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On the way, countless possessed devils were woken up by Ji Hao's spell. Ji Hao came to the square before the ancestral temple of Huaxu Family unstoppably.

Uncountable totem pillars wrapped in thunderbolts buzzed rumblingly. The moment Ji Hao stepped onto the square, all totem pillars vented a blinding fiery light and turned translucent momentarily, letting out waves of destructive thunderbolts towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao wasn't a member of Huaxu Family. Without sensing the power of the special secret talisman owned by every Huaxu Family member or a passage issued by the family, the defensive formation in the ancestral temple area immediately saw Ji Hao as an invader and launched a full strike.

"Emperor Ji Hao, be careful!" Hauxu Qingye had been moving swiftly around the ancestral temple. Seeing Ji Hao being attacked, he immediately burst into hoarse shouts, "Step back, back, back now! This formation is built by our ancestors and the ancient Thunder God from the heaven..."

He widely opened his mouth without finishing his speech, because he wasn't able to. Ji Hao raised one hand and reached out of the shield of Chaos power from the bell, facing the thunderbolts that flashed out of the totem pillars. The thunderbolts generated from the great thunder formation, which was built by Huaxu Family ancestors and the ancient Thunder God and thirty-six thunder kings, landed right on Ji Hao's palm.

Th dazzling thunderbolts were absorbed by Ji Hao's palm one after another, without leaving a spark, or even a shallow wound on Ji Hao's snow-white palm. The thunderbolts were strong enough to destroy a Supreme Magus, but in Ji Hao's hand, they were just like shreds of shadow, unable to do harm to their target.

"My great ancestors!" Huaxu Qingye and the group of sane elders were dumbfounded as they watched Ji Hao absorb a full strike from the great thunder formation in their ancestral temple. How strong was Ji Hao exactly? Not even average-level Supreme Magi had the courage to break into this terrifying formation without a good reason while Ji Hao absorbed a full thunder strike from it without spending an effort, which meant...

Which meant that Ji Hao was already standing on top of the world, that the Huaxu Family had no reserved power to restrain Ji Hao. Evilly speaking, Ji Hao was able to flatten the ancestral temple of Huaxu Family, bury the entire Thunder Lake, and ruin the whole foundation of Huaxu Family by his very own self if he wanted to.

Huaxu Qingye trembled slightly while watching the raging-dragon-like bolts of lightning landing in Ji Hao's palm one after another. Ji Hao's palm was like a bottomless black hole that swallowed all the thunderbolts without stirring up a spark. With one hand raised, Ji Hao walked to the gate of the ancestral temple step by step.

Holding a triangular shield in the left and a thunder spear in the right hand, Huaxu Qingye watched Ji Hao approaching with large steps while showing a complicated expression.

When Ji Hao stood right before his face, Huaxu Qingye gave an embarrassed grin, dipped the shield and spear, and bowed to Ji Hao, "Greetings, Emperor Ji Hao...As the sole divine emperor in the current world, you are indeed greatly powerful."

Ji Hao politely cupped his hands and greeted back. Then, with his pair of lightning-sharp eyes, he scanned the group of possessed elders trapped in the giant web woven from thunderbolts and said honestly, "I am flattered. I'm just a lucky kid, and my shallow cultivation is not worth mentioning."

Pointing at those possessed elders, he continued in a deep voice, "I suppose you have found that things aren't going right, haven't you?"

Huaxu Qingye's face instantly paled, then turned blue, as if he had suddenly lost eighty percent of life-force like an old dying tree, occupied by the constantly growing inanition.

"Aren't going right? Everything is wrong, all wrong. The young people, the elders, the branch leaders, even myself...My good heaven, how am I supposed to meet my ancestors when I die after the things I have done?"

Eyes turning red and with tears gushing out, Huaxu Qingye looked at Ji Hao pitifully. He wanted to tell Ji Hao about the ridiculous things he had done these days, but he couldn't. After all, Ji Hao was a young man while he was an experienced family leader who managed the family for centuries. He organized his words, but could not say it out, despite the efforts he had been making.

How could he? How could he tell Ji Hao about what he did to the young girls from Huaxu Family? How could he tell Ji Hao that he spent a long time partying extravagantly? How could he tell Ji Hao that he gave a series of orders to push the humankind into a deeper whirlpool?

The seed of devil was aroused inside him, growing speedily. Lured by the devil, Huaxu Qingye had made too many mistakes that he couldn't bear to tell. Shedding tears, he grinned bitterly without know what to do or say.

"Thanks to my ancestors!" Mumbled Huaxu Qingye tearfully, "If the secret seal in the ancestral temple did not tear down the devil in my heart and bring me back to sanity, I might have ordered my Huaxu army to march to every corner of the world and kidnap people from the other clans, then make deals with the non-humankind monsters from Yu Dynasty."

Seeing Huaxu Qignye sinking into his sorrow, about to lose his mind, Ji Hao hurriedly flipped a finger towards his forehead, casting a mind-settling spell at him. It was like a thunderbolt striking right on his head, as Huaxu Qingye quivered instantly and calmed back down. Breathing deeply, as an experienced family leader, he soon chilled down.

"Emperor Ji Hao, you came with a plan, didn't you?" He reverently cupped his hands towards Ji Hao and said, "For the humankind, we, Huaxu Family, are willing to do whatever we can, as long as you ask."

In the ancestral temple, a grey-haired old man laughed abruptly in a high-pitched voice, "Qingye, as the family leader, you can't be too generous. Ji Hao kid won't visit us with a good intention. Don't give your words so soon. Everything Huaxu Family has belongs to the family, to us. Even for the humankind, you can't take a coin from us!"

"What we have belongs to Huaxu Family, not the humankind!" The old man sneered, "You need to make it clear. You're our family leader, not a minister of the humankind!"

Turning around, Huaxu Qingye glanced at the old man and sighed heavily without saying a word, only shaking his head.

Glancing at the group of blood-red-eyed elders and branch leaders, Ji Hao said in a bland tone, "Huaxu Leader, I need a batch of armaments. I want every weapon used by Huaxu Family warriors on battlefields, the ones stained with blood!"

Before Huaxu Qingye said a word, everyone in the ancestral temple began cursing him. Some even took off their boots and threw at Ji Hao and Huaxu Qingye.

"Want to gain from our Huaxu Family? Piss off! Piss off!"

"Go away, Ji Hao kid. We won't give you even a knife!"

"Go to hell! Huaxu Qingye, if you dare to give Ji Hao one single piece of weapon, we will dismiss you from the office!"

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