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"You see, you agree with me." In a deep, mysterious way, Original Devil fixed his eyes on Ji Hao. The blood-red eyes sparkled quickly in his eye sockets while his hoarse voice was filled with a suffocating evil power.

Ji Hao remained silent, as he was busy at healing his injured heart meridians and destroying all kinds of strange thoughts popping up in his mind with the power of destruction. Meanwhile, he had been casting a secret spell learned from Yu Yu to forcibly settle his mind.

"My way of thinking belongs to Pan Gu's true-self, belongs to his nature." Original Devil raised his head, looking at the rolling dark clouds in the sky while continuing, "That was a choice which benefited Pan Gu the most at that time...As inheritors of Pan Gu's blood, human beings, the true-selves of yours should be the same as me."

"Therefore, even though your heart is now full of fear and vigilance caused by me, my thoughts are the same as the thoughts from the deepest area of your heart. You opposed my thoughts so strongly, but deep down your heart, you are thinking the same thing as me." Said Original Devil gently, "Your true-self agreed with me, while your hypocritical cultivated-self rejected my ideas."

"So-called kindness, justice, morality, fairness...These acquired hypocritical thoughts are trying to drown the thoughts from your true-self. Therefore, you're injured." Original Devil laughed, "If the devil inside you wakes up and your deepest true-self perfectly merges with your 'current-self', you wouldn't have this problem."

"Why do you have to have so many complicated thoughts? Why do you have to follow so many meaningless principles? Why don't you follow your true-self, your nature, your impulsions?" Original Devil sighed, "Eat when you're hungry, drink when you're thirsty, press a fancied female directly to the ground and do what you want to do when you feel like having kids… Kill any living being that stings your eyes when you're in a bad mood."

"That is your true self, your nature, your most original desires, purest thoughts." Original Devil Pointed his finger at the ancestral temple of Huaxu Family, which was shrouded by dark clouds and thunderbolts behind, and laughed, "Look, among Huaxu Family people, the ones with awakened devils in their hearts are following their hearts to live. So ..."

"So much like animals?" Ji Hao interrupted Original Devil, "If everything you do is driven by your desires, if you do not restrain your desires at all but let it burst...Doing whatever you feel like doing, letting the strong eat the weak, how is a life like this different from the lives of wild animals?"

"Saint Pan Gu was such an incredibly being, as he managed to cut the beast off from himself. He did that because he was wise and brave." Sneering at Original Devil, Ji Hao continued, "He chose to live one day as a wise being over living thousands of years as a muddleheaded beast. That was..."

"But, he died!" This time, Original Devil interrupted Ji Hao by laughing in a high-pitched voice, "He fell, he died, he's gone, both his soul and body. But I, despite the fact that I was suppressed and sealed, have now wakened up, back to life. As long as one of my clones woke up, more of me will continuously come back to this world, to grow, to develop...I will grow stronger and stronger, even stronger than Pan Gu!"

In Original Devil's eye sockets, the blood-red light shone like a rain fire. Glancing at Ji Hao, his gaze even burned a sizzling noise out of Ji Hao's facial skin. A while later, he burst into laughter, then pointed at the sky.

"Let's change the topic. Enough about Pan Gu. Aren't you curious about why did human beings become the owner of natural fortune after the prehistorical era?" The Original Devil said while giggling, "You, instead of the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and the Qilin Family, which represents luck and fortune, why?"

"Think about it. Dragons have the strongest physical bodies, phoenixes have immortal souls, Qilins can be considered as perfect creatures of fortune, and the other ancient powerful beings, including candle dragons, White Tigers, tortoises, all possess measureless powers. But, why did you, human beings, become the owners of the natural fortune in this world?"

Looking at Ji Hao, the Original Devil's hoarse voice sounded so indescribably strange.

"Eh? Do you know why?" Ji Hao was indeed curious about this. Ever since he was born in this world, the whole world was about the humankind. Human beings were the owners of the natural fortune in this world. Therefore, naturally, the other creatures, even including dragons and phoenixes who shared the same origin with human beings, also lived by the sides of human beings, even if they were so proud and never wanted to talk to a human being.

One had to admit that even dragons and phoenixes, who believed that they stood high above the masses, had also been revolving around human beings uncontrollably, because of the natural gravitation from the humankind.

As the weakest force among Pan Gu's descendants, the alliance of human clans represented by the human emperor affected all species in Pan Gu world strongly with every single move it made and every word it said. No matter how badly the most powerful ancient creatures didn't want to accept their fates, they had already fallen, while the humankind got more and more prosperous. In an unreasonable way, the humankind had been growing and rising.

"I surely know why." The Original Devil laughed and then sighed, "I am the reason!"

Ji Hao could see the face of Original Devil, but he was sure that Original Devil licked his lips when saying this.

Shaking his head, Original Devil continued, "I don't need to say too much about it, do I? About how miserable was the life of human beings back in the ancient times, about the fact that they had to stay under the protection of the other creatures to survive. This part of history is recorded in your history books."

"But, since when did you human beings begin leaving the protections of those ancient powerful creatures?" Original Devil smiled, "Since when did you begin creating your own civilization, and constantly growing stronger?"

"Of course, it started when I was captured and cut into a billion and eighty-million pieces, sealed in the hearts of a billion and eighty-million people." Said Original Devil in a bland tone, "I was caged in the hearts of human beings, generation after generation."

"I was imprisoned in people' hearts, without any nourishment. Every after human beings created a new generation, I would be divided into smaller parts." With a bone-deep hatred, Original Devil murmured, "The human-kind developed generation after generation, grew greater and greater...How many human beings are living in the world now? Ten trillion? A hundred trillion? More?"

"I was split, weakened more and more...Can you feel the endless horror without a glimpse of hope?" Original Soul trembled slightly.

And so was Ji Hao slightly — Caging Original Devil with the entire humankind, weakening him with the development of the humankind. What kind of a sky-tearing-power could one do this with?

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