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Magi never cultivated their souls. The soul of a Magus could only grow passively along the physical body, in a natural way, while being nourished by the physical body.

Normally, the soul of a peak-level Divine Magus was as powerful as the soul of a lowest-grade disciple of Yu Yu who had yet to finish his first sixty-years of cultivation. Without the dual protection of a strong body, thriving spirit blood, and special magic treasures, even an ordinary ghost or spirit could severely harm a Divine Magus by casting a soul magic.

Great Uncle was the same. He was a half-step Supreme Magus, but his soul was only a couple of times stronger than the soul of an ordinary human being. If one compared Ji Hao's soul to a vast sea, Great Uncle's soul was merely like a drop of water.

However, as he cast the secret devil magic, his spirit blood drained in no time, and his spirit power was boosted crazily up, as overwhelming as a tsunami.

A drop of water expanded to a stream, then the stream momentarily became a great river. Within a blink of an eye, the river flooded towards all directions formidably. Once again, the space and time twisted around Great Uncle, even more intensely than before. His body became a thin and blurry silhouette amidst shadows and lights, with natural powers roaring around him. Gradually, all the natural powers that existed near the ancestral land of Huaxu Family in the Thunder Lake area were agitated by his tremendous spirit power.

Rapidly flowing streams of energy erupted ragingly in every direction like comets. The colorful comets shot to every corner of the ancestral land. The walls of the ancestral temple glowed brightly while the marks of ancient thunder Dao emerged suddenly on the totem pillars. A powerful formation shielded the entire temple, defending against the agitated natural powers.

Blinding lights landed on the walls and roof of the ancestral temple, causing earthshaking booms. The ancient thunder patterns on the totem pillars sparkled along with blasting noises, while the thunderbolts wrapped around them dimmed down layer by layer. The enormous ancestral temple quaked intensely, with spider-web-like cracks spreading on the walls.

Great Uncle breathed deeply as he spread his harms. Within a couple of breaths, his soul power had already concentrated into an impressive ocean. He was not as powerful as Ji Hao, who had mastered multiple types of great Dao and grown an embryo of Dao. But at the moment, his spirit power had already been improved by hundred-thousand-folds.

"We human beings never cultivate our souls... How stupid we were." Great Uncle laughed out loud, " Today, by converting my spirit blood into spirit power, I truly see the wonderfulness of this world. The great Dao of the world turns to be so fabulous, so splendid!"

With a creaking noise, Great Uncle's withered skin wrapped his drained bones tight, making him look like a skeleton which could fall at any moment. However, his spirit power had still been rising and boiling. As his physical body gradually failed to withstand the constantly growing spirit power, thin cracks began appearing on his bones.

Paying no attention to his body which could shatter in pieces in the next moment, he looked at Ji Hao and barked, "Ji Hao kid, my words still count. If you are willing to follow me, you can marry all my granddaughters and great-granddaughters!"

With a pair of deeply sunken eyes and two blood-red light spots inside those eyes, he stared at Ji Hao. His eyes looked like a pair of blood-red stars.

"The power I'm having right now is beyond your imagination! Ji Hao, you're a Magus too. You have never cultivated your soul, so you can't understand my powerfulness..."

As Great Uncle prepared to give Ji Hao a lecture, Ji Hao burst into laughter. He opened his erect eye and let numerous black fiery lotus of destruction bloom silently around him. The lotuses each had golden cores.

From his forehead, Ji Hao released his spirit power, which was thousands of times greater and purer than Great Uncle's. Like a flawless glass screen, his spirit power covered the entire Thunder Lake and the surrounding area for millions of miles. This piece of space was entirely wrapped up by his spirit power, inch by inch.

The complacent Great Uncle instantly vomited blood, and his pair of eyeballs almost popped out of his face.

The mouthful of blood he vomited nearly drained his last bit of life-force. As the blood squirted out of his body, his limbs directly turned into grey dust, drifting away and disappearing within a blink.

"People, a little help?" Great Uncle turned around and made the request to the other possessed Huaxu Family leaders with difficulty.

"Are you going to watch me fail and die?" Great Uncle's eyes shone brightly with the blood-red light as he yelled, "Don't you forget that you wouldn't end well either if I die! Help me now, and you will be helping not only me, but yourselves as well!"

Following the cracking noise, the hundreds of totem pillars which had already been cracked by the 'comets' created by Great Uncle collapsed suddenly. The group of possessed Huaxu Family leaders were freed.

Hearing Great Uncle's roars, these family leaders had their eyes dazzled in differently weird ways. About sixty percent of them burst in growls, opened their mouths, and sent their thriving life-force to Great Uncle.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows — Were these family leaders giving their spirit blood directly to Great Uncle? No Magus had ever done things like this before. Interesting! It seemed that Original Devil was generous enough to teach them some serious magic.

Great Uncle laughed out wildly. His collapsing body swelled up, while his vanished limbs grew quickly back. He restored his spirit blood, with the help of some other leaders, and his spirit blood grew as strong as before, then continued growing without a limit.

The quality of his spirit blood was not yet comparable with that of a Supreme Magus, but in terms of quantity, he had truly reached the basic level of Supreme Magus!

He thundered, swiftly converting his spirit blood into a mighty spirit power by using his soul. The dark thunderbolts generated from his spirit power struck out of his eyes, hacking on the transparent screen condensed from Ji Hao's spirit power like thousands of sharp swords.

Great Uncle trembled slightly, with blood flowing out of his eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

"Original Devil spirit, slaughter the world with the thunder!" All of a sudden, a thunderous roar erupted from Great Uncle's chest. He pointed his finger down and immediately, a thousands of miles wide black bolt of lightning descended.

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