to fulfill our appetites?"

Master Spirit-slaughter grinned as if he agreed, "I'm good with it. I'll accept any soul, whether it's from a divine god, a saint, or an ant. But of course, the soul of a powerful being like our friend Yu Huo must be especially delicious, right?"

Yu Huo laughed as well, then 'friendly' nodded to Original Devil and said mildly, "Original Devil my friend, what do you have to widen my knowledge?"

With a dry voice, Original Devil continued, "The powerful beings in Pan Gu world have been hiding. Back then when Pan Yu world people invaded this world, none of them truly made a move to defend this world against you...Two looted in the burning house, a few chose to be worldly wise and make themselves safe, and another few itched to try. But, the ones who intended to try their best to wipe you all out were injured badly for sealing me. Back then, they were yet to recover.

"Who are the few who truly wanted to do it?" Together, Yu Huo and Master Spirit-slaughter looked at him and asked.

Original Devil remained silent, but raised a finger and drew a complicated and profound Chaos character in the air with a faint dark mist — 'Hong'.

The most powerful beings were usually called 'Pan', while the ones with infinite powers of creation were called 'Hong'.

Taking Pan Gu world as an example, as the world creator, Pan Gu was a 'Pan', while Priest Jun, who was born in the embryo of Pan Gu world, was 'Hong'! Ever since Pan Gu created the world and created a homeland for billions of living beings, the source of the power of creation of the whole world had always been Priest Jun.

"Didn't he die?" Yu Huo frowned as his pupils shrank to the size of a needlepoint, heart occupied by fear, "We had 'Hong' in Pan Yu world too, but Great Ancestor Pan Yu killed it. Even its soul was devoured by Pan Yu...'Hong', is it truly so powerful?"

Original Devil glanced at Yu Huo scornfully and responded, "Even I fell into his trap and ended up being sealed by him. You tell me if he is he is powerful or not."

Sneering again, he continued in a bland tone, "The reason I invited you two to ally with me is exactly this. Priest Jun normally wouldn't make a move, but once he did, he was always absolutely sure. If he has his eyes on us, we would, for certain, fall on bad days."

Spreading his hands, he continued almost shamelessly, "I'm fine with it, because he wouldn't truly destroy me. As for you..."

Without paying any attention to his evil smile, Yu Huo and Master Spirit-slaughter asked one question with one voice, "So, do you know how to deal with him?"

Licking his lips, Original Devil smiled and gave his answer, "That's right! We can only rival that being by combining our powers. Hehe, in fact, it's not too hard to defeat him...I have a plan here, called 'human extermination'. As long as you can kill over ninety-nine percent of all human beings..."

"Absolutely not! Do you see us as idiots?" Together, Yu Huo and Master Spirit-slaughter burst into curses."

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