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The girl moved so swiftly that within a blink, she threw hundreds of palm strikes on Ji Hao's chest.

Ji Hao caught the baby thrown over by the girl, carefully shielding it behind him. The girl's snow-white palms landed on his body, as weakly as a fly hitting a mountain with its wings, failing to bring Ji Hao any discomfort.

The girl was possessed by a devil, but the physical body of hers was merely a Senior Magus. Facing Ji Hao, a Supreme Magus, she could not cause Ji Hao any actual harm. Lowering his head, Ji Hao watched the girl madly slapping his chest. Twisting his wrist, Ji Hao lunged the sword towards her chest.

"Can you hurt me?" The girl chuckled weirdly. Wielding her sleeves, she threw out three babies, floating before the Pan Gu sword in a straight line. The dark tip of the sword nearly touched the body of a baby. Getting startled, Ji Hao's arm even twitched slightly as he brought back the sword as fast as possible.

Rising his arm, Ji Hao sent the three babies into his broad sleeves, but before he could attack again, the girl also wielded her sleeves and let a pretty little girl out, seven to eight years old, her face containing hints of fear.

"Now?" With a pair of eyes dazzling with a blood-red light, she slid across the back of the girl's neck with her fingernail, which was covered in a thin layer of balsamine juice, creating a slight wound on the girl's tender skin. A light pinkness spread from the girl's wound and covered her entire body within a blink of an eye.

"This is the poisonous juice of sun and moon grasses!" The girl grinned twistedly as she threw the girl towards Ji Hao and said, "Do you know about the greatest effect of sun and moon grasses? In spring, in order to impregnate female livestock sooner, their owners always mix sun and moon grasses in their fodders!"

The girl drew back quickly while laughing, "This concentrated sun and moon juice was concocted carefully by me. Ha, such a little girl, suffering such a strong poison. How would you save her?"

Ji Hao caught the girl in a flurry and watched her skin turned pink in no time. Sticky sweat oozed out of her skin while she started breathing quicker and quicker, her eyes unfocused and pupils enlarging.

"Devil, you should die!" Ji Hao pointed his finger between the girl's eyebrows and sent a slight trace of power of destruction into her body, burning the toxins contained in the sun and moon grass juice immediately. The great Dao of destruction was able to destroy anything in the universe, undoubtedly including all toxins in Pan Gu world.

In the rush of this moment, Ji Hao realized that the power of destruction seemed to be the most effective antidote of all poisons in the world, wasn't it?

As a ridiculous thought flashed through his mind, he put the fainted girl into his sleeve, then flicked his finger and sent a bolt of lighting to the retreating devil. The hair-thin lighting bolt was barely visible, and contained in the dark electric arc was a terrifying power that could even flatten a mounting with no extra effort.

The dark pupils in the girl's blood-red eyes suddenly shrank to the size of needlepoints. A twisted strand of evil light flickered as the girl wielded her pair of broad sleeve. All of a sudden, hundreds of Huaxu Family people flew out of her sleeves, crying, screaming, and wailing. Their bodies were stretched and twisted by an evil power, woven into a giant shield like soft bamboo slips.

The human shield faced the lighting bolts Ji Hao created. Ji Hao burst into a growl, aghast. He moved and tore the space apart, teleporting to before the dark lighting bolt and blocking it with his own back.


The thin bolt of lightning exploded into a hundreds of meters wide dark fire. A tremor went through his body as this lightning bolt he cast numbed his own back and made the muscles on his back twitch for a few times.

"Damn it!" Glaring at the girl, he raised his sleeve again and rolled the hundreds of Huaxu Family people into his sleeves, then flicked that sleeve, dispersing the human shield. A dark light sparkled in Ji Hao's palm and dispelled the devil power inside these people, which turned their bodies long and soft.

The hundreds of people shrieked in agony. The sudden change of their body shapes left countless cracks on their bones. Therefore, Ji Hao had no choice but to gently put them into unconsciousness, letting them rest inside his sleeve.

"Ahyaya, I knew that you wouldn't let them die!" The girl laughed and nodded, slowly dragging out another girl from her sleeve. This girl looked exactly like herself. Next, this devil girl gripped the girl's slim neck with her left hand.

Ji Hao halted. Looking at the blood-red-eyed girl, then turning to the similar-looking girl who was in such an unbearable pain, with a pair of eyes clear as water. "She's your..." Said Ji Hao in a deep voice.

"My twin sister. I am a quarter of an hour older than she is...But, ever since we were little kids, all families fancied her instead of me. All young men in our family like her instead of me. We have the same face, but everyone likes her and hates me!" The blood-red-eyed girl chuckled with a silvery voice, her eyes narrowed.

Sighing slightly, the devil girl leered at Ji Hao pitifully and continued, "But now, I can strangle her by slightly moving my fingers...If you don't want her dead..."

"Of course, I don't want her dead...Your sleeves seem interesting, don't they?" Ji Hao put the baby held in his left arm into a sleeve of his, then glanced at the devil girl's white broad sleeve and said.

"Aren't they beautiful? It's a great Dao gifted by Master Original Devil, called Dailo devil sleeves. I may be weak, but a sleeve of mine can contain a full city of people!" The girl gently twisted her waist and grinned sweetly.

"Original...Devil?" Ji Hao looked at the girl coldly and asked, "Who is that?"

In the meanwhile, Ji Hao let the golden bridge flash across his forehead and brought him instantly behind the girl. Abruptly nipping the girl's neck with his left hand, Ji Hao continued, "Now, I don't want your sister dead...You shall behave yourself too, alright?"

The girl paused slightly, then melted to Ji Hao's chest like a boneless body while moaning, "Ah, this is really...But, my sister and I, our fates are connected by the spell. If she dies, I will suffer a pain for a while...But if I die, she will be gone for good, both her body and her soul! So, you still can't kill me!"

Ji Hao's eyebrows twitched, wondering how did this little girl learn so many strange methods to trouble him.

The girl then laughed in elation and said, "So, Emperor Ji Hao, I know every weakness of yours clearly. Even if you're a divine god, a Supreme Magus, you can't do a thing to me, who is a little girl!"

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