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Putting down the Pan Gu sword, Ji Hao made the star steps as he raised both fists and approached Great Uncle.

Ji Hao didn't want to hack Great Uncle straight to death, but the Pan Gu sword was too lethal. Therefore, he planned to exchange some moves with Great Uncle with his pair of fists, to see how exactly powerful was the so-called 'original eight magics of devil'. Earlier, through the short battle between Great Uncle and himself, Ji Hao surprisingly discovered that this 'original eight magics of devil' seems to be profoundly meaningful.

Not to mention anything else, since Great Uncle managed to free himself from the thunder cage by chewing a little finger of his, that escaping magic he used must be powerful.

As Divine Magi could regrow their bodies from blood drops, Great Uncle freed himself by sacrificing a little finger. The great formation in the Huaxu Family Ancestral Temple wasn't an ordinary one, but still, he moved so easily through it. Did that mean that no formation in the world could trap him now?

Punching out his fists like shooting stars, Ji Hao attacked Great Uncle's face, bringing up two gusts of fierce wind.

Huaxu Qingye swallowed the pill given by Ji Hao and had his injuries healed already. Watching Ji Hao launching the mountain-flattening punch, he hurriedly shouted out loud, "Great Uncle, it's not too late to mend your way...Emperor Ji Hao! Please show mercy. My Great Uncle is old and weak. He cannot stand your great strength!"

Huaxu Qingye thought of how Ji Hao absorbed the thunder strikes from the great formation without suffering any harm. With such a strong body, Ji Hao's strength must be horrifying too. Great Uncle was an old man, who could truly be killed by a couple of punch from Ji Hao.

Ji Hao chuckled and put forth his strength even harder.

Great Uncle laughed like cawing crows. His pair of legs left layers of afterimages in the air while his slender body moved swiftly like a willow twig in the wind, dodging. He was appearing in all directions as if the space and distance no longer meant a thing to him, and he could be wherever he wanted to be without spending any time.

Ji Hao spread his spirit power, and even sensed a strange twist of the time around Great Uncle. Great Uncle did not simply change the space around him, he did something to the time as well.

Earlier, Great Uncle seemed to exist in the 'past moment', but suddenly, he had already broken the limit of time and stepped into the 'next moment'. The time became so disordered around him. Through am immeasurably twisted span of time, Ji Hao felt harder and harder to catch up with him.

"Original Devil idol!" While dodging, Great Uncle laughed, "How' bout this? Can you touch a finger of mine?"

Huaxu Qingye's expressions had been changing quickly. Before Ji Hao responded, Huaxu Qingye already had a specific answer based on what he had learned — Of all secret spell he could cast and all treasures he owned, nothing could cause any threat to Great Uncle in his current state.

He wasn't able to attack Great Uncle at all, because he and Great Uncle weren't merely separated by space, but also by time. He had to understand the great Dao of time to a certain level to be able to attack Great Uncle. But, as a Huaxu Family member, he was born with the thunder power. If he broke into the level of Supreme Magus now, he would be able to attack Great Uncle with the power of his star. Otherwise, how could he ever do anything to Great Uncle?

Seeing this, those imprisoned elders and branch leaders laughed and applauded for the supreme devil power displayed by Great Uncle. As he said, these devil magics were far more powerful than human magic. Delightfully, some of these people started to think that accepting the offer of Original Devil was clearly a wonderful thing to do.

"Break!" Ji Hao gave a resonant growl. Shooting out his fists again, he released two streaks of dark fire from between his fingers. With a rumbling noise, the fire spread from his fists wave after wave and crushed both the time and space in the surroundings.

The space collapsed while the time twisted. Hiding behind the twisted time and space and casting his devil magi, Great Uncle gave a muffled snort. Darting out of the collapsing space with a startle, he leaped backward for tens of meters and came to under a totem pillar, gasping for air.

The collapsed space left a few bone-deep wounds on his body. In the wounds, his blood and flesh vanished, leaving the cutting edges of his skin as smooth as mirrors, with faint fiery lights lingering inside.

"Twist the space and time to disable your enemies from touching you… indeed a magical way of fighting." Ji Hao said blandly, "But recently, I've learned something about the great Dao of destruction...No matter what magic you cast, I can simply crush it. You made space and time protect you, so I shattered the space. What else can you do?"

"Original Devil secret fist!" With his face darkened, Great Uncle looked at Ji Hao, took out a bottle of medicine, and threw it into his mouth, swallowing with difficulty. Afterward, a strong scent of blood spread from his body as he began regenerating his blood and flesh which had vanished due to the power of destruction.

He clenched his fingers and squeezed out strands of devil power through them. His fists turned black, then transparent like crystal, with twisted spell symbols sparkling inside. Crossing his arms, Great Uncle made a series of cracking noise by shattering the space around his fists, as easily as crushing a thin piece of ice.

"Original Devil idol disables my enemies from attacking me, while Original Devil secret fist allows me to kill any enemy!" Great Uncle looked at Ji Hao, then suddenly raised his head and laughed out loud confidently. Next, he shot out his fists towards Ji Hao. Within the short moment, he punched tens of thousands of times.

Ji Hao deactivated the Pan Gu bell and took the tens of thousands of heavy punches with his body.

Amidst the never-ending thuds, Ji Hao remained unmoved. Great Uncle's fists landed on Ji Hao's body over and over again, but failed to leave a mark on his skin.

"Are you tickling me?" Ji Hao looked at Great Uncle and sneered, "You need to work harder even if you are tickling me."

The space around Ji Hao had been collapsing and healing over and over again. Every punch from Great Uncle left a foot-wide space hole around Ji Hao, but the broken space couldn't hurt Ji Hao either.

While frowning, Great Uncle nodded slowly and said, "Hmm, my physical body is too weak. I can't do any harm to you as a peak-level Divine Magus."

Shaking his head, Great Uncle sneered again and continued, "Since the physical body failed, let's try primordial spirit!"

Breathing deeply, Great Uncle's tall, slim, yet muscular body withered suddenly, and the ocean-like thriving life-force inside him was drained immediately. Soon, his spirit blood lapsed to lower than the level of Senior Magi.

However, his spirit power grew stronger and stronger, reaching an unbelievable level within a blink of an eye.

Through a secret devil magic, he had actually converted all his spirit blood into his spirit power.

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