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With the two sisters called Huaxu Bai and Huaxu Qing, Ji Hao descended from the sky. With a hint of violence, he threw Huaxu Bai to the ground, while carefully putting Huaxu Qing by her side.

Huaxu Bai laughed with a hissing voice, with her blood-red eyes sparkling as she leered at Ji Hao, while Huaxu Qing stared at Huaxu Bai with an extreme panic, trembling slightly. Ji Hao sensed clearly that Huaxu Qing's heart was filled with fear.

Abruptly, Huaxu Bai turned her head and threw a threatening glance at Huaxu Qing, "Such a useless thing...I wonder why do those blind people like you, as you are such a cowardly person who is capable of nothing!"

Huaxu Qing moved slightly backward in fright. Huaxu Bai raised a hand and slapped on her face.

Ji Hao snorted and stuck the Pan Gu sword in the ground, with the sword edge facing Huaxu Bai's palm. If she insisted on slapping her sister, she would certainly cut off her hand on the sword edge. While screaming, she took back her palm, but she did make an effort for the slap. Consequently, a finger of her brushed across the sword edge, then a thin slice of skin flew up from her hand, following which was a gush of blood.

"So...brutal." Huaxu Bai chuckled at Ji Hao and said, "But, I feel the anger in your heart. You can't do a thing to me, can you? Emperor Ji Hao, the only current divine emperor in the world, a Southern Wasteland barbarian chosen by the world because of his great natural reward power… Haha!"

Huaxu Bai's voice suddenly turned deep and hoarse while her aura turned like a rotten wound soaking in the water in a ten-thousand-year-old tomb from a sweet and gentle young girl. As a strong sense of death and lifelessness spread from her body, she looked at Ji Hao with a pair of sunken eyes and giggled in an eccentric way.

"I know everything about the humankind." Said Huaxu Bai blandly, "So, I understand all your weaknesses thoroughly, including how to make a powerful being like you angry with the life of a useless one, and disable you from doing anything.

"I can feel your wrath. I even felt your intention of killing Huaxu Bai." Said Huaxu Bai, "But, what can you do to her? If you kill her, Huaxu Qing dies too. You wouldn't let Huaxu Qing die only because you want to kill Huaxu Bai, would you? Because of who you are."

"Do you know me so well?" Ji Hao looked at Huaxu Bai seriously.

Judging by the changing aura of hers, Ji Hao understood that Huaxu Bai was no longer controlling her own body. Instead, some powerful, frightful being was using that body. The old, withering sense from her shocked Ji Hao worse than the power of Yu Man ever did.

The power he sensed from this 'thing' inside Huaxu Bai was weak, but its nature was a horror. The origin of this power was even scarier than the original power of Yu Man, a holy-level being from Pan Yu world. Ji Hao did nothing more than making a short conversation with Huaxu Bai, but already, his fine hair stood straight up and a great sense of danger froze him.

What astonished him even more was that Ji Hao sensed a turmoil of his mental state, because a strange evil energy was shaking his heart and triggering his negative emotions, making them grow and strengthen, making him feel on fire.

This evil 'thing' was even more horrible than the sky devils Ji Hao encountered with.

"I know about you, of course!" Huaxu Bai chuckled silverly, but the grin on her beautiful face was now awfully twisted and ferocious, like a teeth-bearing grin of a ten-thousand-year-old zombie from an ancient tomb. She grinned as if she was wearing a thick mask. The rigid and hideous grin was almost killing Ji Hao.

Suddenly, a tremor went through Ji Hao's heart. Sensing the sweetness from his throat, Ji Hao had a stream of blood gushing straight to his mouth. Forcibly, he swallowed the blood back into his stomach. Ji Hao stared at Huaxu Bai in shock. Did she actually manage to injure Ji Hao, who was already so powerful, by a weird grin?

Ji Hao couldn't even tell what kind of power this 'thing' inside Huaxu Bai used to hurt him. But, by merely receiving a grin from her, Ji Hao was injured.

Taking a deep breath, Ji Hao calmed himself down, then pointed his finger at the sky. The Pan Gu bell quietly flew out, pouring down strands of Chaos power that shielded Ji Hao entirely. The Chaos power landed on the ground, gathering inwards and condensing a Chaos lotus underneath Ji Hao's body, holding him in the air, a foot higher than the ground.

"I know about you, of course." Huaxu Bai emphasized, "I know about the entire humankind even more. After all, I was suppressed deep down your hearts for so many years, wasn't I? I exist in every human being's heart. I feel every thought of every one of you, and all your emotions. Who knows human beings better than I do? Who knows you better than I do?"

Huaxu Bai grinned more and more twistedly. Looking at Ji Hao, she laughed grimly, "So, I know all your weaknesses. So, as a powerful being who can wipe out billions of living beings within a moment, you can't do a thing to Huaxu Bai, a weak human girl!"

Scanning across the Pan Gu bell with her eyes, Huaxu Bai continued blandly, "Facing Huaxu Bai, you even need to activate such a powerful treasure for a sense of security...Human beings...Facing an unknown being, even you, Ji Hao, Divine Emperor Ji Hao, will be afraid, won't you?"

Ji Hao looked at Huaxu Bai, slightly embarrassed. Lifted his head, he glanced at the bell and hesitated shortly, but didn't deactivate it in the end. The 'thing' inside Huaxu Bai was too mysterious, and Ji Hao didn't want to fall into its trap for no reason.

"Tell me, you are..." Looking at Huaxu Bai, Ji Hao asked.

"Original Devil Seed...No, specifically, I am now one of the billions of clones of Master Original Devil." Huaxu Bai smiled and said, "Billions of clones sunk in a deep sleep, while a small number of us woke up and found our old memories. I am Master Original Devil. I am Huaxu Bai. I am Master Original Devil. I am...the humankind!"

Giving a faint smile, Huaxu Bai continued in softly, "I knew that you're here, so I came to see you, because I want to know if I can raise the evil in your mind, and wake the devil in your heart."

Huaxu Bai stared at Ji Hao in anticipation while grinning, "If even you, a Divine Emperor, the only divine emperor in the current world, raises a devil in your heart and becomes a clone of fabulous will it be?"

Ji Hao frowned and looked at Huaxu Bai, pondering for a long while. He scanned across his own body over and over again, then after another long while, he said to Huaxu Bai, who was now in a silence, "No, I don't have an original devil seed you mentioned in my heart. Awaken me? How can it even be possible?"

"What do you know, Ji Hao? Everyone has a seed of Original Devil in the heart...You can't say that it doesn't exist because you don't know about it." Huaxu Bai burst into a wild laughter.

Wisps of dark mist arose from Huaxu Baa's head and condensed into a hazy but strong figure behind her.

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