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The dragon-kind could not gain the favor of nature, due to the low fertility. The phoenix-kind could not earn the natural fortune as human beings managed to do, also due to the low fertility.

As the inheritors of the fertility of Saint Pan Gu, the humankind had been developing at an amazing speed. As Pan Gu's descendants, they were the natural holders of Pan Gu's kindness. Therefore, caging Original Devil, splitting him and weakening him limitlessly was the best choice.

"Impressive, impressive." In a complicated way, Original Devil looked at Ji Hao and murmured to himself, "A supremely powerful, so-called 'Pan', and infinite power of creation...Pan Gu had fallen indeed, but 'Priest Jun', who was born in the embryo of Pan Gu world, and his three disciples, captured me."

Grinding his teeth loudly, Original Devil sneered with a bone-piercingly cold voice, "Impressive, impressive. They weren't able to kill me, because after all, at that time, Priest Jun had nothing but the infinite power of creation. But, speaking of fighting capacity, he wasn't even as good as his three disciples. They weren't able to kill me, so they sealed me, tearing me apart in such a shameless way!"

"My Shifu..." Ji Hao looked at Original Devil and stayed silent for a very long while. Pondering for long, he carefully threw out the question.

"Nah, without Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwe and Priest Yu Yu, who were just three ignorant kids back then, how could Priest Jun possibly capture me back then?" Through clenched teeth, Original Devil yelled deeply, "Together, the three idiots actually managed to restore fifty percent of Pan Gu's power. I was cut off from Pan Gu by his axe, harmed so badly without being able to heal. That's why I fell into their trap."

Ji Hao nodded slowly. Based on Original Devil's story, back in Priest Dachi's palace of Dao, the mysterious being was Priest Jun, who according to Original Devil, was born in the embryo of Pan Gu world.

"So, how did you wake up?" Curiously, Ji Has looked at Original Devil.

"Bloody ancient human beings." With the pair of blood-red light spot glimmering in his eye sockets, Original Devil murmured in a low voice.

He continued the story-telling, while Ji Hao listened carefully. Ji Hao couldn't help but exclaim for the greatness of ancient human beings — They were truly all saints, with the hearts pure as snow, transparent as crystal, filled with justice, selflessness, generousness.

Impure thoughts did not exist in the hearts of ancient human beings. They respected the elderly and cherished the young. They helped anyone they met out in the world who were in trouble, as much as they were capable of, even if they didn't know each other. At that time, two complete strangers could get along like blood brothers when they met.

For survival, for the development of the humankind, ancient human beings passionately burned their meager life-force like charcoal fires and vented a scintillating light to illuminate the entire primitive world.

Back then, the hearts of human beings were so perfect and flawless. Therefore, being torn into billions of pieces and caged in those hearts, Original Devil never had a chance to rise again. The hearts of ancient human beings were purely unstained, for which reason, Original Devil wasn't able to even stir up a ripple in the spotless peaceful hearts of ancient human beings, no matter how hard he tried.

"But eventually, you got freed!" Knitting his forehead, Ji Hao looked at Original Devil.

"The inner devil would not grow if the outer devil did not invade." Original Devil laughed in a creepy voice, while its blurring dark figure shook intensely, spreading circles black ripple in all directions.

The dark ripples clipped against the Chaos power released from the Pan Gu bell, generating a buzzing noise. The black ripples collapsed layer after layer, while the Chaos power waved like water. Ji Hao remained calm like a peaceful lake, without being affected at all.

"Great treasure!" Original Devil raised his head and looked at the Pan Gu bell, then murmured to himself, "It's mine, it meant to be mine. Now, I will let you keep it for now. But, once more of my seeds wake up and I restore more of my power, I will take it back."

Ji Hao remained silent as he sat on the Chaos lotus, with his legs crossed.

In his spiritual space, the tens of thousands of miles tall mysterious man had also been remaining silent while sitting in the dark mist generated from the great Dao of destruction. The bright blue light shining from his eyes dazzled light bolts of thunder and quietly penetrated the thick dark mist.

Through Ji Hao's eyes, the mysterious man looked at Original Devil without being noticed by Original Devil himself. Original Devil laughed wildly while telling Ji Hao his story in details.

Back in the prehistorical era, human beings had pure hearts, because of which, Original Devil, who was imprisoned in those unstained hearts, had no chance to make a move. Without having a choice, Original Devil watched human beings develop generation after generation, while being dividing into smaller parts, weakening constantly.

Nevertheless, along with the growth of the humankind, as human clans developed and migrated, many things started changing.

Originally, all human beings simply called themselves 'human', as this single word represented every individual and the entire humankind. As complete and selfless 'human', the humankind was invincible.

However, gradually, the terms of 'me' and 'him' occurred. People began differentiating themselves from the others and derived from the word 'human', people created 'you', 'me', and 'him'!

When these terms emerged, the hearts of human beings weren't as pure as before. But at that time, those hearts were still predominated by kindness. They discovered the division of individual consciousness, but the extremely weakened Original Devil could still not wake up his seeds in the hearts of these human beings.

Until that day...

"Desires are wonderful!" Original Devil looked at Ji Hao and said, "The instinctive desires such as the desire of eating, drinking, and creating new generations aren't strong enough to arouse my seeds."

"But, after some desires beyond the limits of survival emerged, human beings began to have stronger and stronger desires, which were enough to wake me up." Original Devil grinned as he looked at Ji Hao and asked, "Do you want to know what kind of desires those are?"

Ji Hao looked back at him. The desires beyond the limits of human instinct? For both ancient human beings and current human beings, what could be a desire like that?

"Immortality?" Numerous thoughts flashed across Ji Hao's heart momentarily, and a while later, he hesitatingly gave his answer.

With surprise, Original Devil looked at Ji Hao. Also after a long while, he suddenly applauded and burst into yells, "Great, great, you are truly designed for the great Dao of devil! You're right, immortality...When some human beings learned about this term, they could no longer control the desires in their hearts."

"Immortally was the trigger. The desires and emotions were like the sun and rain, while the human hearts served as the richest soil."

Laughing smugly, Original Devil continued, "With the trigger, the sun, the rain, and the soil, if my seeds of original devil still couldn't grow, I would consider myself a thorough waste."

The devil was originated from 'immortality!'

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