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A drifting, hazy, dark, and strong figure, giving out an aura coming from the ancient era, with a hint of Chaos, rose behind Huaxu Bai.

On the face of the figure, in the deeply sunken eye sockets, was a pair of blood-red light spots sparkling. This 'thing' was looking at Ji Hao, because Ji Hao felt its gaze, which burned like searing iron and gave him a pain right on the face. Ji Hao felt that even his bones were scorched.

From the gaze of this 'thing', Ji Hao saw every negative emotion, anger, greediness, craziness, cruelty, evilness...At last, all these negative emotions gathered into a suffocating...selfishness!

Apathetic and merciless, like an iceberg which existed for ten-thousand years. The moment Ji Hao made an eye contact with that 'thing', he figured out the source of all its negative emotions, which was his extreme selfishness.

"Who are you?" Ji Hao gave a heavy sigh as he sat on the Chaos lotus with his hands rested on his knees, looking at this 'thing' calmly. As for Huaxu Bai, who had been rolling up her eyes before the 'thing', Ji Hao had already ignored her.

"Original Devil. That is the answer in your heart, so why do you have to waste the energy asking such a meaningless question?" Deeply and hoarsely, the 'thing' laughed, "This is a weakness of human beings. For the question with answers, you would just try everything you can to ensure the answer at least once. Since the beginning of time, many of you have been like this, including some of the 'wise ones' amongst you."

"So, where are you from?" Looking at Original Devil, Ji Hao continued asking, "You're not like sky devils. They're from the Chaos, while you are directly from people' hearts. You're even more harmful than they are."

Enveloping the entire Thunder Lake with his spirit power, Ji Hao clearly saw that an inner conflict had been happening in the Huaxu Family. Of all Huaxu Family people, the ones possessed by the devil had been trying their best to seize the highest power of the family. Huaxu Qingye, the current family leader, had freed himself from the control of the devil through an unknown method, and by now, he had trapped the possessed ones with the great formation based on the ancestral temple.

The dark clouds rolled around the ancestral land and the thunderbolts descended from the sky. These two completely opposite types of power both astonished Ji Hao. He did the calculation, then decided to not step into the inner conflict of the Huaxu Family for now, because he wanted to learn something useful from Original Devil.

"Where am I form?" Original Devil laughed with the dry and frosty voice, which collided like two coarse iron sticks clashing against each other by one's ears. Hearing the voice, Ji Hao uncontrollably knitted his brows.

"I came from your hearts." Original Devil laughed and nodded seriously. The blood-red light in his eyes shone brighter as he looked at Ji Hao from head to toe and continued, "What a great power! It's a power that can destroy everything, isn't it? The power of destruction, doesn't fit my nature...Destruction, it's meaningless to me."

Original Devil giggled and went on blandly, "But, under many occasions, the power of destruction can do myriad things for me. So, your power, and your perfect body, I like them very much. Do you want to spend some time listening to my story?"

Ji Hao nodded silently, seeing which, Original Devil grinned in delight and said, "If any thought grows in your heart while you're listening to me, do not restrain it. Open your heart as much as you can, let your thoughts grow. Soon, you will learn how pleasantly can you live on the path of devil."

"Cut the crap and tell your story. I do want to know where exactly you're from!" Ji Hao dropped his face.

The Original Devil quivered slightly, and Ji Hao felt that he grinned evilly. Afterward, Original Devil's dry voice could be heard, "I'll begin then...In fact, I am Pan Gu!"

'I am Pan Gu', these four simple words raised restless waves and hurricanes from Ji Hao's heart all of a sudden. Stunned, Ji Hao stared at Original Devil without being able to ease the shock and wrath in his heart. Uncontrollably, he gave an exclamation of surprise.

Countless thoughts flashed across Ji Hao's mind. He wanted to confute Original Devil, but somehow, he also felt that he was touching an ancient secret, which also was the truth that disappeared, or was concealed intentionally back in the historical era.

"Shocked, enraged, then began doubting this world." Once again, Original Devil laughed complacently. "A very good start, isn't it? I can see the day when the devil finally wakes up in your heart. I look forward for you to become a part of me."

Laughing again in the weird tone, Original Devil continued deeply, "Of course, I'm not the entire Pan Gu. I'm a part of him. Specifically, I am the most right and real part of him. You know what, if Pan Gu followed his nature back when he created this world, he would have survived till today, without falling."

"Right? Real?" Murmured Ji Hao.

"Pan Gu created a world. The world came from the embryo which was created by the universe, along with himself." Said Original Devil, "According to his nature, he should not have opened up the embryo and turned it into a great world. Instead, he should have shred it and absorbed all the power contained in it to stimulate his body with the power of creation of the embryo, to grow himself, to allow himself to become the most matured, strongest version of Pan Gu!"

"If he ate the embryo of Pan Gu world, what was the worst that could have happened when millions and millions of Chaos monster attacked him together? He would have an inexhaustible power, with which, no Chaos monster could have done him any harm." Original Devil chuckled, "But, Pan Gu was actually stupid enough to split his real self up from his body with his axe. He abandoned his rightest nature, and turned me into the Original Devil."

Spreading his hands, Original Devil continued blandly, "Therefore, he fell, but I, remain existing. Which means, he died because he was stupid. If he followed his true nature, he would have still been living a free life by now. Why would he die?"

While frowning, Ji Hao lifted his head, looking at the sky which was covered by dark clouds with thunderbolts flashing through. "Pan Gu fell, but he left a great, splendid world behind." Said Ji Hao with a deep voice.

With the dry hissing voice, Original Devil laughed again, "If he had devoured the embryo of world and survived, based on his nature and gift, he would become the strongest living being in the universe...Things like world embryos, he would have as many as he wanted, wouldn't he? By merging with a world embryo looted from some other being, he would still be able to create a new great world!"

Ji Hao looked at Original Devil in speechlessness, astounded. How come his words sounded reasonable?

"Do you feel that my words sound right?" Original Devil grinned delightfully.

Suddenly, Ji Hao suffered a piercing pain from his heart. A few strange ideas popped up from his mind, but were crushed by the power of destruction momentarily. However, Ji Hao's heart was already harmed. As one of the results, he let out a mouthful of blood, squirting to a long distance away.

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