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In the ancestral temple of Huaxu Family, the group of elders and branch leaders of the family were burning with rage. They stared at Huaxu Qingye as if he were a completely unforgivable sinner, seeming even ready to cut him with their dagger-sharp gazes to death.

These people were all possessed. Their hearts were predominated by desires, and the devils inside them had been roaring rampantly. No one could understand them at the moment, as they had already become the devils. They would put up a desperate fight against anyone who tried to gain even a grain of rice from them.

Not to mention the fact that Ji Hao asked Huaxu Qingye for all the weapons used by Huaxu Family warriors on battlefields!

How many weapons would that be? How much money would that be?

"Huaxu Qingye, if you dare to agree to his demand, you will no longer be the family leader!"

"Qingye kid, you should die! If I knew you'd become such a lowly b*stard, I would have boiled you in a clay pot and fed you to animals when you were born!"

"Qignye, I'm your great uncle! I will never forgive you if you dare to give our treasures to Ji Hao!"

Amidst the chaotic yells and shouts, this great uncle suddenly bit off his left little finger, quickly ruminated and then spat out. Blood splashed while the broken little finger transformed into a blood-red figure, flashing across the thunderbolt cage. Afterward, this white-haired great uncle abruptly showed up right before Huaxu Qingye's face.

Pulling out a mottled bronze four-edged sword, Great Uncle burst into ferocious howls and swung the sword straight down to Huaxu Qingye's face. The arm-thick heavy sword vented bolts of thunder and struck on Huaxu Qingye, generating a dazzling noise even before the sword touched Qingye's body.

Huaxu Qingye shouted out loud while stepping backward as fast as he could. Before, he caged the group of possessed elder and branch leader with the power of the great formation in the ancestral temple, but did manage to do nothing more than caging them. Facing Great Uncle, who suddenly freed himself from the ancestral temple through an unknown method, Huaxu Qingye could do nothing but dodge with a bitter look on his face.

Seniority, affection, for either of these facts, Huaxu Qingye could not allow himself to attack this great uncle of his.

This great-uncle, whose long beard reached his stomach, wielded the four-edged sword as he giggled viciously. He chased after Huaxu Qignye and launched a violent series of attacks.

Speaking of individual power, Great Uncle was slightly stronger than Huaxu Qingye. He caught up with Huaxu Qingye easily and smashed the four-edged sword on Huaxu Qingye's back three times in a row.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye and sent a beam of light to Great Uncle.

Earlier, Great Uncle made three random-looking attacks in a row, but in fact, at that moment, the rolling dark mist inside his body weirdly fluctuated. The space around Great Uncle seemed to be twisted by tens of invisible black holes, and so was the time in a magical way.

Within the moment, Huaxu Qingye didn't suffer three sword strikes. Instead, the number should be twelve-thousand.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The upper body of Huaxu Qingye was nearly shredded. As his blood splashed along with bone and muscle pieces, he vomited blood and turned around while staring at Great Uncle underneath his consternation and disbelief.

"Great Uncle, you..."

Ji Hao was startled as well. The three simple sword moves actually generated twelve-thousand heavy sword strikes in such a weird way. The moment Great Uncle launched the moves, the space and time around him seemed to twist all of a sudden.

An immeasurably evil power changed the structures of time and space around him, even quaking and affecting the natural laws. The changes weren't huge, but Ji Hao clearly sensed that to a certain degree, Great Uncle's moves delivered a power of great Dao.

Magi never cultivated their souls, just focusing on their physical bodies and strength. They followed Saint Pan Gu and pursued their great Dao through pure strength. They attacked their enemies with simple and wild strength. As for the power of Dao...Supreme Magi might have started learning about the power of Dao through the natural stars inside them, but peak-level Divine Magi like Great Uncle, or half-step Supreme Magi, were still too far away from the power of Dao.

"Great Uncle, don't be angry!" Watching Huaxu Qingye vomit blood with half of his lung filling his mouth, without being able to swallow it or spit it out, Ji Hao exclaimed. Huaxu Qingye was clearly thrown into a miserable situation by his great uncle. Ji Hao hurriedly darted to Huaxu Qingye, threw a life-saving pill into his mouth then swung his sword at Great Uncle's chest.

Ji Hao's move was flexible. He didn't want to kill Great Uncle with this sword attack, and merely planned to force him back. However, if this old man recklessly kept rushing up, Ji Hao could only 'accidentally' finish him.

Great Uncle was not like those possessed warriors outside the temple. Ji Hao was able to wake up those possessed warriors with his devil-breaking spell, and after a short span of recovery, they would restore their sanity. But from Great Uncle's eyes, Ji Hao saw something different.

Great Uncle was indeed possessed by Original Devil, and he indeed has a devil inside his heart. However, unlike those possessed warriors, he was eighty percent clear-minded!

He agreed with the Original Devil and accepted the Original Devil's theory about being extremely selfish. Regarding the philosophy displayed by Original Devil's Dao, he couldn't agree more. He was willingly possessed by the devil, and clearly, the amazing three strikes were performed by a new ability of his which was gifted by the devil.

Ji Hao didn't believe that Great Uncle could discover such a high-level skill of using the natural space and time powers.

The pan Gu sword dazzled frostily and shone to a hundred meters away.

Great Uncle giggled as he turned his feet and nimbly, suddenly disappeared from Ji Hao's sight. In the next moment, he reappeared behind Ji Hao leaving shreds of afterimages and fiercely bashed him with the four-edged sword dazzling with thunderbolts, on the back nine times in a row.

Thirty-six heavy strikes were made as the roaring four edged sword landed along with a terrifying thunder power. The Pan Gu bell rang thunderously, releasing circles of dark light that shaved the ground for about a foot.

Great Uncle laughed wildly. As he stomped his foot against the ground, his entire body suddenly transformed into a shred of shadow and disappeared without a trace. In the following moment, he reappeared hundreds of meters away in front of Ji Hao.

"Ji Hao kid, this is the 'original eight magics of devil' created by Master Devil. The eight supreme magics are stronger and more ingenious than human magic by a million folds. How can you possibly hurt me?"

"Kneel and surrender. Since you're a divine emperor, I will allow you to choose one from all my granddaughters and great-granddaughters to marry to!"

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